Sbrogliare. English: Unravel. Disentangle. Tease out. Clear. Unsnarl.

Rome with the nuns

In Rome meeting with the Pope on my birthday.

English: Unravel. Disentangle.
Tease out. Clear. Unsnarl.

a. happy. birthday. pilgrimage.

watermelon pink polka dot linen dress
rendezvous at the Trevi Fountain
strawberry granita and church bells
prosecco on the rooftop with seagulls
fuzzy white robe – white sheet therapy
blue lit underground baths and steam
conversations with the Eternal City of Roma
cafe with Pope Francis at the Vatican
he speaks of love and Christos to all
standing with nuns in pale blue
drawn by the Black Madonna of Loretto
I didn’t know where she lived but
she found me suddenly breathless at her feet
lighting candles for the Red Madonna
fresh bread with olive oil and salt
birds-eye view of everything
golden hoops from my lover
red lipstick kisses on shaded street corners
46 today. a grown up woman today
I feel different today. complete. ready.
full moon rising over Rome.
questions on my lips:
where is the ample crossroads
between generosity and prosperity?
why does this age feel so different?
is there anything you want to show me,
my God?
June 19 ROME

the birds of St Francis of Assisi singing
whispered prayers into stone
tombs of saints and sinners
olive wood spoon for soup at home
Brother Sun Sister Moon at midnight
Madre Bella Donna Maria gazing
ancient stories unfurling
lasagna made by Nonna fresh today
artist, Alberto, buying art, giving blessings
carrying alms for those who ask
magnifying glass reveals 4 chin whiskers
strega gelato – limone
sacred stones and monks moving quickly
Minerva temple now the Madonna temple
Roman columns remembering change
questions on my lips:
what would it mean to fully serve?
what would it look to live without fear?
what would St. Francesco think of all this?
did he really say?
S/He who works with his hands
and his head and his heart is an artist.
That is what I am.
buon pomeriggio
June 18 ASSISI

pecorino. pecorino. pecorino. Montalcino
tartuffo. Black truffle madness.
fatto a mano pici pasta every day
making love in the afternoon
sun on my skin, soft from swimming
Brunello and women-made wines
approaching a crossroads in myself
Not maiden not mother not crone
medicine woman?
sleeping in nesting nooks in swinging beds
thermea volcano water sacred bath
Catherine de Medici keeping me company
round white sunglasses and no shoes
opera in the lobby with ruffled pale pink shirts
Bagno Vignoni where Lorenzo the Magnificent bathed
visiting Catherine of Siena for insight
watercoloring endless magenta leaves
nothing to do
prayers for brothers and sisters
questions on my lips:
what’s next. how do I live differently?
what is freedom?

a red leather book bound in Firenze
handstamped in gold: Mothership
from my beautiful husband
signed with women’s names
fingerprints of gold, witnesses. Accomplices
and one man
feasting with friends at Buco Mario
dreaming of uncoiling Diva x
13 original paintings of sbrogliare
who is the artist within the artist?
tiramisu and Illy café in tiny white cups
Minerva rooftop lounge chairs
the kindness of strangers
prayers spoken at every icon and altar
candles lit at Santa Maria Novella
the church floor marks summer solstice in gold
I am painting aches royal blue with gold stars
the ancient perfumery
pomegranate candles, queen’s perfume
lavender soap, vitamin cures, rose liquors
Botticelli and I spend an evening
a week of art history and women, my style:
fall in love with the world to understand anything
the color aqua green walls with white roses
handmade Zecchi watercolors with honey & sap
lots of Fabriano paper, thick cream white
chianti for breakfast overlooking everything
street musicians come over to play for us
to light up our salon with Hallelejah
long evenings in small palaces
chandeliers and limoncello shots go nicely
smiles, so many smiles and happy faces
the study of ancient guilds and coats of arms
designing a logo for the future
I think we shall open a museum.
questions on my lips:
when can I come back?
why does Firenze feel like home?
what does Michelangelo have to show me?
how can I tell Artemesia thank you?
how do I serve you, with my gifts Dear God?
a truly beautiful life
still I am thinking of you. as I do.
where you are. sending love.
mixing business and pleasure
colored banners flying from my buildings
reading: gratitude
a.happy. birthday. Pilgrimage


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Shiloh full moon in rome