Alternate Inauguration Event : FREE CLASS + Smokin' Hot Events & Experiences

Looking for an alternative focus on Inauguration Day? Join 1500 women in a FREE global creativity circle choosing to CREATE the future we want to see, feel, know, hear and dance into!

This Friday join us live or watch the recording, lets go colorful instead of ‘going dark’. Let’s get turned on instead of shutting down. Ready?
Let’s fire up some MOJO! Here

No art experience needed – and you can bring paint, or just pens and paper – up to you and how deep you want to go!


>>::..MOJO 2017..::<<

What could happen if your Muse Designed Your Year?

Power Creatives TV Features MOJO
Free Livestream Class.
Friday January 20. Watch Live or Watch Later.


With your PCTV Host, Maestra Shiloh Sophia with Color of Woman Graduates including Kerry Lee, Katie Ketchum, Tina Greene, Dominique Peters, Kate Langlois, Mary McCrystal, Trish O’Malley, Elizabeth Gibbons, Eileen Nash,
JP Kim, Ti Klingler, Victoria Hester & Andrea Christensen!


Scroll down to find out about our 2 yearlong classes as well as our first one day long gatherings in our Sonoma location, MUSEA SOPHIA – as well as MUSE inspired events throughout the world in 2017~


Do you have invisible constraints

that hold you captive even without your consent?

Dear One,

There comes a time in each of our lives when we look around and realize how many constraints we have placed around ourselves to keep us safe, keep us invisible, and at the same time, keep us from feeling and loving in the ways that are available to us.

When working with these constraints I often ask myself these questions:

  • Where did it come from and has it been useful in some way?
  • Is it true in any way, for me now, and if not, do I need it?
  • What is the most effective way to release it?These constraints come in all shapes and sizes and categories as projections and patterns. They live there within us until we recognize them and say – you know what? I am done. Truly, just finito with that. We get it conscious and then we can move on from it – no longer allow it to dominate us.With some areas this could be as easy as realizing it is a lie and we don’t want to lie to ourselves. Others could take a long time to unhook. But I know the first step is to acknowledge that they are there. Take a look with your soul search light and begin the work.The other thing I suggest is that we REMEMBER if we have done the work of releasing it. We can ‘forget’ we did the work and then be mad at ourselves that we didn’t clear it – don’t do that – claim it – and choose to remember and when it rises again just say to yourself – I did this already.I am not trying to make it sound easy, it isn’t. But, it can be. And, it is needed. We can be more free than we are – and I don’t know about you but freedom for me, is really up – and I am really wanting to look at the ways I can free myself.Share this part of this post on Facebook or comment back to Shiloh Sophia here
    ~ ~ ~

    About my upcoming events: Why MOJO on Inauguration day? Why not? There are lots of protests going on – multiple in every state and also in many countries. I don’t want to spend energy ‘protesting’ – rather – spend the energy creating. We think of creativity as a kind of antidote around here. And, we respect all people’s views as long as they respect the human, animal and earth rights :). That said we have a strong focus on a heart-led world.

AND SO on Friday we will have a party here – with our FREE LIVESTREAM from noon-3 pst rooted in the concept of MOJO – meaning to find your way prowess or way or stride.

We hope you can join us – even call a party of your friends and order cake 🙂 I am THRILLED there will be lots of Color of Woman Graduates at MUSEA with me to hold the energy of creating the future together in a powerful way! AHO!~

AND on January 21 many of us WILL be joining into one of the many of the women’s marches worldwide to stand in solidarity with my sisters and the men who love us.

Below you can find a brand new series of classes that are in person in our Sonoma location, as well as streamed – and classes throughout the world called .M.U.S.E. Days offered by our community. This is a dream come true to offer global revolutionary education in this way with women I have worked with and trained.

There is also still time to sign up and get on board for my two yearlong painting classes, we have only just released the first series of videos and so the timing is perfect for boarding the train.

~Shiloh Sophia


This is a moment of laughter caught by my loving husband Jonathan yesterday as we took the afternoon off. I am not sure what I thought was so funny but he had asked me to ‘look of in the distance’ so he could capture my photo (we were in a booth in leopard, and I happened to have leopard on at the time) – and I wasn’t doing it quite the way had in mind so he said – look towards San Francisco – anyway – somehow it got me – and I hadn’t even had a sip of champers yet 🙂 Ah . day off is good for the Muse in me.





Intuitive Painting Jams with your Muse

Livestream or In Studio – our first in person .M.U.S.E. day of 2017 is February 4! in SONOMA.

We are SO EXCITED to announce that we have gatherings around the world from South Africa to France from Arizona to Australia from Intentional Creativity Teachers – which are graduates of our Teacher Training Program.

Explore the 2017 Dates

The .M.U.S.E. Days events are offered in collaboration with my new book coming out in early February! Tea with the Midnight Muse!



The Sisterhood is Gathering

13 Moon Painting and Poetry Pilgrimage Delivered Online + in Person Retreat option – payment plans are available.

The first painting videos feature painting the moons…

4 Choices – choose your Level of Membership



Inner Voyage Guided by your Muse

Virtual Creativity & Intuitive Painting Course for a year and a day…. with Shiloh Sophia and Jenafer Joy

Early Adopter Price Available Now


For a one stop shop for all of our upcoming events you can always go back to the beginning, yep, none other than Cosmic Cowgirls


Join me in person in Novato – we are working on bringing you MORE local events and opportunities to gather together.


On January 28 I have been invited by Jessica Hadari, founder of Fem Talks to do an opening ceremony for an event in Novato – I will be bringing poetry, read thread and the products along with me :0 including new releases!

What These Conscious Millionaires Want You To Know About Prosperity

Progressive Women Leaders, please consider attending another *special format* FEM Talks on Saturday 1/28

– Make new friendships and collaborations — there will be more time woven in for networking, so the women sitting around you can hear about what you do.

– Elevate your 2017 vision with shared wisdom and nurture your feminine soul with sisterhood and loving community — we will all sit at round tables (instead of rows) for enhanced networking, and a connected circle closeness.

Join us for a Spiritually Oriented Gathering and Networking with Women Healers, Coaches, Speakers. Women Elevating their Businesses and Lives in Sisterhood and Supportive Community.


Opening Ceremony — Red Thread Ritual with Shiloh Sophia, Artist & Poet

* With Shiloh we will be sharing connections visible and invisible and experience how the Red Thread is connected to prosperity (Plus, you will be able to do the red thread with their clients/beloveds afterward)

The Divine Feminine Pathway to Abundance: Three Millionaire Mindsets, Habits and Rituals — Usha Sharma, Shakti Empowerment Coach. Writer. Speaker. Healer.

“Journey Back to Becoming a Millionaire, (Financially as well as a “Millionaire of the Soul)” — Debra Giusti, Creatress of Transformation

“Speak Your Path To Cash: Secrets Of The Highest Paying Profession” — Mark & Shannon, Mentors to 6 Figure Speakers

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