What Would Happen if LOVE was the Center of all of Our Choices?

Finding the Song of My Beloved

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letters from the red thread cafe

Creating this painting changed the ENTIRE course of my life. And my marriage status.

The weekend I created this painting, I had been teaching Intentional Creativity at the Institute of Transpersonal Pyschology, and this was my teaching painting. When you teach painting, the art you create you only half way get to really BE WITH during the process, because you are focusing on your students. However this can sometimes be a gift because the Muse doesn’t often give you direct answers, she loves to come in from the side of your subconscious with a 2X4 made of hot pink light to smack you with when you aren’t looking. She’s just like that sometimes.

At the end of the 13 step process we teach in Color of Woman, you ask the painting, or rather, whoever showed up in your painting, through the lens of the Intention that you set, what the message is for you. Traditionally we let them write us a letter and allow whatever wants to come through, come through and then we see what happens! Further, we often gather the inspiration for the title of the painting from the written message. Intentional Creativity works with image and word and all layers of your consciousness that choose to participate at the time, to bring you information your conscious self doesn’t often have access to.

The title, Finding the Song of the Beloved landed right into her throat. I was like – ok – what does that mean, but it was the end of the day and we had to pack up the car and drive for hours home. On the way home I realized the person I was in relationship with was, not, my, Beloved. And then the next piece of information came in. They why in the F are you with said person? Whamo!

That night, later, I texted the image to a man I had only met once 9 months or so before, named Jonathan Lewis. Lo and behold he answered with this: “Thank you for changing my path”. Which is the exact same thing he said the night we met. I don’t remember if I said anything, I just sent him the painting. I also sent it to a few friends, as if to say – This is what is happening for me. A new statement for my life: I want to find my Beloved. (and I know there are many of you out there who also do and I FEEL you – maybe this can be an inspiration to not give up hope)

It is now close to 4 years since the day I created this painting. And I am more in love than ever. In fact today I woke up and thought – OMG!!!! What is missing in the world is that we have forgotten how to be IN LOVE. If more of us were just in love and we led our lives and our families and communities from being in love, our world would change over night. Because an in love person does not make choices (most of the time) that are not COHERENT with being in the space of love. Because we don’t want to move out of the love zone and create something inconsistent with that powerful force LOVE. AND because we FEEL the force of LOVE as being so mighty!

Now I know that we don’t often stay wildly IN LOVE, although I have heard some do, and can. I am not talking about the insane-o addicted ferocity of the first few months – but the part that begins when you really get to be with someone and see them for who they are – then the real in lovingness begins.

As I fall more in love with him, my love for the world expands and my desire to serve, also expands. It’s awesome.

I feel so blessed that we will be teaching together, our first workshop as husband and wife in New York in less than two weeks from now, Prism Leadership Lab. I never dreamed this would be possible, really. I don’t think I created this with my will or my desire. I do experience this as some kind of miracle. Really. When you find your true love it just feels that way. And the painting that brought me to him, now wants to be taught with him, only our topic is physics and art, inspired by our LOVE conversations in cafe.

It was this painting and the message of it that caused me to take such a powerful action as to reach back out to him. I honestly wasn’t even sure why – our connection was strong – we did a red thread – but our spooky entanglement at a distance that Einstein speaks of was in effect, our particles had mingled in our hearts and kissess. And it was another painting, a few months after that text, that had me actually call him and say – “It’s time for you come back here, we have to go the United Nations and btw, I need you to film this class, called Talisman (that I teach in Color of Woman but that had it’s debut in the Global Phd Department at ITP. ) He calls this part of our life, stepping onto my moving train.

My art process, my strongest communication with my soul and heart showed me something I didn’t know with my mind. That is powerful. That is why I do what I do. That is why WE will go back to the UN for the 4th year in a row to share this with others. That is why I have told you this story today. Because there are things we don’t know, that our soul will show us, we just need to give it some powerful tools to work with.

Start with a pen, and or a paintbrush and see what happens. Want in? Well Intentional Creativity starts with an inquiry into something you are dealing with in some way – then an intention to create through, then…creative process in freedom and abandon….and see what is revealed. If it is potent truth, take action. Every painting isn’t this way. It doesn’t have to be. I just keep listening and learning as I go. And every once in a while that Muse comes and smacks me POW with a new revelation that I have been ready for and searching for. Aho!

With crazy beautiful love,

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Painting: Shiloh Sophia Lewis
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