She receives you where you are, which is where she is.

Mary Magdalene: She receives you where you are, which is where she is.
Today is her Feast Day and a good day to honor her and explore the quantum field of millions honoring the feminine within a specific time frame.

Letters from the RTC 2016

Dear Ones of the Red Thread Cafe,

I had hoped to rise today and write to my community of the Magdalene. Yet the more I “think” about it the more I go behind the veil of knowing anything at all to speak. I have no words. Just a feeling. A sensation. A tingling on the hairs on my arms. The sun over the vineyard on my face. The sound of nuns fills home. Tears pour out which have no sound and no language. My coffee cup is filled with solace and sunshine yet I can’t speak to you of her mysteries.

You can listen here:

Today we honor Mary Magdalene, celebrated by millions around the world. Let us not take lightly the energy that there are a few days a year that the feminine is honored throughout the world by millions of people within the same 24 hour period. (The other days are 12/12 for the Guadalupe and Christmas) If you are called to the feminine, don’t miss this transmission of grace, healing, and teaching energy. For Mary Magdalene is a teacher. The paintings of her after the Resurrection of Christ SHOW HER TEACHING THE AUTHORITIES in an unquestionable imagery. Thank CREATOR for art which tells the stories that the establishment would rather not have us know. She is called the Apostle to the Apostles and the Myrrh Bearing one and Equal of the Apostles. That is mighty language.

I know I will read today and paint her essence in our class Magdalena, but more than that, I know not. I wish I could come to you knowing. I can’t. I come without anything. Today we will experience a class/ritual/church on her feast in her honor. Light a candle in her honor.

“Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene” Mark 16:9

Finally after listening a long time, and reading other people’s ideas of her which don’t resonate, I got up to search the web matrix of my ancestral spiritual tradition in the Orthodox Church, Mary Magdalene Feast Day and was grateful to find an over hour long chant from Greek nuns to her, starting with over ten minutes of percussion and bells – it is moving and haunting and perfect for my wordless state.

I guess I would call this feeling, wonder. This is a feeling that in her we have a chance to touch the feminine presence and companion who was closest to the Christ, in addition to His Mother, of course. There are so many reasons that He chose her…have you ever wondered why he chose her to be the one to tell the others? There is big medicine and big mystery in his choice. When he calls her name, she recognizes Him, and calls him Rabboni, which is in Aramaic: Teacher.

She is a woman of healing and transformation. In the scripture it says that Christ healed her – and from there – she was ever by his side, with the men, and yes the other women. Her red egg is an ancient story of transformation that carries into the traditions of the church today. The Magdalene cookies, those too are part of her story of a voyage on a rudderless boat.

I am sure you have heard that Pope Francis elevated her memorial day to a Feast Day – this is a huge change for Catholics worldwide. That said, Orthodox have always had her day as a feast day. And I am very glad he has done so.

So my Beloved ones, I offer this chanting to the Magdalene for you to have your own sacred experience of her. How can I even begin to paint her? No words or images. Just the sounds of the nuns.

The Orthodox images of her are much more sobering than many of the ones out in the world at this time, but they speak to me of her path and her presence and that look of knowing. A quick search will reveal her many faces for you. Go where you are called – she receives you where you are, which is where she is.

Blessings of Her Feast be with you. Pray for us.


Shiloh signature 2016

This image is called Heart of Wisdom, from the early 2000’s and isn’t really the Magdalene, but she is the painting that wanted to come today – a look in the eyes perhaps?

Heart of Wisdom

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Our Magdalena Class begins at noon if you want to come to the painting/ritual/ceremony!

Magdelena Feast day 2016