Letter to my students about 2017

I had the strangest dream last night. And in it something happened, that I said to myself in the dream: I have to remember that. No matter what, I have to remember that. And I did.
It was strangely creative and apocalyptic, not unlike life right now ((((lol))))))

Here it is:
You can make a 1,000 year choice change, right now. This is the moment.
What’ll you have? To bring with you through the next 1,000 years?

Now it is classically ‘dream bizarre’ right because what does that mean? But it got me thinking and it made my Muse happy. And I answered the question clearly in the dream.
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What’s happening? 2 Yearlong Classes with one big canvas + one hot LEGEND all starting at the turn of the year… January 1, 2017

If you want to get creative in 2017 and stay conscious and play and invent the future, we are here in community to create forms which invite outrageous play!



An inner journey for a year and a day guided by your Muse, and a handful of wild hearted Cosmic Cowgirls, including Jenafer Joy & Shiloh Sophia.

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Our theme for our 6th year is SACRED PATH in the Red Madonna Sisterhood.

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Invent your own Archetype January 1 – February 19

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here’s what I chose in the dream

I will be a writer.

Now I considered this carefully. I considered this in contrast with everything else that calls to me. I considered how Sue, my Intentional Creativity Mentor would say, that we ‘write’ paintings. I considered where I get insight and joy and how I listen to the world and I got. Writer. I also thought about my mom, being a writer. And how she wants the word POET after her name, Caron McCloud. That all HOLY name: POET.

What comes up for you? Just for play sake, if you got to make a 1,000 year choice right now about you? Just see what comes up – because when you have what Jenafer Joy calls a open ended Muse question you get access to ‘other domains’ of thought.

Of course if I had to choose in the light of day, I would choose to be a part of saving the world. As I am sure many of you would as well. But it wasn’t about being noble, it was about an essence of truth. And perhaps that essence is also about resiliency. Read a letter to my students below.

Interestingly enough – this plays into ALL of the courses being offered next year already. Because all of them include a big amount of writing that I have already put in place and, will invite you to join me in through creative journaling and writing – but – from the perspective of the painting – if you have taken a course with me you know already what this is all about and how the information just comes through…

~ ~ ~


If you work with me, and Intentional Creativity and you are a woman 🙂 and you aren’t already in the Red Thread Cafe Classroom, come on over, yes it is Facebook, and still, we are there making it sacred…

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Dear Ones of the Red Thread,

This letter is to my students, those wanting to journey with me in 2017! WHHOOPPPPP!

This year we are offering two year long courses. In both cases you will work on a painting for one year, a big one. This canvas will be the place to develop resiliency, work out inner world and outer world events, play to your hearts content, and develop a creative spiritual practice in the company of other eccentric creatives around the world. The canvas will be the ‘record’ of your journey of 2017. Intentional Creativity is healing and uplifting, inviting you into conscious presence and awakeness but through imagination and play.

These two courses are right in tandem with my own creative spiritual path, so you will also be journeying with me in real time throughout this amazing cycle into which our world is entering called: the future. Let’s invent it together, shall we?

When I asked my inner guidance system what was really needed I got some not – so – sexy words first. Resiliency. Consistency. Community. Practice. Ok those are really good but not what makes my Muse jump up and down and point to her paintbrush with glee. Then I got these: Imagine. Playful. Passion. Sacred Path.

So I went to work in my inner landscape and my drawing pad, I asked community. And I prayed and listened. Because in the work of Intentional Creativity one of the HUGE things at the heart of the work is the cosmic ‘listening’ to those you serve, your Beloveds.

What I hope, when I am creating, not only my own path, but one upon which you can walk with me if you choose, is what is truly wanted and needed. When I started this work oh so many moons ago (1994), it was with a desire to ease and end suffering for women and children. I had no idea where I would be led, and how creativity would become the heart of the offering. I truly just followed the sacred path laid out before me. I listened. I watched. I created. I shared. And here we are.

The 2 year long offerings are Sacred Path – Red Madonna 2017 with Havi, Caron, Emily and Flamingo Gypsy at it again. And IMAGINE – A Cosmic Cowgirls Course with Shiloh Sophia and Jenafer Joy. Now for someone like me, a gemini and relentless creative, these go hand in hand – my spiritual path and devotion and my wild imagination running free and into all kinds of trouble. Registration open soon.

What I am excited about is the journey, with YOU, in somewhat real time. I am also excited about HOW MUCH I KNOW CREATIVITY can keep us present. This presence, I feel, is life saving and gives us a chance to be in pure connection with the SOUL. We have to sit with soul spice right now – you know?

The other VERY exciting thing I have to share is that the Guild of Intentional Creatives around the world will be offering day long Muse classes – calendar coming up! We will have a global calendar of daylong classes in Intentional Creativity!!!!! This is VERY exciting.

The other thing is I know, that you, likekly have a lot going on with your life and other courses, and I thought, if we could just have cafe together 1-4 hours a month – how cool would that be? I can do that can’t I? Can you? Can we afford the time to be in circle? And that you could still do your other courses and projects and this would hold a different place in your life – a creative spiritual practice. Not something to get through or get done – but something that nurtures you at the deepest level.

I know many of you are joining us for LEGEND and this is purely complimentary with IMAGINE. LEGEND is THE COSMIC COWGIRLS COURSE that is required for people to enter Color of Woman.

Now, Red Madonna is a whole different story – and is very guided and robust and for many is a primary focus for the year in their art and we have been in community for 6 years and happy and looking forward to welcoming new faces.

The Guild of Intentional Creatives will be the team of support around you as you create. We will be revealing these for registration soon enough since we start January 1 of course!

As you know, creating is not just for artists or those who already know they are creatives. It is for EVERYONE. And those of you who have children and or elders or others you are caring for – you can invite them along to do a painting for a year and a day as a way to be together.

I wanted to let you know what is in the works and thank you for being in my life and in this truly awesome creative conversation and community.

We are FINALLY out of our Healdsburg space and can focus on our new home, Musea Sophia, phew. Big deal. Big life. Big problems. Big changes. Big chances to dream.

Sending you love right where you are.

Yours in the paint of possibility,

~ Maestra Shiloh Sophia


Here we are on a MUSE play day last week! We figure, we have to have more of these days in the New Year don’tcha think?