Ask For What You Want + Message from Italy

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Painted in Florence Italy – Seeking the Artist within the Artist

Ask for what you want.

You might not get it.

It might not be what is to be, for now.

Asking is not all about getting.

Rather, it is about feeling longing.

About allowing hope to rise up.

About feeling into the places that scare you.

When we let ourselves feel it, we set something free.

Captured birds suddenly fly from our hearts.

This is a great mystery.

So when you ask, try not to dominate.

Try not to always be striving to achieve outcome.

With hands open, implore, pray, offer, seek.

Surrender your desire on the altar of possibility.

If you don’t receive it, don’t blame yourself.

Life is much more complex than that.

We don’t always get what we think we want.

And sometimes we don’t get what we need either.

Yet still, ask for what you want.

Then with a heart raised to the sky, watch.

Witness the unfolding of life.

Allow awe to be your framework.

Offer yourself to this potential, show up.

Yes show up for your want, but allow for the unexpected.

In the between spaces, beauty will be revealed.

~ Shiloh Sophia ~


Santa Maria Novella


Dear Ones,

It is my first week in Italy and images are many, but words are few. These few flew out this morning after a week of teaching Color of Woman here.

This writing is nothing very new for me, but still, the saying out loud of longing feels so freeing I thought to share it with you. It was many many years ago when I was in a dark night of the soul that I said I wanted to come to Florence.

The image above is about the artist held within the artist, painted with hand-made Florentine watercolors made with honey and tree sap/gum.

XO from the Red Thread Cafe in Firenze,

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