Thanksgiving Myth and The National Day of Mourning – Straddling the Paradox

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Dear One,

I’ve been loosing a lot of followers lately from my Red Thread Letters and Power Creatives TV. That’s okay. I don’t need ‘followers’, I need you to stand with me. Not to believe what I believe, but to stand where you stand powerfully informed. Let’s do our work. Today this is mine. To share with you about the Thanksgiving myth, invite you to learn about the National Day of Mourning happening at Coles Hill Plymouth, MA and invite you to take some actions today if you are inspired to do so.

I am committed to us waking up together – to being in that process with you. That’s what Intentional Creativity is all about. If are you are still with me, thank you, even if it is from curiosity. I don’t come to these letters with some agenda or dogmatic idea to change your mind – I share a little about how these letters come to be, below.

Blessings to you today dear one, wherever you are, whatever you stand for – I send love.

November 24, 2016 Thanksgiving, United States

How does one straddle the paradox?

Holding both joy and suffering and in that holding,  be alchemized? It’s possible. It’s sacred work and it is part of what will be required of us to create the future.  If we cannot hold both, we cannot be where we are, really are. This is part of consciousness. To know where we really are without needing to cancel something else out. That said, each of us gets to define where we ‘really are’ for ourselves. This takes work and mindfulness and being willing to be uncomfortable.
However, this discomfort, wakes us up, and in that, there is peace. Yet another paradox to straddle.


The Thanksgiving Myth and The National Day of Mourning: Straddling the Paradox in Grace

Dear One,

Today is a day of straddling the paradox. A day strung tightly between the Thanksgiving Myth and the National Day of Mourning in the United States by the Native Americans – and those who support them and life. Can we stand between the worlds – both being grateful for what we have, enjoying our harvest, while still holding the story of what is actually happening and what did happen? When we learn to do this, we can become more and more human, and more intimate with the truths of our planet at this time. Which I feel can make us more and more capable of addressing suffering without cancelling joy.

Straddling the paradox in grace is a spiritual practice. Can you speak about the genocide of the Indigenous peoples of the United States while still sharing in the joy and gratitude for what you have, and having life at this time? You can through story. Consider – that you are alive right now because you have a part in the great unfolding, and there is JOY in that you showed up to be a part of it. Let’s create the future we want together. Being able to hold the both/and at this time will be one of the primary practices of awakened beings in this coming era of transformation. I am not inviting you to think what I think, rather, inviting you to do your own research and discovery.

Here are a few things you can do for those of you in the United States – and beyond. This is intentional creativity in action.
~ Light a candle for the Standing Rock Water Protectors and keep the prayers flowing, be a stand for justice. ~ Google your home and see what territory you are living in that once was inhabited by the original peoples, name them in your prayers.
~ Speak to your family and friends today about the actual history, even just a few words.

~ Tell the children about this day in a new way. Bring out paper and pens.

~ Go outside, find earth, stand on it, give thanks. Bring something in from outdoors, like leaves or branches. Make a leaf and branch mandala.

~ Do a red thread circle with your family and when it is your turn, share your thoughts on this day. (with love in your heart)
Sharing about the myth is where the straddling the paradox with grace part comes in, because to do this you MUST do it without shame or blame or righteousness or it simply will not land. Be LOVE. You know this. Just reminding you, and myself, as soon as I start speaking about Standing Rock and Thanksgiving my face goes red, my heart beats and I have to breath or I will act in anger. Phew. Won’t land well.

You can visit my Artist Facebook post for a few links if you want to take a deeper look – but it is easy to discover through looking yourself. Genocidal behavior is not only here as you know – the mass suppression of Native peoples the world over have been through this, and are. We are all part of this story unfolding. Signed in as much love as any moment can muster, Shiloh Sophia Coastal Miwok and the POMO Territory, Carneros, Sonoma, California, United States

Below is another kind of paradox. This is down the road where I live – Domaine Carneros organic vineyard. We do drink wine and love living here and enjoying this beauty. Yet the grapergowers are using the water in unsafe ways and amounts. The joke is that when Jesus gets here here is going to have to turn the wine back into water again. Grateful for being here, and being mindful of what is happening here – connecting that with Standing Rock, and then thinking of the Pomo and Miwok.

We are big enough hearts to hold these paradoxes – my hope is that they move us into action. Next year we will collaborate on a gathering in a forgiveness ceremony between those who live here now, and those who lived here before us. May we be informed in truth and beauty. AHO.

Sovereign Unity Sharing my creative writing process – creating a context.

One my favorite things to do when I wake up in the morning is to write. Free from the demands the day will bring I enter a secret room that I won’t be in again until the next morning. This place is ever so precious and it is beginning of the Red Thread Café, and is what I bring to you. In the quiet dark I light the candle and begin. What arises as ‘on my mind’ and ‘in my heart’ is what I write on. In the liminal space of night dreams and consciousness I often listen to the soul sounds of earth, a collective hum. Sometimes it condenses down into two words, like today, and the words themselves become a portal, a linquistic abstraction that show me something I didn’t see before. It is as if I take a deep dive into an idea I have never had before and writing makes it available. It is in the writing of it that I discover it. Today those two words that were on my heart this morning were: Sovereign Unity.

Now I have never thought those words before – together. Nor at this moment as I begin do I know what they mean. But I am sure they represent a potential that my creative soul has been working around until I was ready to enter the portal. My next post will likely be on that title – Sovereign Unity, but the words brought me into the work of sharing what I shared with you above.
And regarding Thanksgiving. Well. Yes I have turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes with family in a cozy house. And my heart is here, but my heart is also with Standing Rock, remember, praying, asking Creator to change the way things are moving. Make a prayer with me – ? If you haven’t done research on the origins of Thanksgiving, and formed your own opinion then it is likely time. I am with my family but I do not lose site for a minute about the reality of our Native peoples,and how we continue to invade, break our word, and not really get what this day is about.
I won’t be selling anything on Black Friday, no sales, no offers, no Christmas sales. I won’t be opening my computer or leaving my house. Friends and family will be here I hope, to read poetry, explore our new place, share left overs and consider a new era as we honor earth and her peoples.

Shiloh Sophia