Access to Freedom + Liberating Leaders From Our Projections

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Creating the future using experiences from the past casts a shadow on the light of possibility. The past provides multiple points of reference for wisdom but does not need to create the context for what wants to happen next. Fear based decision making in a desire to protect ourselves from failure may be keeping us from seeing clearly. If we remove the past from our future, there is a whole new view!  

Finding Freedom for ourselves,
often means liberating our own stories,
and while we are at it,
let’s add liberating the stories of others.

Dear One,

Blessings on the new moon! As I was writing this to you I got a message from a dear friend and co-teacher Havi Mandell and this is what she said to me… 

This new moon brings in the month of IYAR, acronym for “Ani YHVH rofecha”…”I am G’d your healer”, a month of deep healing. May these energies of healing–of miraculous manna and Miriam’s Flowing Well– fill you and surround you in healing. Much love and Shabbat Shalom! 

Seemed like perfect timing for this post.

I am about creating access to freedom. Here’s how it’s done.

First the hungry spark of desire lights up and something in the soul stirs us into longing. We offer our suffering stories and sorry skins to the holy fire. From the ash we re-invent a new space weaving the context of where we have been, but now, with great limitless openings to where we could voyage next. We allow the old-self archetypes to peel away so a new skin can appear upon which the tattoos of the uncertain future can be tenderly illustrated.

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Portland PRISM underpainting by Shiloh Sophia

This is what is mine to cause and create. To be a part of the great unfettering of our people and call others into personal leadership through self-expression. This is the work of many teachers today, to share process that transforms and opens us. Because we know healing requires alchemy and we are willing to be the one to light the match and blow on the fire with the breath of our own desire for change. Sometimes we get burned in the process ((hot lips)).

This is the sacred work of intentional creativity – liberation for ourselves and others.

We have accepted this as a part of what happens when we choose to serve as if our life, and the future of the planet depends on it, into the next generations. This is our sacred assignment. This is not easy. This is impossible without grace.

This does not mean I do not fear the flame. I do. I quake. I smolder. I enter the fire with many fears. And yet nothing can keep me from the hungry sparks I see flashing in the darkness. Those flashes are the light I see by, that call me forward.

Christ told us we are the light of the world, and I do not take this light, lightly, I take it quite literally. Yes. I like to think we are made of stars and soil, water and light, and the breath of the Divine. I take it as my own sacred assignment to nurture the flames that flicker across the path I am walking on. And when it is time, a dive into the waters of renewal to cool down.

It can get pretty darn hot in the crucible. Then finally, freedom appears, if only just glimpses for those who have felt trapped by who they have been. And maybe, a leader can be forged from transformed ingredients.

As I sit to morning tea in the Red Thread Cafe, I see and I respond with love where I am able. That love is made of fire and water coming through from the Holy Ones. I only hope I can serve in the way that is truly needed at this time. Which often means surrendering my own will and getting out of the way. I am only sometimes able to show up. But some times may be enough.

One of the most difficult parts of the assignment for me and those leaders I serve and sit with, are projections about how leaders should show up. Expectations and assumptions that threaten to limit us with another person’s idea of what our fire should be like.

Don’t do that.

If you know a free range leader or edge dancer – watch, witness, make space. See what happens. Free them, and free yourself in the process. Don’t expect them to show up like a ‘normal’ person, while at the same time knowing, and holding, they are just a normal person who needs love and gives loves like you.

It is time for new frameworks my sisters and brothers, that create very large dance floors for those of us willing to dance on the edge.

Make space for those who dream to dream in new ways because some of us are brave enough and foolish enough to dream a new future where harm of others is not sanctioned. This requires a new kind of thinking only beginning to emerge. Sure it is ancient. But it is also futuristic. (Of note, we need this with all that is happening in our world, and specifically in the United States.)

Sometimes great ones do not say yes to their sacred assignments for fear of ridicule, of not being loved. They also see what happens to others who step out and fall instead of fly. (We alternate between falling and flight; it is in the job description) Sometimes potential leaders stay small to stay safe and our world misses the chance to be transformed in their unique presence.

Today’s cafe is an invitation to liberation from judgement about how you think this should go for yourself or others. Free your ideas from their cages.

We count ourselves blessed, who’ve had someone see our spark and come to tend our fire, though we may first enter the crucible of their unique process and design of transformation. The offerings of the teachers are personal to their own story of transformation and it comes in many forms.

Stop looking for the teachers to be performers of miracles or theater, or your idea of right or wrong. Instead, find those already dancing on the edges that matter to you, and ask if you can join the circle gathered around the fires they are already tending. For then you may find yourself a fire breather. To choose this means freedom. To choose this means service. They go hand in hand.

Those who say there need not be suffering or look down on hard work may not be telling the truth in what they are selling. I have never known a true soul that did not have suffering and hard work prior to expanses of freedom. It is an ebb and flow, a wax and wane, a natural cycle of descent and raising up. The times when I am in struggling forge me for the journey ahead, providing medicine for my medicine basket. It’s both/and.

The freedom may last years or lifetimes, or moments of it may be enough spread throughout a life. We each have a unique journey – there isn’t a universal formula for how this ‘should go’. If you surrender into the sacred you will enter alchemy. This is often scary. However, you will likely survive it. Rumi tells us:

The price of kissing is our life; now my loving is running toward my life shouting, What a bargain, let’s buy it!

I sat down to write a few words on freedom this new moon and followed the threads to this place. If you are reading this – I hope you can find something useful in it. Blessings on your journey.

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The greatest among you shall be your servant ~ Jesus

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