Encountering obstacles as initiations video* + Reporting on my Red Thread from the UN

If you choose to be a leader, you will encounter obstacles. Period.
This is part of the journey to strengthen you for what is ahead.
Do not mistake the obstacles as signs to turn back,
rather, learn discernment and use inquiry to scale your mountains.

The obstacles are initiations.

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Dear One,

I am in NY on my journey to the United Nations – wow so much is happening it is hard to even explain it in words, or images! And I am moving at top speed in preparation for the panels I am moderating, as well as the launch of our new course, PRISM.

Before I left home, I recorded a video about 3 ideas for transforming obstacles into initiations, so I thought I would share it with you – as I was having a hard moment – one where I was FEELING how difficult it is to be a leader – and why – so I turned on the camera and here it is on my Artist Shiloh Sophia FB page.