My practice of full awakeness

Fort Lauderdale. Marking death. And so it continues – open fire on innocence. Part of my practice this year is full awakeness – which is a personal path for each person to define. I wanted to share my process in case it is helpful in your own processing.

Please feel free to share too – and together we will learn resilience.

For me – marking death and injury in my own country is part of my practice. Often I mark it for other countries as well, since I track global events, specifically impacting women and girls as my focus. #WUNRN

This is not a morbid practice. Rather it is how I let myself feel – without shutting down and stay engaged with this Beloved humanity.

This kind of emotional + physical action moves energy and keeps it from getting stuck.

You will find your own way with this -and I share my process as inspiration and catalyst for an awake people in an awakening world.

It is marking prayers. It’s saying – I see you – suffering – and in this tiny way I shall not turn my eyes or heart away.

I shall also mark victories and blessings, of which there are so many more!

I hesitate to share this although, I have before. I hesitate to include it in my curriculum. And. Most of the women I serve – serve others as Leaders or Healers, or are moms, sisters, aunties and Grammies who will need to answer to their young ones.

I have marked many kidnappings and deaths and wars and miscarriages and in that I am saying – yes I am one, with all that is our human family.

I will not go to sleep on the questions love asks.

Tell your loved ones today what they mean to you. Hold them close. Forgive what you can. Embrace your own precious heart. Pray to Creator for wisdom if you are open to deepening that relationship to the mystery.


So what’s the image?
#WIP #workinprogress – for the IMAGINE Course with Cosmic Cowgirls. This painting process is for a year and a day to bring the whole story of the year into context – this is on the edge of the canvas which is painted black to hold space for the mystery – the white is white light. Then I bless it with holy water and myself.

Here’s the flow – I paint it and as I am. – I send my prayer out first to the harmed, and then the harming – and then my own Beloveds. And then the world of all beings. I give it to Creator, and in that – choose not to carry the pain physically – but to let it flow through my field and out as pure love.
It’s intentional alchemy.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

5 dead. 9 injured. 1 misguided. The parents of the misguided. The people impacted on earth. The earth with roots to lift this all up.

We are all works in progress.

The first message from my Muse about this painting for a year is: This is where the loving happens. Indeed.