Changing Management + Classes starting: Dangerous and Prism

I’m not a leader, just a creature,
seeking the features of a teacher.
Whether you follow or whether you lead
All mysterious ways of nature and I’m into it.
Changing management.

And there are various ways to conquer this
monotonous metropolis, my stubbornness is bottomless,
my fearlessness is talking sh*t
and I’m wide awake and I’m taking names.

Nakho Bear, Aloha Ke Akua, Medicine for the People

Letters from the RTC 2016

Dear One,

I have lots I would like to share with you, new discoveries, ideas, challenges, and this thought of “changing management” mentioned in the song lyrics above. The management I think we are most in need of changing, is our own internal workings. The way we think, feel, believe, the traps we set for ourselves and the cages we live in, arghhh! I’ll talk more about that below – but first, I want to feature the two upcoming events that are hot hot hot to the touch, and even, a bit dangerous!

UPCOMING CLASSES starting tomorrow!

Prism header squarePRISM TRAINING Online: Starts Sept.16

Join Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan Lewis for an adventure in intuitive painting, quantum physics, self expressed leadership and your potential! You can join us from anywhere in the world, as the curriculum is streamed, videod, pdf, masterminds and more! Read below or the Invitation!



power creatives tvPOWER CREATIVES TV – Now through 12/31

We just launched our first Season of Power Creatives TV and we are on Episode 2, DANGEROUS featuring Catt Zelda Geller for the FREE Alchemical Cafe and then a daylong Cosmic Smash Booking class (only $37 with partial scholarship) with Catt, Mary MacDonald and Shiloh Sophia



Shiloh prism painting

A PRISM inspired painting


Changing Management & Sacred Responsibility

Dearest Luminous One,

Will you pause with me a moment and read this Red Thread Cafe letter with me? Get a cup of tea and sit back and just see what arises. I wrote it with leaders and entrepreneurs in mind, but I really think it can apply to anyone.

Do you question the existing systems of business, government, banking, internet and marketing and wonder how you can make your way through to success and still be authentic to your truths and your own experience? We do. We talk about it almost every day. In fact, our conversations about how the world works and how we can create sacred work within it is the topic of most mornings around here and is inspiring so many of our projects including Prism and Power Creatives TV.

Yep the Red Thread Cafe at work. This kind of thinking, examining, searching out things like the heart as an organ of perception, how particle and wave work, spooky action at a distance and how to create plans based on the Fibonicci has been a re-orientation to how we view the universe. Seeing how nature, the cosmos, our cellular structure, our quantum field and creation itself are designed CHANGED EVERYTHING. Everything about how I see the world, and therefore how I see myself, and therefore how I make things happen. How I operate and move in the world.

IT IS SO EXCITING! I began to see everything in a new light. Plants. Water. Creatures. Air. Fire. Heart. Field. Wave. Particle. And as I saw it differently it changed me, and perhaps I also, changed it. We are in a dance with everything around us. It’s all in motion, the question is am I moving with it, or against it?

Pause for a moment, and consider these inquiries which are the very same ones I asked myself over the past 6 months of teaching PRISM in New York, Portland, Denmark & Healdsburg. Even if they don’t make ‘total’ sense, as I can see some of them are rather cryptic, perhaps it will speak to you inside the mystery. I am talking to you but I am talking to me. To all of us. I am not the one in the know. I am however one of the torchbearers willing to ask the questions.

Are you operating on the ‘grid’ instead of the matrix?

Is your plan for your business/sacred work aligned nature?

Is the way you live your life linear and patterned – or is it dynamic and resilient?

Have you ever considered building a business plan based on sacred geometry instead of our current financial models?

Have you been practicing marketing ‘techniques’ instead of following your own internal codes for creating and sharing?

Are you working in harmony with the greatest powers on the earth or against the natural flow?

Are you under the illusion that you can do it all yourself, instead of aligning yourself with sacred math and motion?

Do you think people are born leaders, or do they earn it? Or discover it already within?

Do you, somewhere within you, know there is another way to work/be/experience, that is honors both the mystical and the scientific where there is not a conflict but TOTAL alignment?

Is your current belief system in need of an upgrade to 3.5?

If your current belief system is based on potentially out-moded models of manifestation, law of attraction plans, attracting people and things to you through self will and harnessing your own power to make things happen, think again. Just. Think again. Have you made assumption about how the universe ‘works’ and yet haven’t dipped your toe into how it actually does work (as far as it has been revealed)?

There MAY be something more you don’t know yet, about your own discovery journey and access to power that these old beliefs may be blocking. About your own gifts and how to work with the universe. It may be different than you think, but it is the most natural place in the world.

This work I am so passionate about isn’t new information or a quick fix for saving the world. PRISM isn’t new ideas – rather – it is an integration of what we already know as humans, but have forgotten, haven’t activated or have turned from. This isn’t the latest greatest thing. It is the most ancient thing of all, and yet we will bring it to the powerful platform of technology, quantum connection across the globe and the transmission access possible through the use of intentional creativity.

What we do know: There is a quantum field. There is a heart field. There is your own luminous field. There is the field of those you work with and for. And they are all connected. All of this can be considered as part of an integral whole that offers a way of working that is entirely radiant. And. Different than MOST of the work you see happening. It isn’t a quick fix or a step by step. It is a discovery journey with your heart at the center. What we do know is there is a field. And when we work WITHIN IT the results are different.

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle” ~ Einstein

Are we not particles? What then is governing us and how can we talk about it more fluidly – and get to know it. It really isn’t that ‘out there’. It is much more ‘in here’ and close to home than we often think. We are living in it. In the song, Nahko Bear goes onto say:

Energy fields cone the body in space.
The angels that are coming from a spiritual waste.
The hate that gets me distant from my spiritual pace.
Ten fold the manna when the planets are in place, in polar alignment.
We’re on assignment. Bodies on consignment. Return them to the circus.
And what is the purpose? What is the purpose and would you believe it?
Would you believe it if you knew what you were for
and how you became so informed?

Bodies of info performing such miracles. I am a miracle made up of particles and in this existence, I’ll stay persistent, and I’ll make a difference and I will have lived it.

The full song and video that is part of our PRISM curriculum is below in this message.

If we can begin to work in alignment with the field and flow of how creation is already designed, we can change ourselves, our future, or world – and our creations. Your creations are offerings onto the altar of humanity.

Consider there are ways to move through the cosmos you have yet to even consider. Perhaps you have considered them individually or in parts, but when applied within the contextual framework of your life work, your sacred assignment, everything changes. New dimensions = new information about our sacred assignments: Let’s move into a new dimension of how we create ourselves and live out our sacred assignments. It is so much more than the right time, we are overdue, our planet and her inhabitants are waiting. It is not too late. This isn’t just about saving the planet, or saving ourselves or doing good. This is about really about being with the way things are and choosing our method of transportation through this life that is in alignment with the gorgeous teachings of creation.

Since we only know about less than 10% of what is actually happening, that other 90% is the great mystery. When we work with the parts we know, and with all humility, gaze in the direction of the parts we cannot see or know, to connect with a higher truth and potential we enter a new dimension of creativity and collaboration. This isn’t about answers. But about an initiatory activation of your potential, which may be an inert possibility waiting to come to life.

Perhaps – consider, you may be an inert possibility, a prism, awaiting to align yourself in the exact, yes exact, source of light flow….this is our chance and our time to work together to raise up a new kind of leader. A leader who leads from love, and the wisdom of creation.

And so. Changing management. I think of it as a new way of working within myself where I am in alignment with my own natural state, with nature, with how things work as I know it and with an intent to do no harm in the process. And for me I also give thanks and work with my Creator. I don’t always get it right, once again it isn’t about getting it right. More than that, so much more than that, it is just about waking up and choosing to be conscious. And together we wake up. Will it make all the difference? I have no idea really – but I know that who I am in the journey and how I show up is my responsibility. In the song Nahko, who we went to see a few weeks ago uses this language Aloha Ke Akua Kuleana – Aloha is a greeting, that holds itself as a sensation, an awareness of all one needs to know to interact rightfully in the natural world. Akua translates as God is Love, Kuleana referring to one’s sense of personal or sacred responsibility. So I sort of think of it as Hello to the Divine and my Sacred Responsibility in that.

“Kuleana is one’s personal sense of responsibility. The person possessing Kuleana, believes in the strength of this value, and will be quick to say, “I accept my responsibilities, and I will be held accountable.” Kuleana speaks the workplace language of self-motivation, ownership, empowerment, and the personal transformation which can result. Effective delegation becomes about the sharing of Kuleana with others, recognizing where it rightfully belongs, or where it can facilitate hands on learning.” Rosa Say, Managing with Aloha

Do you think you have a sacred responsibility in how this goes?

I do.

We were up at Terra Sophia this past week with a group of 20 women, Color of Woman graduates and being on the land was just SO AWESOME. The last day I was called to walk the long way down to the house (we were staying in our RV) and on the path there was a big eagle feather, a tiny tiny bunny rabbit, quail and a reminder to give thanks with my whole being to be alive at this time.

It isn’t easy being in a body. But I do like it here. And I like teaching about liking being here. Year ago when I started teaching I had an inspiration spark – that I like it here on earth. I began to share that with people and they found it strange, and comforting. So here I am, ten years later admitting how much I like being here.

terra sophia studio on the hill        terra sophia apples

“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when s/he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day. ~ Einstein

In addition to the online collaborative events like PRISM with Jonathan and Dangerous with the wonderful and inspiring founder of Cosmic Smash Booking, Catt Zelda Geller and Mary MacDonald of Cosmic Cowgirls, I also have in person events I will share with you soon – including a Vision Quest with my dear friend Christine Arylo called WEAVE in November, save the dates November 10. 11. 12 & 13 in Sonoma at our new place – calling the wise woman out of exile. We will be working with drumming, yoga, movement, intuitive painting and more. It will be good and is so good to work in person, together. More on that on the new moon! Coming up for Power Creatives TV we have Sarah Drew, Laura Hollick, Chris Zydel and Flora Bowley! A true season of collaboration!

Signed in Hope filled Stardust and Gratitude for my teachers, my parents, my community and my brave teaching partners. And. For the gifts teaching PRISM and Intentional Creativity have brought to me this year, the understanding. The breakthroughs and breakdowns. The hope for the future that didn’t exist for me before, based on the world madness, has taken on a new shape. I am humbled to offer this and pray with my whole being, that it can be a blessed journey in all ways and in alignment with the most radiant beauty available to us at this time.

Shiloh signature 2016


Each day that I wake, I will praise, I will praise.
Each day that I wake, I give thanks, I give thanks

May Love Be At The Center of All Choices