15 Self Care Tips from the Muse : Delicious and Mundane


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Dear One,

I realize more and more how differently I live my life than I used to – and from many that I know. What’s different? A few things come to mind, one of which is that I lead my life from the framework of being excited – following the flow of my energy towards where I am called. Another one is that we have booked days into our calendar for the entire year called RESPECT days – and on those days nothing gets booked but play and rest.


Rest. Explore. Sex. Pray/Play. Eat. Create. Travel.

We were discovering that if we did not respect these times by putting them into our calendar – we simply didn’t make it happen. Maybe your life needs some respect too :0 Especially if you are a busy bee.

At the bottom of the email I have also pulled out 15 Delicious and Mundane Self Care Tips from the Muse that I discovered I was doing, that I found curious and thought you might too 🙂 – that take less than 2 minutes each!

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Blessings to you, right where you are, right where I am,



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15 Delicious and Mundane Self Care Tips from the Muse (that take less than 2 minutes each)

Sometimes it is hard to be ‘curious’ about how to take care of ourselves. It is a choice – and for those of us who are into continual sparks of insight – these are subtle, quick, yet mighty things we can do to entertain and care for ourselves. Consider it a kind of flirting…

“Victory” by Shiloh Sophia

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1. Body Search : When you are in the shower, touch, wash and or massage a part of your body you rarely pay attention to, say thank you to it, and ask it if there are any messages waiting for you?

2. Mystery Mouth : Next time you are brushing your teeth, ask, what part of my teeth or gums do I constantly miss? Go there and do some gentle brushing. Next time, find a new spot.

3. Soul Hydrate : When you drink your morning glass of water, ask the water to go to nourish the soul at the same time – imagine it is going alllllll the way to the soul (wherever that is) and tending to any dryness.

4. Micro-Yoga : When you first wake up, before rising, make teeny tiny movements with places like your tailbone, your collar bone, your ankles and hands, your neck, as slow as you can while still moving. See how slow you can go.

5. Heart Light : Imagine that you can see your heart field going out 15 feet all around you. Just say hello and pretend you can see it ripple in response, see color, light, movement and be with it. Notice how you feel.

6. Organ Smile : Imagine that you are visiting organs of the body with your attention and smiling at it, yes, this is an ancient practice; liver, kidney, spleen, gall bladder, stomach, intestine etc. and in that smiling – say thank you and bow.

7. Throat/Voice Hum : Bring your attention your throat – thanking it for all that it does for you. Summon a small but mighty hum in the back of your throat and imagine it is love, making room for more of your own voice to emerge.

8. Hip Swing : Say to your hips, OH Delicious Splendor (or some such wonderfulness term of endearment) – how would you like to move today? Then with slow, caring motion begin to listen to them, and show you the way.

9. Star Hand : Look at your hands. Imagine you can see the stardust beneath the skin coming out of your palms. Trace the lines in your hands as if they are constellations. Give gratitude for all that your hands do for you. Ask, where do my hands naturally want to go today?

10: Brain Spark : Touch both sides of your head with tenderness – imagine the energy going through to your brain and see both sides communicating and firing in response. See Sparks. Invite them to collaborate more.

11. Tummy Love : Let your tummy release. Just pooch it out. Rub it, as if for good luck. Say your sorry if you suck it in or try to hide it all the time. Allow for a few really full breaths to come through and really ‘feel’ how different it feels when it is just ‘hanging out’. Ask if your belly button has any messages for you.

12. Private Parts : Whatever private parts are to you, bring your attention there and just notice whatever sensation is present in this moment. Ask, My Dear, is there anything you need that I haven’t been giving you? And listen, and act if you choose.

13. Field Clearing : Our fields can get cluttered with old stories. Take your hands and just make a motion of clearing around you like you are clearing cobwebs. Imagine any old story you don’t need, just clearing away. Imagine it is clear all around you, and that you have all that potential space you can create within.

14. Inside Eyes/Outside Eyes : Blinking slowly, practice seeing outside, far and near, and then on the closed eye blink, practice seeing far and near in the mystery space. Consider this is not an on/off or inside/outside thing – but rather something you always have access to.

15. Grateful Feetz : Let your feet take you on a slow saunter. Looking down, let them just take you around somewhere you always go, as you walk, say I am grateful for my path. Where shall we go today?

Each time you do one of these, imagine it is contributing to the WHOLE of you. Then make up new ones as inspired. Is there one you do that you want to share?

There’s more, but let’s start here, shall we?

Following any of these practices, you can bring it to an Intentional Creativity process by doing a free write about what that part of you wants you to know….

This is just in from my Muse, but, these are all things I do, but haven’t shared out loud before. Enjoy!

FEEL FREE TO SHARE with other MUSES you know and Like the post and the page as you do. Wink Wink.

~Shiloh Sophia


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