Who are you really?

“Intentional creativity can bring us into a flow state that gives us access to the most innovative parts of our hidden consciousness. Where your soul identity can speak to you in color, shape, symbol and language. A domain where you are certainly ‘too much’ and where you get to show up unapologetically as your own “piece of work”. What’s the mythos of your soul? Do you know? Will you ask? Does it scare you? What happens if you go towards what scares you. What have we got to lose? Maybe….everything…everything that is juicy to the soul. That which is hidden, sometimes, desires to be revealed….”

We have lots of juicy offerings happening in the next two weeks – all collaborations with other women. Which I just love. Can I say that again? All the offerings here are with women who are my friends…joining together to share the arts of healing and transformation. 3 free offerings below and a few classes that will knock your cowgirl boots off 🙂

Legend Begins today ~ for three months. Go at your own pace. Join us.

PCTV Episode 2 with Jassy Watson: Art and the Earth ~ Watch Now

PCTV Episode 3 with Christine Arylo: Wise Woman Painting Class ~ RSVP

The Arts of Healing: Gifted Interview Series with Cynthia Harrison

Visionary Feminine & Global Transformation Masterclass with Jennifer Riley


Born This Way ~ Legendary Self Painting by Shiloh Sophia

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Dear One,

Were there questions your parents asked you that stuck with you? What comes to mind?

Mine was: Who are you, really?

My mom asked me this question since the time I was a child. Eventually I began to wonder – well then – who am I? But not just who am I, but, who could I be being without the constraints of my personal history as limitation?

I was bullied as a teen. I was an introvert. I was a big girl. I partied early and stayed up late. I wasn’t the brightest or the most popular in any of the 20+ schools I attended. But since I did move around a lot I had the chance to ‘try’ on different personae. My mom even let me change my name at one school. Each time I tried something new.

Eventually when I realized this was all research on who I really was I landed. I am an artist. That’s the shelter I can exist inside of and not become bitter and invisible from the cruelty often shown. Who I became was a dynamic crucible of who I might have ended up being, and who I chose to become based on what I put my hands and heart to – which was art in service to the great unfolding.

Who are you creating yourself to be? What does she look like? What tools does she have in her medicine basket? What is her hat or headress? Does she have feathers, bones, blessings or stardust in her hair? A spirit animal? A totem? What about a custom sigil, ever made one of those? What teachings does she carry?

If we don’t make ourselves up, someone else will make us up and often, we end up living into structures not consistent with our own souls.

I share a lot about myself, and yet lately I seem to be telling more than usual lol – but here we go – sharing what’s coming up for me!

We are here in the studio getting ready for LEGEND and my mom is here, Caron McCloud, which is wonderful and she will be leading a few things, and Mary MacDonald here from Canada, and Jassy Watson from Australia. And rumor has it Kerry Lee and Mary McCrystal and Jenafer Joy and Suzanne Grace will be here as well. Lots of sisters in the house and it that just feels good.

Blessings dear, one, right where you are. Sending some love your way right this moment….(did you feel it?)

We had all kinds of roses from my mom’s 80ieth birthday party and I didn’t want them to be thrown away – so I gathered the petals all up and put them in a glass bowl and we will put those petals into our water jars. Cuz’ that is how we rolllllll…

Signed in red rose petals,

Shiloh Sophia


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May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES