Frida Kahlo Workshop + United Nations + Power Creatives TV + 13 Times?

I am my own muse, the subject I know best ~ Frida Kahlo

Image by Shiloh Sophia – Gathering the Tribes

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Shiloh Sophia at the UNITED NATIONS EVENTS Here


Blessings to you Dear One,

On the day after International Woman’s Day! Thank you for who you are to this world. When we stand together, we know we are stronger. I am stronger because of the women in my life – and the men who love them.

Many women around the world, yesterday, did not engage in paid or unpaid work – and while it was my intention to mail anyway – I opted to spend the afternoon with my dear friend Christine Arylo talking about – “where we have been and where we are going”. Hence this email landing with you today 🙂 instead of on March 8! May you feel the gratitude coming through….

Power Creatives is focusing on women’s stories and work! I am so happy to say we have launched Season Two of Power Creatives TV with the theme of HerStory – women’s stories of work. Both the sacred and the mundane. We have an inspiring line up of mighty women with amazing stories – all of whom are my friends, co-leaders, colleagues and my own teachers – and all of whom gather OTHER women into circles.

My hope with Season Two is to dive more deeply into personal story – what brought the women to where they are in their lives now – the threads of awakening that led to them being a powerfully creative teacher and storyteller. And in these stories find teachings, blessings and practices for our viewers of PCTV.

We will start of the season with a welcome session with me 🙂 in Intentional Creativity and then move on from there with our first guest, Chief Luisa Teish, a woman who inspired me so much during our last meeting together I told stories 3 days in a row in a class I was teaching.

Biting into the big apple again, yes we are headed back to the United Nations, 5th year in a row to bring Intentional Creativity and our piece of the Red Thread to the conversation. AND to teach a workshop on Frida Kahlo and see her original work – which has hugely inspired me with the narrative story telling quality of her work.

Do you sometimes feel stretched and blessed?
All that said, with all that excitement, I am still feeling tender…so much to process…to love…to connect with. So many places to show up and be strong. Where is it we can be supple and not so strong? In our friendships, seems like a good place to me and in nature – to let ourselves feel the support beneath our feet. Perhaps you know how I feel – doing our part and showing up – yet feeling stretched and blessed!!

13 Emails to a yes? no thanks.
I am planning to take the rest of the afternoon off to nurture myself. Running a business with events like we do is no joke – I am often amazed at the amount of work just sending you an email like this takes – and I so love to share with you and let you know ways we can play and paint. And so in honor of learning to work differently – I send this off on wings of love – knowing that those who are on my red thread will receive this email in the spirit in which I intend it. Did you know that ‘these days” the marketing experts say you have to email people thirteen times before they say yes to an offering? Ugh. I certainly hope the women I serve know if they want to come to what I am offering so we don’t have to play the game of fetch to engage together.

For me, I don’t want anything to do with getting someone to sign up by asking them that many times – there are just invitations and gatherings to which our hearts are called. I prepare emails like this, often with team support and it could take 5 hours to let you know what’s next. So in my next emails I want to focus on other poetry and art. I mention this because I personally need to start changing the culture I work in with internet ‘marketing’. New patterns are called for, and Christine Arlyo and I talk about that all the time….we are weavers. So after my time with her yesterday I said I would just mention to you, I won’t be asking 13 times, I hope you can see what you like and where you want to connect and we can just be in that spacious place together. Idealistic? Always. If you are ever looking for what I am up to – is the one stop shop for all things my Muse.

Wherever you are – whatever you are experiencing – know that you are loved. Somehow, we all are. In this great big mystery we are held in love, I believe this.

And if you read all the way down to this line, thank you. I am grateful. More than you will likely ever know….the scent of spring is calling me….

signed in white petals,

Photo by Jonathan Lewis, San Francisco Bay

Power Creatives TV Season 2: HerStory

+ FREE Intentional Creativity Class – March 24

Join Shiloh, Host of PCTV, for a “Story in Paint”
You can watch via livestream or later.

This class is the Season Premier for PCTV Season 2 – Free Hourlong Alchemical Cafes with Shiloh & Guest Teachers who share their threads of awakening to their sacred work in the world.

Season 1 was amazing and we have another STELLAR LINEUP of Teachers. Please join us and share with your friends! If you are already registered you don’t need to sign up again – we will automatically send you access when available

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United Nations + Book Signings + Connecticut Book Signing + Frida Kahlo Painting Adventures

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 3/13 & 3/21

Tea with the Midnight Muse Book Reading 3/16 & 3/17

See the Events +Happenings

We are thrilled to be going to New York again this year. This will be our 5th year, making it one of our annual trips!

We are a part of two panels right now for UNCSW where we will be presenting and bringing Intentional Creativity and the Red Thread. There is no need to confirm for these, and all are welcome. Following the March 13 event we will have a community gathering.

Plus we will be hosting Poetry Readings & Book Signings from Shiloh’s Tea with the Midnight Muse in New York and Connecticut.

More information can be found here.

FRIDA ~ In Studio or Livestream!

March 18 & 19 at The Art Studio New York


Create a narrative self portrait inspired by the style of Frida Kahlo

Painting & Adventures in NYC, visit the Museum of Modern Art, Empire State Building + lunch out together and sketching. See Frida Kahlo’s paintings in the flesh!

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Paint with us via LIVESTREAM live from New York
on March 18 or watch the recording later!

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I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you… Frida Kahlo

May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES