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How does healing happen?

the healing fields – a psalm for solstice

Dear One,

how does healing happen?
is it…forgetting a little at a time that which hurts
and waking up one morning just feeling a little bit lighter
is it…finally forgiving yourself and the world by understanding,
somehow, we are all wounded with you
is it…realizing that the world is whole after all
or accepting that the world is broken open and has need of your love
is it…noticing a whole day, week or month has gone by
without beating yourself up in the old ways that have held you back
is it…being struck by a compassion so tender that you know it must belong to the Beloved
since you don’t recognize this kindness in you
is it…realizing that this is just how it is right now and somehow that it is oddly,
unreasonably, not personal, or about you at all
this is our human story that we are creating together
can we get ‘free enough’ to create in it, with true personal intention?
is it… not letting your wounded songs hold you back
from that which sings to you from your deepest soul cave
is it…allowing shadow-work and light-work to co-exist
without striving for either one to be greater or better or good or bad
is it…being willing to lean into your resistances
until the edge of your hardened places creates tender spaces
is it…being willing to surrender your cynicism and complacency
even when you know the ridiculousness of the harming going on
is it…opening your heart, yes again and wider still,
to a new face a new heart, yes, a new chance even in the same old life
is it…letting go of making the hard things into stories
of meaning about why it went down this way or that,
what if there is no real reason
is it…surrendering enough to allow old patterns to dissolve,
even when they have served you so very well,
or so you thought what if nothing is as you thought it would be or have believed?
it might be something even better, I don’t know, but maybe…
each one of these stories we have talked about here
are ‘fields’ of energy that live within us,
we all know this to be so
will you approach the edge of your cave
and just wave as I walk by beckoning you,
or will you join us in the healing fields of wild flowers
and lay down the burden of what you thought you knew
and just come and open with us to your part in the unfolding mystery
when you are too laden with all the stories of yesterday
it is too crowded to gather your harvest into your arms don’t worry,
everything has become compost and is useful to you
these old stories become legend in no time,
if we let them everything happens in cycles,
this may have been a longer one than you felt your could survive,
but you did! yes, you did.
I have come for you, take my hand now
and rise up the others are waiting for us to take our place in the circle
I have no idea what will happen but I imagine it will be better than you think
your harvest is happening now, even if you don’t see it just come.
we have been calling your name.
you’ll see, this kind of healing looks different than we thought
we had hoped for a total recovery and peace on earth
instead we have been sent to learn each other’s stories whole
the healed story begins with this dance, yes, this one.
we will start this dance with giving thanks for the bounty
and raising our hands in Praise for the life-giving Beloved
We have arrived in the healing fields
and we will nourish and be nourished here

~ Shiloh Sophia

Painting: 4X5 Acrylic – Our Lady of the Flowering Earth

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Writing from Tea with the Midnight Muse – Invocations and Inquiries for Awakening


Stella Mac, Shiloh Sophia, Amber Bonnici and Dominique Peters getting wild and unleashed sometime last year….

I am excited to share my friend Amber’s Woman Unleashed Online Retreat again! I have gotten to teach Intentional Creativity in this awesome offering many times and this time I was super happy with my offering of painting us as Torchbearers. Of course there are many other wonderful teachers to learn so many things from, but if you are on my list likely you already have watercolor paper and paints and a sharpie so you can get down and get to it. Register here

Here are some of the Woman Unleashed inquiries Amber has prepared.

Have you dreamed of ‘getting away’ but life always seems to get in the way?

Is your body, mind, spirit and creativity asking, you to nurture and honor them?

Connect to your heart and ask yourself:

What would it be like to spend sacred time tapping into your feminine side?

What would it be like to carve out time to refuel and have some FUN?

What would it be like to nourish yourself by pausing and tuning inwards?

What would it be like to learn new things that support you where you’re at on your journey?

Click here to come with me.

The retreat is filled with sessions on Art + Journaling + Movement + Mini Workshops to help you slow down and nourish yourself. Sessions are led by world renowned artists, teachers, speakers, authors and healers from all over the world (including me).

When you attend the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat you are able to…

Attend the retreat sessions around your schedule

Wear your favorite comfy yoga pants

No need to brush your hair

Drink tea (or wine) from your favorite cup

Be a part of a global sisterhood of women who are saying YES!! to themselves.

You’ve been working hard, taking care of everything and everyone… now it’s TIME FOR YOU!

Reserve your spot in the retreat here!


Shiloh Sophia and Amber Teaching LEGEND: Archetype

We are offering LEGEND again in January! SO come join us for this adventure!

January 1 – February 19. The Cosmic Cowgirls Course to paint your Legend Archetype
Is it time to live your LEGEND OUT LOUD? To embody your own archetype? Shed the skins of pre-existing archetypal patterns and embody the YOU that is in charge of your future.
With Amber Bonnici and Shiloh Sophia and Stella Mac

with support from the Intentional Creatives Guild


Save the date: January 20 – for a free class. I figure we need a party on that day 🙂


May Love Be At The Center of All Choices

Blessings to you RIGHT where you are. RIGHT this moment.