Do you block yourself from feeling?


Are you blocking yourself from feeling?
Bracing yourself against sensual experiences?
Afraid of what will happen if you let it all in?
Are you afraid if you let the emotions flow, they won’t stop?

You aren’t alone.
Let’s create the context together that it is safe to feel how we feel.
That blocking ourselves from feeling is more dangerous to our soul health than letting it all out.

At first we will be overwhelmed. We may cry. We may become angry. We may melt down. We may ‘lose it’.
Sometimes we have to lose it, to find it.
We find ourselves after losing it.

I don’t want to look away. I want to see you.
I want to love you as big and wide as my heart will allow.
I don’t want my fear of loving and what might happen to stop me.
I want to feel everything.

~ Shiloh Sophia

An amazing painting journey/ritual/sister creative revolution with Flora Bowley in BRAVE Intuitive painting.
In our class we switched paintings more than half way through.

The message above comes from my painting, which ‘ended up’ being a story of access + integrated grief + unknown future. I didn’t start with an intention but journeyed wonderfully free in Flora’s powerful teaching space.

#creativerevolution #intuitivepainting #intentionalcreativity #powercreativestv

Painting: She is from the Future (in process)