I am in over my head + new painting + online class starting Today

What is your part in the great unfolding?
Do you have a piece of the Red Thread that is yours to hold?
Ask yourself. Are you a keeper of the sacredness of water?
Are you the tender of the flame? Are you the one who turns the soil?
Are you the one who listens to the wind for wisdom?
Are you one who stand in both worlds dancing in polarity?
Are you one of the star beings navigating the cosmos?
Are you the one who loves us into waking?

Who are you and what is your part?

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Kiss of Wisdom painting

Dear One,

To be awake is know your part. This is the seed of sacred activism and aliveness.You have a sacred assignment. To know what it is and find language for it and be able to share it is a beautiful enlivening gift that changes our perception of everything as we know it.

Today my class, Lady Wisdom begins,http://salon.shilohsophiastudios.com/lady-wisdom/ (you can access it for up to 6 months) and I am sharing how I have come to know my piece of the red thread. What is mine to cause and create. And how it changed EVERYTHING the moment I took hold of it. What a ride! I hold on tight and continue to keep on my cosmic goggles and pray I don’t get lost. Or if I do – at least I know I am in the right place even if I don’t know where I am. So much of our work in the great unfolding lives in the mystery – but you enter the mystery by saying YES to your sacred work. It’s…right…here…

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Below I would love to share with you a little more about my process this morning, invite you to the class, and tell you why I feel like I got in over my head in the sharing of this class. Because it just opened so much unexpected stuff in me, in the community in the field. That makes me feel like this needs to be explored.

Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister;

and call understanding thy kinswoman Proverbs 7:4

Letters from the Red Thread Cafe Header

The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness Revelation 12: 14

Dear One,

So yes, I am in over my head with Her this class tomorrow, Lady Wisdom. It became very clear to me as soon as I launched it, a portal opened. And I wondered what I had done, and in truth, I am not really qualified to speak on Sophiology itself, but only ‘as lived’ in my experience. I have actually studied her all this twenty years, but find I know less and less, the more I know – have you had that feeling before when trying to get close to a great mystery? Which indeed She is.

I felt like, well I have walked with this Archetype for so long, it has so informed my entire process especially in business, and in working the feminine as a methodology and approach, that perhaps I could share it. Our world feels wild and crazy right now, especially in the US where we are even considering electing someone who relates to women in the way we have been fighting against for oh so long (among other things – enough said).

Over café this morning I began to speak with Jonathan, my amaze-wowzer-man, about the class. We soon dropped into quantum physics, our topic of choice in relationship to the Sophia. He has agreed to join me in café tomorrow to get us started off as he shared a view about Sophia that widened my eyes and used some language about how it works – that made me feel – well, that it was over my head – but that I wanted to share it with you. Matrix. Dark Matter. Inert potential. Substrate.

See below for why we could go there….from the Book of Wisdom (one of the books that was removed from most Bibles)

“Wisdom moves more easily than motion itself; she is so pure that she penetrates everything.

She is a breath of God’s power – a pure and radiant stream of glory from the Almighty. Nothing that is defiled can ever steal its way into Wisdom.

She is a reflection of eternal light, a perfect mirror of God’s activity and goodness.

Even though Wisdom acts alone, she can do anything. She makes everything new, although she herself never changes”.

This is the passage we teach on in PRISM that is correlated to GRAVITY and LOVE – think of gravity and love and the read it again….

shiloh with walking stick

Where Paths Meet She Takes Her Stand – Proverbs

This has been my main guiding quote since my early twenties…


Here’s a bit about my story….that I wrote after cafe. Have time? Get a cup of tea – or a glass of vino depending on your time zone and share in my journey if you will……

When I was a young woman, in my twenties, I found my spiritual path was lacking the feminine in any way – I was a feminist regarding women’s rights, but didn’t have an understanding of HER in any way. I mean, in ANY way. I remember the day I asked God the Father, and Jesus the son, about HER.

That was the day my entire life changed and as set on a new course and I moved from San Francisco high life to the mountain in a tiny trailer – I will get into that story tomorrow. This question CHANGED EVERYTHING. And so it is with trepidation, caution and care that I invite others to Wisdom’s table for the conversation (those of you who knew me then will know Wisdom House was named after that experience) I couldn’t understand, in my young idealistic mind – how in the world we could have world religions that did not include the feminine. I was baffled. (((((I still am))))

BREAKDOWN to BREAKTHROUGH (that is still happening now)

I had my breakdown breakthrough moment on a mountain top (yes almost movie like) and thankfully was supported by strong women, my mom, Caron, Sue Sellars, and sage counsel from our neighbor, Alice Walker who gave me some information at the time, which also – shaped the future of my work. Discovering Her for myself was a challenge in terms of what I could research. And the Lesbian feminists I was around had (understandable) zero Jesus tolerance at the time, so finding a conversation about both Her and Him, wasn’t something I had access to, at the time. It is still rather sparce.

It was lonely and scary – and I knew there was so much out there but I didn’t know where to find it and I also knew….this had to be explored… and experienced. I felt it in my bones like nothing I had ever experienced before – or after. My very cellular structure seemed to be altered/altering through my inquiry in the feminine – the fire on my heart was lit, for HER and for all the women and children of the world who were suffering (at the hands of what I called then, patriarchy) It was pre-google so you know – I didn’t have a lot to draw from besides books that were decidedly about the feminine but rejected the masculine.


It was inquiry that I begin to draw, that is where and how I began to access my own connection to the Divine, and the Divine Feminine, through drawing and listening, and writing and praying and being in the presence of mystery (at café by the fire with tea at Terra Sophia). Everything else that I have done, my entire life work, all the books, the galleries, the workshops, Cosmic Cowgirls, my new studio, has followed. Those early deep dives into the potential of the missing feminine and creativity and how the two were correlated. Hence, Intentional Creativity was created – when Sue Hoya, my teacher, the Art Matriarch of our movement, asked me to put my intention of healing women into the clay.

“The Years, of which I have spoken to you, when I pursued the inner images, were the most important time of my life. Everything else is derived from this. It began at that time, and later details hardly matter anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than only one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, the scientific elaboration, and the integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then.”

~ Carl Jung 1957, The Red Book

IamGratefulfor ourConnection

I am Grateful for our connection.

Ya. Talking about the feminine is still a really big deal. It triggers most of us in different ways. Threatens how we have held our spirituality. Asks us to look at why the systematic suppression for so long? Wondering about whether “SHE” can be included brings up questions for me like.

WHO are we being people? (I mean me too here – no one is exempt right now)
Why would we poison our water?
Why would we destroy our very home planet?
Why would we use rape as a weapon of war?
Why do we not stand for equal pay for women?
Why aren’t more women in leadership/politics/authority?
What are we hiding. From ourselves.

I am really really tired of the treatment of women and girls and our earth and the men who love them not being a priority as a global initiative on the front of every table of conversation.

I realize by opening topics like Lady Wisdom I am subjecting myself to turbulence. I realize I will lose friends and get on the radar of those who do not wish us to speak of these things intelligently and creatively. Lady Wisdom for me is access to this conversation – and yes – most of the information I have about Her from a written perspective is from scripture and from the Russian Sophiologists. Her archetype is associated with 8 specific and more archetypal feminine stories in scripture alone. It’s big. And, many of these were in books that were removed from the Bible many Christians have (unless you are Orthodox or Catholic.

So, for those of you who are coming tomorrow – let me say, I have no real authority or expertise on this topic. I am opening a conversation that we will be a seed that takes root into image and symbol for ourselves through intentional creativity. We will approach it with prayer, humility and inquiry. Because it all lives in the great mystery. Yes. RESEPCT. There are aspects of the great mystery that need to be probed by minds and hearts, who in their very curiosity open a world ready to be explored. All traditions who are curious are welcome, to explore her for themselves. I won’t be sharing from a context of creating agreement. But from a context of – this is sacred work we can each choose to do for ourselves.

And. We will work with what aspects of ourselves we are bring out of exile as we bring the conversation of the Sophia out of exile and into conversation. So much has been written and painted about regarding Her for thousands of years – and yet so much remains hidden, sealed in our own hearts until we ask the unaskable questions ourselves. Will we dare? With respect, I dare so, I do dare.

If you are at familiar with my work you will know, that although I traverse the depths, my path remains within the Christos tradition. And for that reason I walk an edge. And for that reason, I will encounter turbulence. And for all of our sakes, I will make an effort at courage when it comes to the inclusion of women and girls and the the feminine within spiritual traditions being honored.

Blessings to you – and thank you for your listening and caring. Wherever you on your journey, sending love….

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May Love Be At The Center of All Choices