Little Mermaid painting + *video from the boat

….I shed my little mermaid tale once and for all. No more silence and walking on knives and not marrying the prince. I have entered a new part of my journey. I shed the previous tale off the side of the boat….and took up the space of the new mermaid, not a little one. But one as big and juicy as I am. And ya, I married the prince this time. (click on the video link below – recorded in Denmark for the full story)

Letters from the RTC 2016

Dear One,

Greetings! I have just arrived home from my European teaching tour, and it really was the trip of a lifetime! I taught two major workshops, spent time with my Italy and Denmark community and took a real official weeklong break in which I did very little work each day. It was really truly nice. I feel refreshed and ready to go into my future (minus carrying the old tiny tale).

That said, we moved right before we left so we came home to oh – so – many boxes and things to do. I still need to tell you more about the new space but waiting for the write/right time!

I am entering the 4th of July weekend with a strange sense of wondering about freedom and what it means in a country, kind of gone mad in recent events…and so I feel a kind of trepidation about what freedom means here at home. Feeling into and praying for Brittian and our world. Just lots of prayers for all beings flowing through my heart. Freedom at the expense of others, is not, freedom. So I am entering a space of prayer for our country, and my village, as I move about my weekend.

Here’s an inquiry for you….

What does freedom mean for you, at this point in your journey?

For me, it means I have a capacity to make change. To move. To become more of who I am. And who I am is someone who wants to encourage others on the journey. I hope that sharing my journey with you gives you courage for your own in some way. I love to write you and feel the energy of the quantum heart…..

Freedom for me also means, in this country, I have space to create that women in other countries don’t get to experience…there are lots of freedoms I enjoy that I don’t take for granted.

Once I spoke with a woman from Egypt and she said how wonderful it was that we had a democracy and we could vote in the leaders we wanted. I said, not exactly. She said – really? and was amazed. How then do you experience democracy she said. I said – at the level of community we have amazing freedom to speak, to act, to create, to call events and to organize without being too closely monitored. But it doesn’t mean women are safe. It was a powerful conversation to realize that other countries may view us as a democracy that gets to choose things like non-gmo food – or insane men for president. But instead it is big business and ignorance that seems to ‘vote’. Just my thoughts here.

On this trip speaking with people from many different countries, it is curious they also have an experience that we have choice, and then ask me questions like why we would vote for our food to be poisoned or how certain candidates could get so far. They look at me with amazement. I stare back in amazement. Ah. so. Allora. (which means, so then, or then in Italian – a new vocabulary word I brought home.

In case no one told you they are grateful for you today and you happen to be reading this, feel into, that I am grateful for you. Quantum stories of love are real and we are all humming along a cosmic red thread no matter what else is happening. I feel if you are reading this now, we are connected. I am writing to create resiliency for myself, for you, for our beautiful home planet.


Shiloh signature 2016

~ ~ ~

I know I wrote you about the little mermaid stuff last week but thought you might like to see the image and the video that goes with it.

Below you can see the painting I did in Denmark during the PRISM class – not quite done yet. You can see the tail sliding off there and my cowgirl boot stepping out as I look to the future, and our new space. The writing that came out was about change. In Intentional Creativity we look at the painting and see what wants to be said and write it out. A real process of reflection that is often surprising!

little mermaid video picture

(The image and this link takes you to my Artist Shiloh Sophia Facebook page
where the video is hosted)


Change your story

Change your life Change your life

Change your worldview

Change your worldview

Change your community

Change your community

Change the future

Changing your mind Changes everything

Shiloh Sophia

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