Join Shiloh Sophia and her husband, Jonathan for a Red Thread Cafe video

Red Thread Cafe screenshot

Dear Ones!

Good Morning!

Yesterday Jonathan and I shared our morning ritual with over 250 people. We ‘let’ our guests into the cafe at the early hour of 8am! I almost wore my pajamas but then thought better of it! We do cafe every day – and thought, why not let you in on it. It is our truly sacred space that informs every other part of our journey. You can sign up to watch it here

We had a great time sharing with in our rather informal spontaneous cafe on quantum physics and how it correlates with belonging! We got such an awesome response and wanted share it with you – since we talk about our upcoming course, PRISM: A Leadership Lab . While Portland is sold out – New York has room, and it is coming RIGHT UP and is in connection with our trip to the United Nations March 17-20. Learn more about PRISM here

We wanted it to be simple, unplanned, and potent to share with you how we do it ourselves – which is kind of a ‘let’s see what happens’ experience! We offered just a dip into why we feel the basics of physics is so important to understand as human beings at this point in our earth journey! Join us to talk about where you really belong, as it relates to creativity + physics + nature. This revolutionary conversation will open up the pathways for you to understand more clearly WHY you are HERE NOW, and what happens when you CHOOSE to be here consciously and with passion.