Life didn’t turn out the way I wanted.

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Life didn’t turn out the way I wanted.
My dreams did not come true.
My ideas of how this life goes crashed down.
I entered the reckoning cave
wearing garments of disillusionment
and bringing a journal and many black pens
to get it all down and write it all out.

It was a fine day finally
when curiosity got the best of me.
A luminous mist entered the cave
and gently rolled the rock away
that was blocking the way out.
I had done my time and I was ready.

‘Every cave has it’s cycles’ I said to myself.
I claimed my time in the darkness
as my mourning for the old dream.
Then I put on the new dress,
that curiosity brought along.
It was brightly colored of course
and stitched together with red threads
and purple ribbons, made just for me.
I found the nearest café and took out my journal.
“This is a new day” I wrote, somewhat cautiously
Looking around to see if anyone
would going to challenge this idea
or tell me it was the same day as before.
Sipping my latte I had a brilliant idea arise!
Instead of choosing a new dream
I witnessed what my life had revealed
through the living of it.
I looked for new language for my experiences.
I decided, that although at times I didn’t think
I could go on, I had survived, and I have stories to tell.
Perhaps others too had broken dreams
and needed permission slips to move along
to a new day waiting to happen.
I turned my journal entry into a letter.

Dear Ones
of the Broken Dreams and Doomed Ideas,
This is a new day. That it is a new day
doesn’t mean everything
will begin to go your way or that new dreams
will magically appear. However, I am here
to remind you that you are the one
who gets to choose that each day is a new day.
And for today, that could be good enough.
To just begin again.
I don’t think we need to be able to trust
the universe that good things will happen,
because bad things will continue to happen.
I don’t think we need to be able to trust
The Creator will answer all our prayers
because that lives in the great mystery.
I think perhaps instead of requiring life to conform
to our ideas, we try something all together radical:
We choose to show up for our sacred assignment
and we watch and we witness.
I don’t know if it will work
but I know dream domination has its downsides
of continual disillusionment. When measure
our well being and success with how life
lines up to and lives up to our ideas.

What if we asked: What wants to be revealed?
In us? In our lives? In our relationships.
This is a different position than creating
the reality we think we want. A different view.

What wants to happen now?

Curiously Yours

shiloh red signaturep.s. And as it happens, mine turned out better than I could have dreamed for myself.