This surprised me + new phoenix painting!


What do you do when you are depleted? I was feeling so depleted yesterday, I felt almost desperate. What changed for me REALLY surprised me…and I wanted to share it with you in my Red Thread Letter today…

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Dear One,

I was feeling so depleted I wasn’t sure how to even rest. I kept wanting to run away from all there was in the world – all the sadness and violence – and also – all there was to do in my own world. I kept trying to imagine a beach somewhere – or white sheet therapy. What would restore me?

A year ago we moved to a new property in Sonoma and it is on an acre, and lots and lots to manage, and there is that ‘never quite done’ feeling which if not managed well can turn into other kinds of feelings – aka – stress. And I have two weekends of events coming up, so you know how that goes.

So I did what I could, and I went for a massage with my amazing massage therapist healer – Tonia Lach. During the sessions, I journey to discover what I am not seeing. Half way through I had a revelation – ‘turn towards what you resist’. I know, I know – not a new idea lol. Suddenly everything shifted – the light broke through, and in my consciousness, I saw my whole being turn towards just what there was to show up for. Then ideas I had been wrestling with resolved almost instantly. I felt energized and ready.

This really surprised me due to the EXTREME energy shift. That the energy was indeed available but that my frame of mind had to shift. I know this stuff – but I wasn’t aware that I was in avoidance and resistance. I usually do lean in. What made it so HUGE was how big of a change I felt in my mind, body and spirit.

I was also talking this whole feeling out with my friend Shannon Thompson as we laughed our way through the powerful fragility….

Jonathan and I spent the rest of the day turning towards our projects – we got three tons of rock put out front in an area around the sign. We had a new sign cut that I could paint by this weekend. Jonathan and I just went for it. I asked him to turn all his attention to work with me outside for the day. He said yes, and we just went into it – physical labor followed by playing and painting.

Then last night, after a glass of wine (or two) and some country music and dancing, my paintbrush went to the ‘sign’ that got cut the wrong size – and I started to paint the color wheel, and then this came out. It was amazing to experience – it was rather dark in the studio and it just emerged, effortless. If the phoenix has risen, she has a new lover. I gave the painting to Jonathan and asked him to make his mark – he choose a gold hand. A collaboration – like this place, here in the Carneros at our art studio/home/salon/cafe/gallery/museum in Sonoma, California (about 45 minutes from San Francisco).

Now time to paint the sign today on the right size ~ Magic is like that sometimes – if the sign wasn’t the wrong size this would never have happened. If I hadn’t turned towards what there was, instead of away, I wouldn’t be where I am, which is exactly where I want to be. Here. Right. Here.

The depletion I felt was emotional and energetic – but it had translated into physical. Sure I am a bit tired (who isn’t?), but in this turning towards, I found my strength. My resurrection energy is here and I am flying….towards goodness.The energy was really RIGHT here when I wouldn’t have imagined it would be or could be!

Off to the hardware store for some dark raspberry paint as we have chosen that as our theme color!!

We are getting ready for the Cosmic Cowgirls Conference this weekend, #11 year! And then next weekend for LEGEND – The Cosmic Cowgirls Course where we are focusing on cosmic self portraits. AND we have our next season of IMAGINE open for a few more days – the Perfect Storm. See it all at There is a wonderful letter below from Mary MacDonald, Co-Director of Cosmic Cowgirls and my dear dear friend who has been working with me for 11 years!!! LEGEND is the course that ROCKS my world and hundreds of women have come through it….and were able to change their frame of reference!

Celebrating what is good, what is right, in my world, and, sharing it with you!

Blessings to you RIGHT where you are.

Inquiry – Maybe there is something you want to turn towards, that you have been turning away from. That resistance takes SO MUCH energy. What comes up?

With a rainbow heart,

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p.s. Years ago I went on a journey to find my ‘power animal’ and who showed up, a rainbow phoenix, at the time I didn’t know that even existed. I have never painted it, yet here it is.





Legend Invitation + RSVP Here


She’s a Piece of Work ~ LEGEND

Our signature Cosmic Cowgirls Course – 3 Month Painting & Writing Adventure to create your very own Cosmic Self Portrait. Come in person to Sonoma CA or watch via Livestream.

A message from Mary MacDonald, aka Stella Mac, co-teacher of the Legend Cosmic Cowgirls Course:

Hi Darlings,

It’s that time again – LEGEND time. Where Legendary Women come to uncover, discover, play and create.

Legendary Women come from all walks of life – from the sublime, to the sacred, to the wild, to the ordinary. We create the space for other women to be who they are – while being who we are. We celebrate the reality that we are a wild bunch of women and girls who are free to thrive!

We’ve listened for too long when people, and even ourselves, have worked to keep us small and hidden. Have told us that we are not supposed to shine too bright or who do we think we are or you’re a piece of work.

Well guess what? You are a piece of work, a legend, a wild hearted woman. It’s your time to shine. And it’s time to rise above the howling of the critics.

I have been teaching LEGEND for over 8 years with Shiloh, Sue, Caron and Jena and it has personally transformed how I move in the world. I continue to unveil the stories I tell myself about the facts of my life which influence the steps and paths I take. I then am able to make different choices because I am tired and bloated from the toxicity of the old stories. My Legendary Self guides me in uncovering the next layer of who I want to show as and shines the light on the path that brings me closer to my soul work.

I have witnessed thousands of women who have unveiled their hidden stories and brought them into the light. The stories that have remained in the shadows because they have felt taboo. That were ignored because they have seemed too scary to confront. I have seen them make different choices – some enormous and some small but mighty. Making the choice to be self-expressed changes everything. It lets us look through a different lens. The lens that we control, that we choose.

I’m outrageously excited about this LEGEND for a myriad or reasons.

We are going to paint a futuristic cosmic self portrait with Shiloh and Jassy – what will she reveal, what does she want, what kind of women does she want to be at this time, in this moment?

Integrate your journey with a whimsical self portrait process taught by Jenafer Joy. Clarify and claim the details of this new self so that you can move forward in your new story powerfully!

This 8 step process on a 9×12 inch canvas uses a selfie photo (printed in black and white on plain paper), waterproof marker (Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens “B” Brush Nib in Black or Sharpie), charcoal or pencil, acrylic paint (red yellow blue white and black), plus pen & journal.

Self portraits have been a way that women have been able to get to know themselves, create their identity and make choices based on what shows up for them on the canvas, the page and photographic paper for centuries. By creating our self-portraits we get to choose the way our images are represented in the world. We get to bring to life our paintings, photographs and writings from the feminine perspective.

And you will do a whole lotta writing with moi, StellaMac. And for those of you who are writing geeks like me there will be lots of writing prompts, poetry, writing exercises, stories and create “A Room of One’s Own” with Caron McCloud where she will show us how to create a Chap Book to hold the magic of our writings.

You will write a novella abut your legendary adventures. And why is that important you might ask? Well when we write from the third person the pen seduces you as does the paintbrush. It wields itself like a magic wand – cutting through the thick forest where the snide, snivelling voices hide so you can see them for who they are and not get caught in their mind games. It unveils the inner world of your Muse who gazes at you with love and awe at says to herself “She’s a Piece of Work” that the world needs to see. Your magic penwand will unmask the changes you need to make in your life so you will be able to see yourself and show yourself as all the colours in the palette.

I invite you to come aboard the Legendary Train where we get to create our very own self-portrait which be our stand to show up as our very own quirky, brilliant, outrageous selves.

Love always


Learn More Here

The Perfect Storm ~ IMAGINE

Our Global Monthly Women’s Painting Circle on a big ole’ canvas in discovery through intuitive art with intentional creativity around the taboo topics so hard to talk about – Sex. God. Money. Ready to let go?

Many of us are bottled up with so many hidden stories and so much grief that we can’t give language or time to. Many of us won’t acknowledge when there is healing and joy because we don’t want to steal the thunder of others in our community that may be suffering. This is the paradox – to find peace in the chaos. To get lightening on the end of our paintbrush and paint that light that comes out of the wound.

This is our offering from Cosmic Cowgirls – to provide a virtual quantum space in which to EXPRESS freely. A portal that is designed to be a place to really process free of judgement – to be witnessed, or not. To explore the unexplorable. To invite you into becoming present, and current with your soul story. This is a non-linear journey – only a few hours a month – that changes how we process suffering and celebration.

We are working with abstract expressionism and symbolism – so there is nothing to get right. No painting experience needed. Just you and the muse with support from women who practice creativity as a way of life.

This big canvas is my go to in times of turmoil. Mine has a body count of the lost. Mine has the gratitude for the breakthroughs. It has dots and lines for our world and our politicians. A one-stop-place to get real. 15 minutes at a time has made the world of difference in how I can process energy and move through into freedom.

Detail of IMAGINE WIP (work in progress) painting by Shiloh Sophia from our yearlong monthly women’s painting circle.



  The Visionary Feminine & Global Transformation

Free Masterclass with Host, Jennifer Riley

Do you wish to share your gifts, awaken to your soul’s purpose and contribute to a collectively thriving world?

Join me and over 20 other female change makers as we share our powerful stories and most impactful tools to igniting your purpose and create a meaningful and impactful life, now. The world needs your unique gifts to heal and thrive.

I’m honored to be a part of this series. My interview with Jennifer will be aired on the opening day, April 27th – in this call I challenge the idea of being the best you can be – and the idea of purpose! it was such a great call Join us!

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. ~ Amelia Earhart


May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES