My Morning Rituals

My Morning Ritual

Do wake and pray

Don’t turn on the devices

Do look outside at the colored light

Don’t start to think about work

Do turn on the kettle

Don’t get dressed right away

Do pick up a book of poetry

Don’t complain to anyone nearby

Do stretch your body

Don’t think about politics

Do give thanks for another day

Don’t follow anyone else’s advice

Do create a morning ritual

Don’t resist gazing into your teacup

Do choose to be connected to life

Don’t think twice about going to the canvas

Do revel in the time you have created

Don’t wait

Do it today

Xo ~ Shiloh Sophia

If we don’t set boundaries
we will break the invisible ones connected to self honor.

What does your morning ritual include?

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Detail of IMAGINE WIP (work in progress) painting by Shiloh Sophia from our yearlong monthly women’s painting circle


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Dear One,

The world is coming unglued it seems in so many ways. The way I prepare myself is by how I begin my day. Really. My morning ritual creates resiliency, discipline and quiet joy. Then I take my own little bottle of glue and glitter and proceed to the route.

Today as the rain comes down I am lighting candles and preparing plates of cookies because we have a special guest coming – none other than the Muse. As well as my mom, Caron is here, and Mary MacDonald, aka Stella Mac and my dear friend Christine Arylo. I count myself blessed to be surrounded by amazing women, and one hot husband who runs the tech and prepares my special coffee and makes sure I show up lol. Today I weave my piece of the red thread.

There are women and girls (8+) gathered around the world tuning into the stream, and there 13 guests coming in person to MUSEA – this Muse of Personal Medicine Studio day – a painting jam to connect with our creativity. I have a friend coming I haven’t seen in 15 years who just went through a harrowing heartbreak and divorce, there is a mom coming with her 11 year old daughter who is suffering from depression, this mom used to be a teenager who came into my gallery in Sonoma in 2001, a grandma is bringing her grand-daughter to experience Intentional Creativity, and another person who just wrote me her story about feeling there is something sick in her soul.

So while I am not everywhere I want to be with those suffering. I am right where I need to be. As I write this, I know this to be true, tears are puddling up and I have a sense of space, here in my morning ritual, which I often share with you in these Red Thread Letters.

My morning rituals also include time with my husband and best friend, Jonathan, having deep and not so deep conversations about God, Creativity, Transformation, BS, and so much more. Sometimes we touch into a hot thread, and I ask to record it, because I might miss something in the heat of the moment, and I feel something is coming through….he doesn’t often agree, but yesterday he did. Do you want to listen to a Red Thread Cafe Conversation that my love, Jonathan and I had about creativity? It’s here.

I am also excited to tell you that my book, Tea with the Midnight Muse made it to the top ten of the ASPIRE list – that just makes me smile. You can see it and the others here.

And so somehow, I wish I was with you too right now. Somehow I long profoundly to have said something that touches you in some way and brings you closer to your own experience of what is needed for you and perhaps, I have inspired you to consider creating, or deepening your own morning ritual.

This is a photo of me and my husband, Jonathan, on a getaway vacation last week in front of the blooming dogwood in Napa County.

I have a few things to share with you….events coming up that are juicy and illuminating!

Did you get a chance to listen to our conversation about the Story Muse with Chief Luisah Teish? She told the story of our healing painting day and also about Br’er Rabbit – which comes from Brother Rabbit in the African Folk stories. Come have tea with us at

Eliminating the starving artist story that is so prevalent for me, and for so many!

Conscious Wealth Mastery Summit for Women

I love the idea of CONSCIOUS Wealth Building vs. unconscious wealth building…and I love the idea that we can be at cause for creating income. And I am grateful to have created a life where I get to be an artist and create income and jobs. I am often in resistance to wealth building teachings. Suspicious even, but that’s me 🙂 I met the woman running this summit, Joanna, at a Fem Talks, s event on women and money, and I loved her story of zero to hero financially. Women empowered with finance is important work and part of the gender equality conversation. When she invited me to be a part of the summit, we had a phone conversation and I agreed, mostly because I knew if I was part of it, I was likely one of the few artists that would participate. And I know this is also how we build our lists and businesses and I really like supporting women’s work – so you will see a lot of these from me.

AND I want to stand for eliminating the starving artist story – how many of you were told – you can’t make money with that? I did make the first million dollars from art by the time I was 40 (painting sales not teaching) – yet I am not a millionaire in the classical sense – nor am I really at a place of wealth building beyond just managing our business finances. I think about it on the call as well – And yes I am super proud of myself for what I have done in these 25 years – it has not been easy – has been downright unexpected – and yet I am grateful for it in so many ways. Mostly because of the women I serve and get to work with. The truth is I love business, and I love teaching about business and about guiding women to be entrepreneurs. I think there will be some interesting conversations here – I am looking forward to hearing from a group of women creating powerful income…not a conversation I have heard before. I don’t know much about it, but will be tuning in with curiosity! Women and money is a hot topic!

Wealth is often connected with shame in some way – of having something when someone else doesn’t. And so. I I said yes and I share it with you here, if called, take a listen, it is coming out next week. And it also exposes my work to women who might never hear of me. I know that you get lots of emails (and many from me) – you can sign up and take a listen and unsubscribe at any time. I love supporting women in business, so my presence is supporting Joanna, and sharing it with you. One of her topics is to ask women what their Daily Habits are – and so some mine are above! Register – to hear women’s stories and daily habits who have created successful businesses.

My Book – Top 10 List for Aspire Magazine!

I’m honored to share that my book, Tea with the Midnight Muse: Invocations and Inquiries for Awakening, appears in this month’s #AspireMag Top 10 Inspiring Books List. Woot!

It gives me warm fuzzies to know this book is making its way into the hearts of women and girls around the world! And that I will be writing an article for ASPIRE next month!

Get the book at:

Check Out TOP 10 List


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Paint strokes for Syria on my IMAGINE painting.

May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES