Why is my phoenix a goose? + Great Mother Class

YES ~ I said my phoenix kept showing up as a goose!

Is there a story that has been running you for many years?

A hidden fairytale or myth or fable you keep running into?

I have a few of them I guess. First the Little Mermaid and her sword feet and the missing tongue, and now my Golden Goose is here to teach me. This is how Intentional Creativity works and why I keep doing it. The story of self hidden in the layers of paint is fascinating!

In a class two weeks ago on Power Creatives TV, we had generalized phoenix theme, but instead of a fire bird, I got a goose, but I didn’t know why it was there flapping away at my process. I just kept asking and being with the mystery that emerged – the symbols continued to speak – the whole painting is about this golden goose – but also about about something really sacred to me – read below!

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The Together Kind of Leadership

Leading isn’t something that happens alone.
It isn’t a solo adventure into being brave
or being the best at all there is.
It isn’t about hiding all your flaws
or making yourself look better than you are.
Lots of systems are set up that way
and we all know they don’t work.
Leading is a together activity.
It is something we take turns doing
or we get too tired
and give up before our time.
Don’t buy some bill of goods
about how good you are supposed to be
in order to share your gifts.
It isn’t true. Just lead you.
And in that self discovery
you will encounter those who
are also leading themselves.
These are the kind of people
to make friends with. To have
tea with. To dispel myths with.
This is the kind of leadership that
will guide the future:
The together kind of Leadership.

Painting from a Co-Led Class
with Flora Aube in Explore

Dear One,

This Red Thread Letter is all about me and my painting! I hope that is ok with you – I have been really intense of late, and wanted to just share some of my own personal process.

This is my work in progress, and is an exploration of the story of the Golden Goose, I have evidently been working on it for a while. To see the whole process from start to finish you can CLICK HERE.

I wrote to my community, the Intentional Creatives Guild (Color of Woman Graduates about this painting this morning, and I thought you might like to hear about it too 🙂

When I was in my late twenties making a living as an artist I had a moment I remember so well – I was adding art to the truck for yet another street show and I said : “If I keep going this way it is going to kill me and the golden goose will be dead!” As soon as I said it I crossed a bridge in myself I have only just now arrived at the other side of. I chose then to become strong enough to handle what it would mean to be an artist who makes a living. I had already been called a Golden Goose at the time – and then I just took it on. I would make golden eggs through the fear and build my muscles in both spirit and physical and business.

I haven’t thought of that metaphor for many years. When I was painting this painting the other day, started in the class with Flora on PCTV, I kept asking – why the *F* is my phoenix a goose? I want a phoenix not a goose. I set my intention, which we hadn’t really done in the class – to self discovery of story – at all costs – then I got it. It’s my goose. My golden goose. Then and only then did I realize how much I have been in “training” for these past twenty some years to do what I am doing now. I have not taken my eye off the work of bringing healing to women. I have become strong and resilient and I offer that to others where I can. I was made for this future that we are creating. I am adding gold leaf to the painting next – and I am surrendering the golden goose for favor of: Flying together increases the reach of the flight by 71% compared to only one bird flying. When the lead goose is ready – she moves to the back and another goosetakes the lead. AND so many more awesome metaphors.

The other thing that happened in my painting that delighted me was that all of my work with PRISM – the art and quantum physics teaching my husband Jonathan and I taught last year really came in. The structure of the universe, the sacred math, becoming nature and flower! This has never happened quite so organically and I am wild about it and hope to do more!

You can also see a peak at my new studio at the bottom of this email.

I don’t often spend the whole letter talking about a painting but it is really what is UP for me right now when I sat down to share with you. Plus I am excited to see the great mama energy energy tomorrow in my class with Amy Ahlers: EMBRACE the Great Mother Within. The Great Mother energy has been on earth since the first particle waved to the other particle. It is in everything we are and do and the place we live. And yet for much of our world and ourselves, relating to this archetype is considered taboo, pagan, alternative or something fringe. This is a good time for us to reconsider this for ourselves, not to take someone else’s word for it – but to explore it personally.

Blessings to you RIGHT where you are. Maybe there is so old story you are living with that you can look at when your phoenix keeps showing up like a goose!