What is THE most essential thing right now?

I have been asking myself this question every day as I ponder where to go with my work based on world events : What is THE most essential thing right now?

What could I possibly say in a Red Thread Letter that would make a real difference? Is that even the reason I do this? Or do I write to you because I have to? Or because I think you need or want to hear from me? And if I can’t make a real difference, should I even write? I mean, others say it better, have more power, more access to change – should I even write, or paint? And to what end? How useful is it? (does any of this sound familiar?)

How would life be different if you let the Muse choose?
What hidden longing might be revealed?
~ Shiloh Sophia
Painting demo created on Day 1 of the Global Muse Days

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The narrative about – ‘what it is I have to say or not say’ – has been running alongside my usual narrative of: “create no matter what”. I am sure I am not alone as we ask ourselves what we can do – with our current view of world events. Clearly each voice does matter, and from a quantum perspective – it matters tons at the level of the tipping point.

We may be going up hill, but some of us have learned to run up hill even with our dresses on fire. We were made for this.

This is what I believe:

We are creations (our body, soul and identity). Living within a creation (earth and cosmos). Who create all the time (our lives, communities and families). So we must be truly conscious about what it is we are creating (our experience of life now and in the future). We also must, as important as any other thing we do, allow our connection to our creative life force to guide us (our creative process). Otherwise, we will soon exhaust ourselves with our version of saving the world and in a twist of paradox, create exile from the essential self.

Our desire to serve can be woven with a tender understanding of ourselves as creations that create, in order to thrive and be awake. Through intentional creating we renew ourselves, expand our imaginations, create patterns of resiliency, come up with brilliant ideas, and can contribute to Creation as a whole.

To become anchored with the certainty of what must be done, during uncertain times, starts with a powerful connection to our own soul work. For a conscious awake human, any other starting place will have us arrive at a destination other than the one that is most essential for us, personally, and therefore collectively. People operating in the collective without an awareness of self, are dangerous.

What is the most the most essential thing right now? I think the most essential thing right now is to ask ourselves each day – what is most essential for me today? What do I need to thrive instead of just survive? What meets my own needs, as well as makes a contribution to where I feel called?

My experience is that awake humans naturally CARE and want to serve the common good. Especially if that care is sparked by something that person LOVES and feels inspired by. When humans are asleep or numbed out (about things like water protection, human protection and rights) – we do not act in tandem for the highest good, but make choices in isolation.

The creative process is a saving grace not just for those who identify as creatives, but for all beings, because of how it impacts our body, our brain and our narrative of what is happening. When we create, we gain access to a collaboration with our deepest selves. We exit the self imposed exile of disconnection to soul self. That self, has information for navigating the future that rivals any other narrative. The only narrative that will work for you, is the one you create. All other narratives are over-rated and most often tainted with the fear. Fear and illusion smoke screens put in place by the over-culture to keep us oppressed by systems not even designed for human beings.

This unfolding creation story, has need of you, showing up as vitally and uniquely you, and from this place, we will work together to embody transformation and act for change. The magic of your particular alchemy is what is the most essential thing. This is where the unique solutions will arise within our collective imaginations and actions for justice.

What narrative is running you right now? Are you letting the over-culture define your narrative – will you choose with me – right now – your own narrative about how this goes?

That is why these Red Thread Letters will continue to wing their way into your inbox inviting you to ponder your own creative urge and process. My work is to provide encouragement for the journey. Until that changes – you will continue to see red threads coming from my heart to yours. Many of which will come from my Muse.

So yes. Writing it all out, letting your voice be heard is indeed useful. Maybe even life saving. Invite your Muse out of exile.

Signed in brilliant blue paint and possibility,



It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably everyday
for lack of what is found there ~ William Carlos Williams

“We stand firm in our commitment to protect and promote the right to freedom of expression, including artistic and creative expression. In addition to being an integral part of the protected human right to freedom of expression, artistic and creative expression is critical to the human spirit, the development of vibrant cultures, and the functioning of democratic societies. Artistic expression connects us all, transcending borders and barriers”. ~ This quote has come from a joint statement made by 57 State Members at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and delivered by Ambassador Janis Karklins, the Permanent Representative of Latvia to the United Nations on September 18, 2015

Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation.
Pay attention to everything in the world as if it is alive.
Realize everything has it’s own discrete existence outside of your story.
By doing this, you open to gifts and lessons the world has to give you.

David Whyte

May Love Be At the Center of All Choices