5 Minute Writing Prompt


Will you?
Will you allow access to your deepest story?
Will you invite her to a piece of your cake?
Will you show her what you have been hiding from?
Will you let her make you come alive?

Will she?
Will she allow you to access your deepest story?
Will she invite you to share a piece of her cake?
Will she show you what you have been hiding from?
Will she show you how to become more alive?

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The Legend Lives in Her Heart

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Dear One,

So often we are hiding from ourselves. Trying to save ourselves the suffering that may come with awakeness. This can only go on so long, before we simply must pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea, open the journal, and let the story spill out onto those pages. Will you?

5 Minute Writing Prompt:

And so the story began again,
after a long silence,
and this is what was said….

Do you wonder why it is I focus so much on the Muse? I am happy to tell you. She/He is what can create a bypass from our over-thinking perfectionist self and show us what we are not seeing. In other words – access to consciousness that is non-ordinary. This kind of seeing creates an aliveness that I truly cherish and love to see awakened in others. It is a thrill, and helps us to navigate our lives in fresh new ways, with new kinds of seeing.

Did you journal? What did you discover? Come share with me if you choose here

Today is an awesome day for me, as we are together for the first gathering of Color of Woman School 2017! Very exciting to have about 30 women joining us in studio and another 30 or so in the quantum field – all gathering to explore accessing our consciousness through the MUSE and Intentional Creativity. Feeling blessed to engage in sacred work that calls women into their gifts.

May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES