This revolution will not be ugly + a reaction to : the emperor has no…

How will you engage?
What revolution are you a part of?

This revolution will not be ugly.

We won’t be degrading anyone in the process.

We will not justify cruelty in the cause.

We won’t condone any violence in deed or word.

We will not use our rage as an excuse to insult others.



This revolution will not be about war-making.

We will not spend our energy fighting broken systems.

We will not compromise our health and wellness.

We will not turn the revolution into a profit making enterprise.

We will not blame our depression on others.



This revolution will be curated in beauty.

We will learn to say what we will do, instead of just what we won’t.

We choose to see ourselves and our part in the unfolding story.

We will learn to transform ‘fight’ energy into wisdom-led action.

We will name our own exile, and step into circles of peers.



This revolution will be a conscious revolution.

We are on a waking up journey – we choose how we engage.

We will turn our fury into creativity, dancing, poetry, and art.

We will practice curiosity as a method of mindfulness.

We will serve those who are suffering, in expanded ways.

We will continue our work, as if our work mattered.



This revolution will be led by peacemakers.

We will choose truth-tellers and edge-walkers to guide us.

We will not wait to be guided, but guide ourselves from within.

We will step into our own authority and make new patterns.

We can be a danger to the establishment without self harm.

All..of us who choose, will curate the revolution in beauty.

~ Shiloh Sophia ~ This Revolution Will Not Be Ugly

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This is the cover of the poetry book by Alice Walker that I had the honor of illustrating and creating the cover for.

Dear One,

The post today is “inspired” by my reaction to the ugly naked sculptures of you-know-who. Not ugly because it is the naked body – but it just so untasteful in so many ways. It’s not beautiful. Spare yourself even seeing it if you can. Maybe me telling you about it is enough 🙂

I am all about Intentional Creating as you likely know, and this is that, but with an intention that feels like the wrong direction. It really sparked me up and got my pen moving on the page today – asking myself, what kind of revolution was I really committed to causing and working with others towards? It’s personal and collective.

The person who created it is an artist who creates monsters, hired by an anarchist group called Indecline. I honor their revolution and I get it. It’s called the Emperor Has No Balls. They are not other, they are also me. He is not other either. Yet as me, I get to respond. And my response was inspiration for this Red Thread Letter. And so.

Why am I telling you this. (Sorry to bring any of this to you – but I think it is time for us to choose how we are going to show up.

Two reasons. 1. I am about art, so this is in my wheelhouse to explore art and it’s social impact.
2. I am inviting those who choose to – to curate their part in the revolution and decide how they will be a part of it.

Each of us MUST be consistent with our own soul journey in this in order to not just survive but thrive. THAT SAID we have to do our own work to prepare for this journey.

I get it. Art has always been a part of a revolution. Always! But what revolution is the one that lives in our heart? I had the privilege of having a conversation with the Author and Poet, Alice Walker. She said something like – wish I had an exact quote – at some point we must choose to live and vote from our hearts, no matter what the outcome, we can’t keep denying what we know. It sparked me in a mighty way about how I would engage with the future. It was one of those life changing moments.

Violence is Ugly

I know any form of violence is ugly. I am not saying there will not be ugli-ness and it is happening already and has always been so, sadly. I am just saying we need to choose to curate how this is going to go, and in that, save ourselves through choosing how we will engage. How will you choose to engage? If we don’t take care of our own hearts and bodies we won’t be able to be mighty and resilient, and we must learn to be mighty to navigate this uncharted terrain.

Blessings to you in whatever way you are processing this ‘happening’ in our world. From shock to anger to despair to wonder we swing. My stand for us to be intentionally creative has never been more potent than it is right now….when I create I change my mood, my state, my body, my pain, my outlook. Just a bit of painting or drawing or writing and I am moved to a new place…..KAPOW. This is because intentional creating serves as a kind of nuero-hack to change how our mind and body work, through conscious choice. I simply haven’t found anything that works as well as this – and so here I am…and as always inviting you to join me in the journey of creating.

You don’t need to be an artist to create. We are all creatives.

Exercise – Choose 3 -5 minutes. Check in – How are you feeling in this moment?
Now Just pick up the pencil and begin to move it around in a doodle of how you are feeling right now. That’s it. Just how you are feeling.
Let the pencil or pen lead. Don’t dominate it. Let your energy uncoil as you go. Then just check in.

In my early days I was trained as an advocate for women suffering violence. It was there I learned there could be love and violence in the same relationship. It was there I learned.

In the presence of beauty, there is no harm.

I may be writing more in the days to come than usual so I hope you don’t mind receiving these Red Thread Letters, I know you get a lot of emails. So I thank you for choosing to keep me in your circle of readings.

Of course my writing today is about me, but I say WE, that doesn’t assume I think you are part of that ‘we’, it was just how it came out. I know you have your own view. I know I can love you and not need to stand in the same place you are – but beside you in wonder.

With heart, and a beauty revolution,

See what we are up to here….

The Beauty Way

There is beauty before me, and there is beauty behind me.

There is beauty to my left, and there is beauty to my right.

There is beauty above me, and there is beauty below me.

There is beauty around me, and there is beauty within me.

Navajo Indian prayer chant


May Love Be At the Center of All Choices