Walking a Sacred Path ~ Red Madonna Sisterhood

This first full moon of 2017 has me thinking in a new direction about why I stand where I stand. Since I have no idea what the TRUTH is – will I stand for nothing, or something, and what is the ‘something’? How do I access it? How do I talk about it and share it? And why is it important to have a stand?
These are the questions on my heart.

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Red Madonna Sisterhood 2017: Sacred Path

A 13 Moon Intuitive Painting, Poetry, Prayer and Practice Journey
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Moon 1: Seeking : The Holy Grail

Last night in the bloom of the full moon here in the Carneros Valley of Sonoma, I painted the first moon of our 13 moon journey and surprised myself. This is the first stroke – representing each woman CHOOSING to include herself in the story of creation.

Where Paths Meet She Takes Her Stand ~ Proverbs


Dear One,

Full Moon Greetings! If you are familiar with my work it won’t be a surprise to you to know that often I am very spontaneous and surprise myself, once the camera turns on. Although so much planning, prep, prayer, set up and tech has gone into what we produce here, when Jonathan counts down to 3 and rolls the film – even if I planned one thing – something else often arises.

Last night under the gorgeous moon, was no exception. I was like, whoaaaa, you want me to say THAT? I will scare everyone off!

First a little context – I have been leading Red Madonna Sisterhood for 5 years, so this is our 6th year, and I do it because it is my ministry and my service, and because is a place where I can be more ‘out’ about my relationship with the Great Lady and her babe of light. I do it so that I can work with my mom, Caron and women I love who are Color of Woman Graduates who are bringing their sacred teachings into the Red Tent. I do it because I know the healing power of Intentional Creativity especially when applied to a sacred path.

I do this work because from the time I was little I wanted to be a part of the healing, a hands on healer and help to make the blind see and the lame walk – as I KNEW and KNOW we are capable of this.

I do this because I have always been called to ‘church’ but have rarely found somewhere I can call home – or somewhere I felt i could bring others. So we opened own church gathering online around the world, Red Madonna, where women from all spiritual traditions could come under one roof and be welcomed in the heart of the Mother. In 5 years we have served close to 1000 women in these teachings about the Lady.

So last night, when the camera started to roll I started to speak about the feminine and in this case, also about Yeshua. About how she has ALWAYS been here – never not been here – and yet women are often not made aware of her presence until later in our lives, certainly not in our churches and temples. and if anything, She is often hidden purposefully from us. But that wasn’t what was different, I say that all the time 🙂 It is the WHY I am standing here talking about THIS RIGHT NOW that was different.

(The icon above is from the Orthodox tradition and shows the Blessed Mother in a teaching position at Pentacost. I love the flames on their heads! Seeing women in a teaching or leadership position in most spiritual traditions is unfortunately rare and even more rare in real life)


In the opening video said: I have no idea what is going on. That I have no truths to share. That I am standing here right now because I choose to be a part of the revealing. I don’t know what the revealing is, but that it is clear that the time for us to do the work of discovery about HER in our spiritual traditions is at hand. Do we just do nothing since we cannot know the truth?

And if we choose to do something, what does it look like? What is the ‘something’ we stand for?

Inquiry for you: Do you feel you have a stand? Has it changed a lot in the past few years or even this year? What is it based in and what do you really believe about Spirit?

For me and many, this year is about that ‘something’. About being on a sacred path and CHOOSING in language, image, inquiry and creativity, what it is we stand for. How to talk about it with ourselves and others and the Beloved. I am sharing a few minutes of the talk with you here.

If you feel called to walk a sacred path with the feminine and Mother Mary, and you aren’t allergic, but curious about the feminine tree of life teachings and the Judeo- Christian historical reframing of the feminine… then consider joining the sisterhood, as I type this the first videos for Moon 1 : Seeking : The Holy Grail are posted in our community.

In the first video we together make holy water, including oils and redwood branches and dip our red thread in that water – and yes – we then use that water to paint with and bless our canvases.

Well I have so many more things to tell you – I wish we could settle in for a warm cup of tea and that you could tell me everything that needs to be said between us about this, and about that. About the stand for the something we really care about.

I don’t often send emails that all about an offering, I share lots of images and poetry and letters and teachings, but sometimes, I like to dedicate an email to ‘something’ that I am dedicating my life to and share it with you. I hope that’s ok and that if you aren’t called, you will still consider being with me as I journey into the future with the women I serve, and the men who love them.

Sending you love along the red thread,

Red Madonna 2017 Invitation