A Deep Dive into Personal Medicine – My Post 2016 Election Red Thread Letter

Challenging times call for a deep dive
into soul work.
Bring your tools for excavation
and a headlamp made of fire for night work.
The opportunity to explore the hidden terrains is upon us.
Together we dig down and with gentle hands
discover the previously unviewable artifacts.
Here in the shadows both personal and collective,
we will discover something necessary.
Something we would never have found
without this depth of a dive.
It won’t be easy – it never has been.
We are gathering courage moment my moment.
These kind of ‘happenings’ didn’t happen
to ‘teach us a lesson’. And yet, our responsibility remains.
To wake up. To keep watch. To protect what is just.
To choose how we will show up.
What medicine do you carry?
Each must do their own work to name and embody
the personal medicine which is needing to be lived now.
How will we interact with what is?
Here’s an invitation: Let’s be torchbearers.
We don’t need anyone’s permission to walk in our truths.
We have freed ourselves the moment we see
what our part is in the great unfolding
and can act upon it. We are not enslaved to systems.
What is the call of the age dear ones?
Intimacy with soul & fierce vision.
Here we are unshakable.
Let’s see through the veils and not lose heart.
Keep watch through the night,
and cover each others with kindness.
May Wisdom guide our paths.
:~: Shiloh Sophia :~:~~~Dear Ones,This is an invitation for you to take a deep dive to connect with your unique personal medicine. To strengthen yourself for the journey ahead.

I want to acknowledge that in our current ‘collective field’ especially in the US, there may shock, fear, betrayal, confusion, anger and a myriad of other emotional experiences all happening at once. Feel what you feel. Let it move through your body but trap and hold nothing. Be the stone standing and the river flowing and the fire of truth.

I have asked myself again and again, what I could say or share with you because you have your own path. I will share just a little personal medicine which may or may not be of use. And invite you to dig deep to find your own personal medicine during times that are so uncertain.

The work of a visionary is to know the past, dream the future and take powerful action in the present.

Since the time I was a child I felt distinctly that something was wrong with the system. And so in a way, I never fully entered into it and so relate to it (government, medical and big business) as an almost parallel reality to the one I live in. Energetically.

Did anyone ever tell you – that you lived in another world? Well most spiritually directed beings will interact in at least 2-5 worlds space. You may have thought you were just the odd one, but there are lots of us and you are not alone.

So this cycle as strange history is unfolding before our wrinkled brows it comes to my heart to invite you to to your own medicine.

Mine is that my energy body is disengaged from the system/grid. As much as I am able. I don’t live there, and do not live in the fear it creates. This is my right to choose. I don’t live over there, I live, in ‘here’ in my heart.

Perhaps you can disentangle yourself from the thrall. To think your own thoughts and feel what you feel is your freedom as an awake one. You shall not be enslaved to a worldview that is not your own, nor is it even close to something we would call truth. So it doesn’t belong to you and you don’t belong to it.

Remember what you are made of and what you are for. Remember our ancestors have survived worse than this and lived to tell and give form to us. And here we are.

You could stand and breathe. You could use your hands to trace a circle of light around you and send forth from your field any threads which you do not need to take you into the future. You could set up new boundaries, and limits to what you allow inside your domain. You could trace a red thread of connection that is connecting us all.

You could watch and witness and act without losing your own ground. This will take practice. In our community this practice is moved through with Intentional Creativity. We bring form to the formless. We make visible the invisible. And in doing so heal ourselves and also bring healing to the collective.

Together we will wake up and stand for what is right and good and dare ourselves to move into actions we never imagined we would have to take. We will be strengthened for the journey ahead.

If you are an artists, consider changing your profile symbolically to the fierce feminine that you have created. This gentle yet powerful act helps to change energy and alchemize the atmosphere.

I will stand here with you. In wonder. In love. In gratitude. And in deep curiosity about who we will become through this – this will shape us into warriors of a new kind. Perhaps we don’t even have language for it yet.

There isn’t a promise that all will be well – the promise is that when you stay connected to your soul, that is where the medicine lives. And it is our job to keep seeking there. Will you seek soul with me?

Holding a strong unbroken weave for what is just, what is loving, what is truthful, and what furthers goodness,

~ shiloh sophia

“This turning towards what you deeply love, saves you.” ~ Rumi

“I am here with you. Watching. And watching over. And also watching how the new horizon is not coming to ‘get us,’ but how we will go forward to meet any new horizon line, whatever it might be.

We will give ourselves to what attitude of strength and soul we will carry to meet the matters, come what may. No matter what.” Dr. Estes