THE 2017 Yearlong Classes! + My process for making hard choices

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In today’s Red Thread Letter I would love to share with you what I feel is one my sound pieces of counsel in making personal choices – hard ones and otherwise!

Listening by Shiloh Sophia
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Dearest One,

I was talking with a friend today – listening and supporting. When the tears and conversation felt complete enough, I shared the alignment process I like to use. Now let me say – this belongs to all beings and I know lots of people teach on it – so it isn’t my wisdom alone, just a bit of it that I like to share. Having it available in language and clearly defined, a system, rocks. Especially if you work with women…so here goes. I am also working on a small book about this and looking for a cool name for the ‘system’ so it can be easily shared. Got any ideas?

A process of making sure YOU are in alignment before you jump or fly! When making ANY important personal DECISIONS or CHOICES you check with 7 things before you say no/yes. Confusion can be common amongst all of us since we can be pulled in many directions at once – and just the general state of the world.

So pick something to work with and enjoy!








So you begin… You say the ‘thing’ you are dealing with in language – out loud or written down so your voice is in action at the beginning and the end – it is an intention. Then you ask each of those areas yes/no. Preferably you either make contact with those things or you just hold them in your awareness but ‘go there’ in some way to make a connection.

You can just ask Heart what say you? Or make up the sentence any way you want but you need to ‘place’ the inquiry energetically into the field or ‘domain’ of that thing.

IF you don’t get a YES in all areas then it is a NO. If it wobbles between, it’s wait. Some of us are really hooked up with our inner knowing and intuition, and others of us, myself included, are so creatively emotionally charged that we may go into areas that aren’t all good for us. I am a fooooooool for love and will follow my heart and disregard all the other stuff! Hence why I get the other parts of me involved 🙂 Further, I don’t always trust myself, so having a system is helpful for me. You know how people always say – trust the process? Well in my line of work – teaching art – people almost never trust the process – they may trust me – but not what is showing up in their canvas – so I say – YOU DON’T have to trust the process – just keep going.

A few more thoughts on the system
Is the order important? I think so – because the mind can have this way of impacting all the other stuff (have you noticed? lol). Let the mind answer once it has been informed by the embodied parts of you. I cannot tell you how awesome this is – and how amazing it has been when I work with young women – and if they don’t get the YES – they WAIT. Sometimes the YES comes later because it isn’t time. And a good NO is priceless and needed more than we use it.

Why hands? The hands hold tons of information. They are also very real visually. They say in a dream if you can look at your hands you can wake up or have access to knowing you are in a dream. So when I do the hand part I hold my hands out and look at them. Each time you do this you will find little ways of making it work for you. It is a meditation when chosen mindfully and can be quite refreshing!

Why start at the feet? Well you likely know how much information the feet hold in much of the medicine traditions throughout the world. In addition to, that I would say – that your feet are what connects you to earth and have you walk to the next thing. So it grounds you as you journey up. Finding your footing so to speak. And also in my personal cosmology – it gives back to the earth each time you connect with earth.

What’s a yoni? A nice word that is easier to say than vagina or the P*y word – although I like that one very much. You can call it what you want in your own language! I like flower too. Each one has a different energy so pick what feels good to you.

In the final stage, you say the thing out loud and see how it FEELS to say yes or no – and make a declaration. I could say so much more on this and I will in the future. For now I wanted to share this with you today as you dive into 2017.

p.s. if you are a dude reading this you can substitute as needed of course – and share with women in your life.

p.p.s this is also great to do in the shower or bath or during a moving meditation.

~ ~ ~
What am I up to?

As for me, I have been working a long time (lifetimes perhaps) to bring you these offerings which I am truly and deeply happy about – offering that line up with all of the above things – more detail is below – in every way for me and the thousands of women I work with in Intentional Creativity. I had to do lots of hand drawing for these pages as that is what was required to access the information! I hope you enjoy just LOOKING at the pages, which for me are like altars.

Imagine is my brand spankin’ new class that will be ME UNPLUGGGGGGED – whatever is up in that cycle – each month for a year a day we will work on one painting of resilience and play – teaming up with Jenafer Joy on this one! Red Madonna, well, wow, that page was a real big prayer – and so much back work to choose the theme – teaming up again with my mom and Havi and Emily and more – to bring you Sacred Path. And LEGEND – our core Cosmic Cowgirls Course – also required doing for COLOR of WOMAN training – with Amber and Stella MAC – inventing your own archetype because why would you want to have any, but your own?

I hope you will join me for one of these amazing offerings as this is my focus for the next 4-5 months in the online Intentional Creativity world. In March I am off to New York to the United Nations and in April, taking a group to Florence to study art Shiloh style.

I hope the Alignment system is helpful for you as you navigate your 2017. I have many more ideas to share about it – which I will be doing in the Red Thread Letters to come!

Sending much love to you, right where you are. I know this year has been a doozy for many. It was my ‘wheel of fire’ year lol. And indeed it was. This year my word is PLAYFUL. Do you have a word of the year? Come share about any of this if you like.

With heart and big gratitude,

Here’s me and my dear friend and ever loving partner in the good stuff,
Stella Mac : Mary MacDonald at the Color of Woman Graduation of 2016