Art isn't just for artists.

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Art isn’t just for artists. It is for all of us.

It isn’t just for those who are gifted
or show promise with skill.
Art is more like a soul language
that speaks to us from within,
if we are willing to listen.

For me it sounds like:

this day is a special day.
not like any other day.
you get to say things
feel things
and do things that
have never ever happened before.
that is very exciting.
don’t imagine that you have seen it all.
for that is the only time your truth
will be hidden from view until you wake up
to what’s new, which is every moment.
which is now.
a new day to fall in love
and tell others you love them.
a new day to write
and find honey on your tongue.
to paint with a color and stroke
that you have never known.
being a true artist means
you are listening in your soul.
it doesn’t mean
you make pretty things (but you might)
it doesn’t mean
anyone says it is good (but they might)
but it does mean this:
listen with the inside ears
and see with the inside eyes.
something, just here in the in between,
is making a path to your heart
in this very moment.
if you listen, you won’t be lost any more.
or alone.

Consider doing these three things:

Pick up a pen and paper.
Listen from the inside.
Write/Draw what comes out.

For in this way you change the future.

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shiloh painting looking within

The painting isn’t finished yet, so she doesn’t have a name,
she is from a few years back – she is looking within…...

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