Free Painting Class with Shiloh Sophia


Season 2 – HERSTORY

Our opening event is tomorrow Friday, March 24th

“Storytelling in Paint”

Intentional Creativity Class with your Host, Shiloh Sophia

Watch Live or Later – 1.5 hours

10am Los Angeles | 1pmNew York | 2pm Brazil | 4pm London

Bring a story to life or heal a past story you have been telling yourself.


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Dear One,

I am excited to bring you Season 2 of Power Creatives TV, which starts tomorrow! The theme for this Season is “Herstory”. We will bring you Hourlong Alchemical Cafe’s and a handful of Daylong Creativity Classes. The women I have chosen for season two are my friends and colleagues – and we are talking about the threads of awakening that led to their sacred work in the world. What were the things that really woke them up and made the difference in their path?

These are mighty voices and hearts who author movements, methodologies, teachings & technologies both ancient & from the future. I’m honored to share their stories with you and hope you’ll receive wisdom and insight for your own sacred work and be encouraged!

This Friday we will open the new Season with an Intentional Creativity class, Storytelling in Paint. No experience needed. Materials are watercolor paper, acrylic paint and sharpies or just paper and pen and you can’t paint later. We would LOVE to have you join LIVE, but as usual you can watch the episodes later as well – register for Free here

Regarding tomorrow’s class, it’s about stories of course. Each of us is living out our story – whether we are conscious of it or not – we are. The issues arise when we allow unconscious stories to dominate our lives – and – we don’t even know it. By getting our stories present and current we free up a lot of energy – actual space in our field – into which we can weave new stories. A lot of my work with Intentional Creativity is focused in the discovery of these hidden stories – and then – we set them free. In setting our stories free, we set ourselves free.

We just got home from two weeks in New York for the United Nations CSW – and are excited to share our time with you tomorrow with that fresh energy. It was an amazing trip on so many levels….and I feel so blessed to be home too.

With a happy heart,

p.s. I thought you might enjoy seeing the paintings inspired by the Frida Kahlo class in New York – it was all about creating our own self portrait, as she so often did – and the stories that they told. You can also see all the photos of the class as my painting progressed, here.

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May Love Be At the Center of All Choices