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The Torchbearers Show Us How to Make Fire

The women who have kept the sacred flame lit

throughout the centuries are our ancestors

We will never know them by name

But they call us, by our secret names

About them, we only know this:

They prayed for us to remember

Remember that we must all

tend the sacred flame



power creatives tv

Letters from the RTC 2016


POWER CREATIVES TV August 12-December 31

Featuring 13 women teachers and founders bringing revolutionary independent media streaming across the cosmos, YAHOOOOOO!

Dear Ones,

So I keep having these dreams.
In the dreams I see information in new and radical ways.
This is the third dream I have had that has called me into action:


First a little history – For the past 3+ years, under the amazing guidance of my husband, Jonathan Lewis, we have been providing livestreaming education monthly to our community – both paid and no cost classes, reaching thousands a month, in 4 continents. I kept threatening to quit, because it is actually an extreme sport for me – but then letters come in saying – “no – don’t stop – because when you come through on the stream the ENERGY is different.” Healings reported. Transformations. Revelations. This is because it is QUANTUM REAL TIME FREQUENCY. And yes. I can feel the red thread circle stretching globally and tune into and share love through the cosmos. It’s astonishing, cool and awe-inspiring to experience.

Magic Happened. I stopped resisting. And I invited in “what wanted to happen” – not what I wanted, or what others said they wanted, but WHAT WANTED TO HAPPEN. And somehow I fell in love with streaming….it really shocked me, to be honest. That allowing, opened something else – an access point to the next part of my sacred assignment.

Now back to the dream. I dreamed I saw a circle of women, torchbearers called the Power Creatives. What they were doing was awesome. They were Founders, Healers. Priestesses, Movement makers, Authors, Artists, Poets, Big Thinkers and Changemakers. In the vision – they were lit up, orange and pink, holding individual unique flames, but together we were lighting up the world. I also saw that these women were creating jobs for others and were in an alternate self created economy. That their creativity WAS their service – that their unique edge was their leadership. They weren’t sacrificing themselves to bring the medicine to the people. The medicine was their very beingness and content. And. They were all badass mystics. I couldn’t see them clearly – everything was glowy – but strong in how it felt.

When I woke up I shared the dream with Jonathan and then, and then….I realized I already knew these women. In fact, most of them were friends. A lot of them, I had already scheduled to teach with in our late Summer – Fall line up. Then I got it. Power Creatives TV. Jonathan said something cool then, he said – these women have created a stealth economy. I saw an image of how many people this circle of friends served each month, how many people I knew that worked for and with them, and even an idea of how much prosperity we were creating in an alternate marketplace doing good. And. The common denominator between all of them was this: They were women who founded something. Made something real in the world happen. And my honey said, “Let’s do it. And in a future season, let’s also feature men who are Power Creatives.” It isn’t just a woman thing, but that is where we are starting out. The majority of the women in SEASON 1 are backed up by powerful committed male or female partners. And if not partners, communities they have created. We know we cannot do this alone – thank goodness the time of the lone wolf is really, over.

Awesome Friends taking action That was just a few weeks ago. My friends said yes. To teaching other women (and men who choose) to awaken their inner guidance system. All 13 women are offering a free class, called an Alchemical Cafe, and 7 of the women are offering a class through paid programming. And so we begin, who knows where we shall land. Our season one theme is, Fierce. Join us, unplugged. (well I guess you will technically be plugged in to the matrix to view us 🙂 Our guest teachers are Shilo Shiv Suleman, Catt Zelda Geller, Chris Zydel, Shannon Thompson, Kahlila Dougherty, Lynn Johnson, Flora Bowley, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy – SARK, Flora Aube, Amy Ahlers, Sarah Drew, Laura Hollick & Christine Arylo. See the list here

This is where it is at for me This is very important to me but I didn’t know it until I woke up today. I am all about independent media. Creating our own news. Our way. My I am a revolutionary. I always have been. I was a punk activist artist all through high school. I started my own clubs. Published independent papers. Was on study body council. Called circles. Called outcasts together. My combat boots were made for creating and that is what I did. This early root of revolution is what become Intentional Creativity, my sacred assignment in the world.

This Friday we have our first Alchemical Cafe, no cost class, with an artist from Banglore India, Shilo Shiv Suleman who has been featured on TED, VOGUE and Rolling Stone. She will be both in the studio for the stream and for a live class in Healdsburg – tickets available.
Fearless Belonging – more here

This may not be your cup of tea, but if it is, I hope you will claim your Free Season Pass and get your art materials ready for a season of Intentional Creatvity with brave, intuitive, inspiring, radical powerful creatives. www.powercreativestv.com

This love is real. Right where you are. Right where I am. As I am writing and you are reading this. I am sending love. Real love. Quantum support. Encouragement for the journey. I love knowing that the heart’s electromagnetic field extends 15-20 feet all around me. And that it interacts with the earth’s field, and people near me – and also – from a love and electrons perspective, my heart field reaches where you are.

The sparks of my sacred assignment started at 23. This thinking about love, the heart and the field, is what sparked my entire assignment in life, as sparked from the creative fire of Sue Hoya Sellars. One day, I was complaining about wedging clay….

She said: What do you care about seeing changed in the world?

I said: Ending suffering for women and girls in any way that I can.

She said: Put that love into the clay. That intention will go into it and that vessel will carry that energy. You will receive that energy. And the women you are holding in your heart, will receive that love as real in real time. Believe it.

And I did. I was 23. Intentional Creativity as a concept was born that day – and I have not ceased to serve my Creator and my community from that kind of loving, that unreasonable loving, that my love is real. That loving matters. That this is helping to create an antidote to the violence in the world. This is my piece of the red thread.

Signed, Delighted and Excited to offer something fresh, and hot from the oven of creativity,

Shiloh signature 2016

powc tv

torch bearers dancing

The Torchbearers Show Us How to Make Fire

The women who have kept the sacred flame lit

throughout the centuries are our ancestors

We will never know them by name

But they call us, by our secret names

About them, we only know this:

They prayed for us to remember

“Remember that we must all

tend the sacred flame”

And if we don’t, if we go to sleep

Women will come to wake us

We will hear the rumbles of their feet

stirring sleeping dust from our souls

We will feel the numbness part

wiping tired veils of unknowing from our eyes

They whisper, “Remember…

You are made of stars

You are made for this life, this time, right now

You are the torchbearers of the future

No one can take your fire from you

It is time to light your torches”

When they dance, their hips, feet, bellies and breasts

create the friction of the ancients

Rubbing sticks together to make fire

they come rumbling into our consciousness

Little embers in our hearts

begins to send sparks, pow pow pow

Then we can see each other and remind each other:

“There you are! Somehow I remember you

Somehow I have missed you, and this…

Let us go and wake the others”

This is how to make sacred fire

Pass it from heart to heart

~ Shiloh Sophia

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The Teaching Threads of Fire for FIERCE in Power Creatives TV


These ideas will be translated into power tools for our viewers.

  • Creating Revolutionary Independent Media
  • Claiming Sacred Entrepreneurship
  • Working from the edge of Creative Fire
  • Fearless Activism through Creativity
  • Intuitive Painting and Intentional Creativity Access
  • Awakening Your Inner Guidance System
  • The freedom of working outside the dominant paradigm
  • Feminine sovereignty & power, but not in reaction to patriarchy
  • Digital Temple: How do we work with technology as sacred?
  • Sacred Assignment – What is yours to cause?
  • Living from Heart Coherency as an organ of perception
  • Women’s stories – What makes someone a Power Creative?
  • The Mystery of the Matrix and you as stardust
  • Empowering our girls to rule the future
  • Addiction, Madness and Moxy
  • Revolutionary Acts as a saving grace to create resiliency

Women’s History – Did you know?

POWER CREATIVES TV is a collaboration between the guest teachers, Mothership Broadcasting, Cosmic Cowgirls and the Intentional Creativity Foundation.

JOIN OUR FIRST ALCHEMICAL CAFE with world renowned artist and activist, Shilo Shiv as we work together on Fearless Belonging creating the first digital Fearless Collective event here on Friday and on Sunday, live in the Cosmic Cowgirls Studio.

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