A Blessing + lastest (big) painting + Lady Stream Today + Video clip*new classroom

The rain is coming down. The coffee is in my cup at the Red Thread Cafe. The candles are lit and the chocolate ‘communion’ has been prepared. The roses are placed everywhere. The holy water from 4 lands is poured with rose petals to anoint our canvases. The women have gathered in circle to honor the Feast of the Lady. Offerings have been made at the foot of our redwood trees. The Natives, Coastal Miwok, from this land of the Carneros, California have been honored in our prayers. Standing Rock is in our hearts. Mexico pilgrims are in our prayers as hundreds of thousands walk in humble prayer. We enter the sacred space of the feminine. This is what we know we must do. We were called here.

This is where we are right now here, and this morning I wanted to write and share the experience with you somehow… to share the blessing of this energy with you. To invite you to join us in this sacred space. To light a candle on your own altar. My personal story about this tradition is shared below. This morning we gather in red thread, and you, those to whom I am honored to write, are included in my prayers big time.

With great heart and open eyes and honoring of earth and all her creativity,

~ Shiloh Sophia ~


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~ A Blessing ~

Let us dwell within the Cathedral of Her Heart.
Let us keep choosing to be love no matter what.
Let us see what is called forth from our deepest longings.
Let us listen to the messages rising up from the resilient soul.
Let us rest into beauty so that we may be encouraged.
Let us tend this sacred planet as if we are her children.
Let us honor one another so that we may learn how this goes.
Let us be strong enough to stand for what we believe.
Let us allow our full colors to be expressed in our lives.
Amen. Thank you. Amen.

Shiloh Sophia

This is my latest painting – a year long journey in the Red Madonna Sisterhood:
I Dwell within the Cathedral of Her Heart 5×6 ft. Acrylic on canvas


We are getting all ready to go for our Moon Under Her Feet – Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Weekend – here at MUSEA SOPHIA – I added a little clip from last night onto my FB Artist page so you could see! We have 13 women here painting, and a global online gathering happening too! Her actual feast day is December 12 – honored since 1531



Moon Under Her Feet Starts Today! It’s recorded so you can join anytime! We are live in studio with women and streaming globally! Enter the Red Thread with us if you feel called…  ______________________________________________

‘Am I not here, who am your Mother? Are you not under
My protection? Am I not your health? Are you not happily within My fold? ”

A Gathering in Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Join us via Livestream – for a two week intensive with livestream painting Saturday and Sunday with Shiloh Sophia and Emily Grieves. Paint your own icon of The Lady to inform your 2017.

Partial 50% scholarships for the stream for those in our current communities who are in Red Madonna, Color of Woman 2017, Intentional Creatives Guild Members or Cosmic Cowgirls who need it in order to make it happen. This is a two week class, and a higher pricepoint due to the nature of the event, so we also have a payment plan available.

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Here is a moment with Jonathan and myself, last year at this time of year, in the original temple built on the hill at Tepayac.

A personal story of the Lady, Nuestra Senora

Dear Ones of the Red Thread Cafe,

My relationship with the Virgin Guadalupe happened for me in my early twenties. I had been a Christian and I knew about the Goddess but I was too young to see a connection at all, they seemed opposite at the time and there was no google and there were only a few books out that would have anything to do with the connection.

I was rather beside myself feeling a need for the feminine, my mom even said when I was little I asked if Jesus was from a broken family because we only saw the mommy at Christmas (or something like that). So, as a good ‘Christian’ I asked the men, where is my Mother? I remember the moment. I was just out of church, in San Francisco, Glide Church, and even though it was oh so liberal, there was no Feminine to be found. I admit to feeling confused, and pissed, but not really having information about what. So, yes, I just asked.

Her presence for me felt instant. I didn’t hear a voice, rather a knowing came that was indeed expressed for me, as Mary. It’s like she said – It’s me, I’m here. To say I was surprised is an understatement, You mean, it’s YOU? The one that most churches pay no attention to, treat as a mere vessel and only honor through singing Silent Night and Christmas cards? And so a relationship began that has guided me since that moment – that has changed the course of my life. She was an inquiry into myself as a woman, into the care for earth, and into my art itself.

Including the feminine has truly changed everything that would and did happen. There is so much more to the story, which I will be telling this weekend along with my friend Emily Grieves flying here from Mexico today with offerings from the Basilica. She too was called in a wild way – sold everything, left her well paying job and moved to Mexico to follow and paint the Lady. So we are quite a pair the two of us. Two blondie girls in love with the brown mother. We sometimes get challenged on this – but we were called by her, she called us, and that is how the Virgin rolls, she calls to us in our hearts. Her actual form is less important, as she is multi-formed from all over the world.

There have been images of the feminine for clearly 250K years in different lands made by different hands. She is one of them. The Virgin Mary is one of the most prevalent of the past 2000 years all over the world. Regardless of spiritual tradition, it is undeniable that SHE, has made herself known through, art. Yes Art. And to the hearts that are open to her presence. When I paint her I listen, and learn as I have for twenty years.

As for the Guadalupe – in MOST feminine traditions the mother is very geographic, she is in the clothing and skin and language often of the people of that specific area. So for me, the Guadalupe is the mother of this territory so close and connected to Mexico – a land where she truly is everywhere there. So it’s geography, but it’s more. It is what she said to Jaun Diego, it is what she said about those who love her, it is that she imprinted herself on this image, that is is a painted image.

And in truth in it is the availability of her image. That I could find her on a candle for $1 at the local market made her ever-present. For 20+ years I have never not had her candle here – this is metaphoric for the constancy of the Guadalupe. There’s more but this is enough for now – she was a bridge between two worlds, and much hardship and suffering. You can look up her story for more. She appeared in a place dedicated to the Mother already, Tonantzin.

We are honored that Mari Dreamwalker, a Cura who loves the Lady will be joining us in ceremony. We have 13 women in person and online a circle of women will also be gathered.

Since having a life with the feminine as part of the story, I have changed, the world has changed, my work evolved and I found common ground with many other traditions. Of course my study and understanding of ‘Her’ and her Son of Light, Yeshua, has changed and evolved over time – expanded and contracted like breathing. And yet, each feast Day, which is December 12, I have a party and we paint and eat and light candles and wear roses in honor of our first early connection.

As a feminist and painter, and woman who is here for women, who stands against violence against women and children, who stands against ‘father only’ philosophies ~ ~ ~ honoring a day when more people, as in, numbers of people, are honoring the feminine than any other calendar day is quantum healing energy. And I wanted to share it with you.

I don’t talk a lot about spiritual ‘stuff’ – always fearing I might offend or make you turn away. But in my sharing there is no condemnation of other paths. Rather, just a story of my own about walking with the feminine and this creative earth and all the teachings herein.

Love to each of you, as I go into Vision Quest mode and off line (except for quantum streaming:)

Consider making a new altar yourself, with flowers and a bowl of water, a candle and some prayers. This is sacred space.

With love of the Great Lady,


“I am your merciful mother, to you and to all the inhabitants on this land and all the rest who love Me, invoke and confide in Me, to listen there to their lamentations, and remedy all their miseries, afflictions and sorrows.” 1531 said to Jaun Diego

The photo I took last year at Her Shrine. She gave me a blessing which was to stay on a narrow path – to not waver from my spiritual walk and that all I needed would be revealed ‘there’ in the small spaces and I would know. And it has been so and I am grateful.