A Love Dare

A Love Dare….

A Love Dare

Let’s pause and reflect on the power of love.

The power to make another person feel seen.

The gift of choosing to shine on our loved ones.

The courage to offer forgiveness to another.

The willingness to consider the barriers

we place against the love coming towards us from others.

So often we are caught up in right and wrong.

He said. She said. Who dun’ it and who didn’t.

Resistance. Righteousness.

Instead. Let’s pause.

And reflect on the power of love.

I dare you to reach out to someone that needs to hear from you

and tell them, I am sorry. I love you. I am right here.

Will you?

I will.

~ Shiloh Sophia

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Our Lady of Starting Over © 2010 Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Dear One,

I feel quiet today. Reflective. Moody. Blessed. Humbled. Curious. I wasn’t going to write, as it seemed there were more than enough loving messages going out today. Then I asked myself, what is it I want to say? The answer is above. Reach out. Ask for forgiveness and healing. And really, set yourself free. So often the bondage we create is self induced, isn’t it? Dang.

Today, spending time at home with my love, Jonathan, doing some much needed tending at our home. We had a lovely love lunch and shared dreams….sitting outside under the redwoods. Listening to the birds tell us Spring is coming….after the soggiest of sog rain cycles.

Just a few years ago I didn’t believe love would come again. And it did, in the most mighty way. Sometimes I don’t like to even talk about it because I don’t want anyone who doesn’t have it to feel sad – or as if I have all the good stuff. So, I talk about it, but not too much. Today, if you happen to read this, I want you to know that I reached out towards love as if it was the ONLY THING IN THE WORLD and was willing to risk everything on the chance. His name is Jonathan. And I am so glad I did. So this Valentine’s day I am sharing this love with you. A man who, as almost a stranger, I shared a kiss with….and now he is my love. We had only just met, and for some reason he asked, for a kiss. I leaned in. That was in 2012.

Don’t stop believing in love – your version. I don’t think we need to have romantic love. The love could be with the universe. I do believe in the power of love and I am sending some to you now….pause…tap your big ole’ heart….and feel that love comin’ on in.

You know how we have always said, “I am sending you my love?” Well maybe we didn’t realize how very true that statement was and is. In the quantum realm, my loved already arrived to you before you even opened this Red Thread Letter.


May Love Be At the Center of All Choices