All your bones are creative bones darlin’ ~ Lineage Video

Creativity isn’t divided between creative and not creative.

Its not about talent or not talent.

We are all creative. We are all makers. We are creations ourselves and live in an inherently creative environment, aka you know, planet earth.

To say “I’m not creative” or that “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” is an illusion often fed to us by someone along the path who had no idea what they were talking about. A child would likely never say, “I’m not creative”. We learn ‘not creative’ by others comments and by self comparison. It is understood by the child that creativity is a natural state.

Let us return to our natural state of being creative, lit up by our senses, and turned on by how we see, feel, touch, sense, hear, experience and all the ways we interact with being.

It can take a lot of time to unlearn thinking of one’s self as not creative.

It can take years especially if YOU aren’t creating – somehow creating itself helps change the old dominant story. Then once the fire is blazing no one can tell you again that you don’t have what it takes. Or that you don’t have talent. They may tell you but you won’t listen. You have everything you need and it isn’t about being GOOD or making something worthwhile or pretty. It’s just about you being an inventor of form. Pulling stardust across the veil, the event horizon looms as we bring ideas into matter. POW!

I don’t teach painting skills or how to become an artist. I am here to remind us of our instinctive, inherent, uninhibited capacity to be self expressed. Self expression opens a revolution in consciousness – gives one access to themselves. This is where a new kind of life can begin. Where before we were only partly awake and now we are seeing what there really is about who we could be being if we let ourselves out of our self imposed – not creative enough – cages. You aren’t a-type personality, you aren’t left brained, you aren’t the ‘intellect’ in the family. YOU – are a maker.

This is why I teach. I am part of the ones who wake the others. My path is creativity and you will hear our creations roar in beauty across the planet as we rise up from sleep and greet the day with paintbrushes, pens, drums and dancing feet ready to weave magic wherever we alight our sparks.

All your bones are creative bones darlin’ ~ Sue Hoya Sellars

Letters from the RTC 2016

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Dear Creative One,

Sending you love today and new moon blessings. This first week of fall has showed up mightily in our new neck of the woods in the Sonoma Carneros.

We have been ‘moving in’ to our new place since April – I have so much to tell you about and I keep saying I will tell you next time! Not quite ready. One little clue is that we have lodging, and we just finished our classroom remodel and I had my first overnight client guest for painting…..moving towards my artist self again in new ways that are yet to reveal themselves to me.

I sat down to write you a little note about upcoming events – including some this weekend and the above poured out. Perhaps you are need of a reminder that your creativity isn’t dependent on your talent!

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my own teacher passing into the cosmos. I didn’t have it in me to write something, thankfully my team helped me put htis event announcement together. Mostly I am just crying throughout the day, but grateful for so much love…..there is a video below between myself, and a Color of Woman Graduate and Guild Member, Grace, about her trip to see the work of my teacher’s teacher. Ah. The workings of lineage. I wanted to do so many things for today. But it almost seems appropriate to just share the upcoming teachings – because that is what she was all about – doing the work. I once asked her what she would tell her mentor, Lenore Thomas Straus, if she could tell her anything, she said, tell her I am doing the work.

Well. We are doing the work. Too. And that is a good thing. The ‘enduring influence’ as the Greenbelt Museum called it – has continued on.

Further if you haven’t taken action or learned about the Dakota Access issues facing our earth and Native peoples of this land, please please check it out and comment and share and write and call the white house. Activism is a part of my creative process in some way – almost every day I reach out towards the areas that need healing. We don’t need to take it on – but we cannot be asleep to it, as it impacts all of us.

The rest of this letter contains invitations…to join me in person to create….

Signed in rainbow paint from my above work in progress (WIP),

Shiloh signature 2016


We are exploring the Lineage of Intentional Creativity through Lenore Thomas Straus and Sue Hoya Sellars – and to our great blessing, one of our members of the Guild of Intentional Creatives (Color of Woman Graduates), Grace Steenberg of Denmark recently voyaged as part of her Soul Work – to reconnect a part of our lineage in the North, in Norway. Here in this video she shared a part of her story which is part of our story as a community.

Women illustrating invisible concepts with image and word with mindfulness is intentional creativity at the essence. To imagine that the object of creation is shaping us while we shape it and that this is a dialogue of potentially powerful access to the soul language held within each of us. Source is creating through us as we make ourselves available and supple to the shaping of form from cosmic potential.

Sharing this today as part of honoring the 2 year cycle since our Art Matriarch dissolved her cloak of skin to reveal stars which re-entered the constellation of her great work, of which many of us are a part.

May Love Be At The Center of All Choices