Create your Cosmic Self Portrait


Dear One,

I send you new moon greetings as I am very happy to share my latest project with you – LEGEND. It’s THE Cosmic Cowgirl Course, our core curriculum that we have been teaching for close to ten years to hundreds of women. It is still my all time favorite and – a required course to enter into the Color of Woman Teacher Training in Intentional Creativity. I have SO MUCH to say about it and how it came about and what inspired it, so I said it in a video – and at the end I lead you on a mini-guided journey to see if a part of your story is revealed.


Legend Invitation + Video


Why self portraits – well they fascinate me – to see how an artist saw themselves in their lifetime? Priceless. A quick google search will show you how the great artists saw themselves and what they included – you can look into the eyes of Van Gogh and know him the way he knew himself for just a moment. Or Sue Sellars of that matter who has three self portraits on the page.

You may or may not know that museums have less than 5% of women today – and meanwhile – we have been painting and sculpting alongside the men all this time with just as much rigor, but a lot less acknowledgement. And so – we are changing all that with our movement, our community and classes like LEGEND. We are just acknowledging and including ourselves instead of waiting for the salon approval. I will tell you more another day about our museum plans….

So, I am here inviting you to this 3 month course with Mary MacDonald and Jassy Watson – and if you want, there is also an in person gathering to kick us off. AND my mom who is turning 80 is also going to teach us how to make the famed poetry “Chapbooks”.

I am keeping it short and sweet today since I clearly want you to come enjoy the page we have made for you to explore = cosmic self portraits and see the work of many women artists.


Legend Cosmic Cowgirls Course


May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES