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The tension between risk and possibility is sacred space.
There is something that happens in that fertile in between that those of us who live on the edge thrive on. A palpable ‘somethingness’ that is alive to the senses that calls us mercilessly toward the almost, always waiting potential. We are pulled forward by unseen hands, instead of pushing forward on our own will we are called into action. This zone is not about manifestation, that, is a different frequency. Rather it is the space where the sacred inquiry occurs:

What is it that wants to happen now
and how can I make myself available to it?

Letters from the RTC 2016

Shiloh painting I Create

Painting: I Create – You can comment on this post or share it here

Dear One Annette,

I wanted to share this inquiry with you because for me, it is indeed sacred, and shapes my choices to such a degree, I thought you might find it useful. There are lots of ways one could live one’s life, lots of seen and unseen frameworks operating in the space in which choices are lived out. Yet. One of the most powerful frameworks of all is to be the author of one’s own future, to define the narrative of the occurring instead of just letting things happen to us.

My inquiry for you today – is what is your operating framework, or your worldview, the story line that shapes your days and ways? Do you know? When we don’t know, we are controlled by it. I don’t want to live subject to my emotions, my dna, my history, my circumstance. I don’t want to live ‘subject’ to anything really. I would rather be a collaborator in this experience called my life. That is where the power is, to consciously choose to be conscious, to move out of the default setting/s we have accumulated in our lives and into another space, that space between risk and possibility. I like it there.

When we are overly obsessed with getting it right or getting it done or having things fit our pictures or being somehow secure in our choices, we miss the space – the calling forward – the impossible desire to move towards something even if we don’t know why.

Inquiry is powerful because it makes our brain do something different than it was doing – and moves us into potential space. Let’s spend more time there.

If we keep asking the wrong or same questions, we will keep getting feedback that isn’t quite right for where we are on our journey. Just keep asking.

Try asking, while holding gently in your mind a situation or relationship or choice or challenge ….What is it that wants to happen now and how can I make myself available to it?

See what arises for you. Even though I ask myself this question a lot, about all different focus areas – when I ask it, my intuition comes into prismatic focus between risk and possibility and I see something I didn’t see before.

The more I write this the more convinced I may not be making sense – lol, I am trying to put something into language that is a very sensorial and cosmic part of my creative spiritual path.

I hope you find it useful…

~ ~ ~

WHAT’S UP in my teaching world

What I am up to, I was interviewed via phone recently by Rae Luskin for the Creative Activist Summit and if you want to listen in you can find the full info below, and here is the link

The Fearless Belonging experience last week we launched our very first ever Episode for Power Creatives TV with our special guest from India, Shilo Shiv Suleman and it was very exciting – you can watch it for free here A few photos are below 😉 As we also worked on a giant mural in person! Our first Episode had more than 1200 views which is exciting, with over 115 women joining in worldwide for the ticketed daylong painting class and 20 women coming to paint in person! COOL. Exciting. Revolutionary women creatives gathering to provide an alternate narrative…..(we need some of that in our world)

Coming up next on August 26 we have DANGEROUS – our 2nd Episode along with a free Alchemical Cafe and tickets are available for our daylong Cosmic Smash Booking Class with Catt Geller and Mary MacDonald is accessible at – partial scholarships available for the paid class

PRISM – A month long global class in quantum physics, Intentional Creativity and sacred math is being led by my husband, Jonathan Lewis and myself and you can find out more here – starts September 15 – and it is going to be HOT and likely the ONLY time we will do it this way.

~ ~ ~

For the Red Thread Cafe today, I am blessed to have spent the morning having quantum cafe with dear friends from around the world, talking about the nature of the heart, influence, politics, death, birth and all the segways in between while we sip on Jonathan’s magic coffee.

Now twenty women are headed to Terra Sophia, the land of the art matriarch Sue Hoya Sellars to vision the future together. I plan to be off line for a few days except posting mountain pictures. Ready for some off road off the grid-ness with girl time.

I send you blessings on your day, from my heart to yours, winging across the cosmos to you right now…

Shiloh signature 2016

creative activist summit

The Creative Activist Virtual Summit

The award-winning author and Creative Activist Rae Luskin, has put together a FREE Online Summit that will provide the practical tools, fresh ideas, and inspiration to creatives, change agents, and community leaders looking to find their voice, begin a new initiative or expand an existing one!

Learn how creative expression has the power to transform personal and collective consciousness, uplift humanity and nurture the heart and soul.

My interview launches today! Tune in!



Shiloh and Shilo shiv


fearless belonging two panels

fearless belonging big panels

Are YOU willing to be a blessing?