Something is Happening!

letters from the red thread cafeSomething is happening!
I stopped waiting for something to happen!
I became the happening. 

I no longer require evidence of love.
I am the evidence of love!
I am what Love looks like, right now. 

I have long tired of waiting to believe.
No longer requiring the “showing up” of the Blessed One.
I am the messenger of that One who shows up!

I shall now study how the universe works, as my devotion.
Tree, stone, water, light, flower, star, are the infinite love note!
Signs are scattered like seeds in a prism of love. I am the witness.

Maybe the universe is waiting for us to notice to show us something.
Maybe we have been looking for love in all the wrong places.
The perfect equation of creation will be my lover now.

While we wait to prove God wrong and lose our faith:
People will die. Nations will fall. Ideas will change.
Meanwhile. Miracles are born. Heroes rise. Ideas change.

It isn’t that I no longer see suffering.
It is that I see suffering without turning away.
It is that which is mine to do, that I must become.

This doesn’t mean all our prayers will get answered, they won’t.
This doesn’t mean healing will happen, sometimes it won’t. Or it will.
If we require getting what we want as evidence of God, let’s give up now.

I have a new belief that has taken root in my rainbow soil.
Every living thing has resurrection renewal particles and waves.
When we dance with that mystery, poison can give way to physics.

Quantum physics is the mother tongue of the universe.
While we are so busy trying to blow it all up and parse it all to bits.
We are missing the point entirely about how this works.

The stardust matriarch told me: “Everything is made of stars.
We are cooling sacks of star dust. This body is our cosmic address”.
This isn’t some concept perpetuated by positive thinkers.

This is the happening we are happening in. We are the alchemists.
We occur inside of a context in which we are at cause to create.
The real question is this: What is your part in the great unfolding?

Can we begin to live as if our voice and presence truly matters?
Then we enter the zone of ‘Being the Happening’.
Instead of waiting for something to happen, like I was.

What shows up in your field is different that what you saw before:
New worlds are revealed because of how you are listening, seeing, being!
What if we could live like that, awake and curiously on an adventure?

I wish I could tell everyone about this happening. I AM trying.
That this hallelujah happening is happening all the time!
Survival is for cycles. This kind of loving is for those who do the living.

We may not save ourselves, or save what is sacred to us.
In the act of showing up for our part of the red thread:
We become the happening and invite other to happen too!
There are lots of us over here having tea in the in betweens.
Between the madness and the mystery there is a glorious café!
When you show up here, we will remind you of who you are.

Don’t wait to feel better or get the awaited for good news.
What if your heart is ready to throw open the doors!?
Here inside the happening, I will meet you….
Together we will discuss the mysteries of the universe.
We will weave our red, purple, scarlet threads into something lovely.
To keep our knees and feet warm while we spin tales by the star maps.

Day is breaking and I have to go start the tea darling one.
I have waited for you since forever, and I am so glad you are here.
Something is happening, and I don’t want to miss it. 

Shiloh Sophia
Red Thread Café
January 20, 2016

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I would love to hear your comments, what came up for you, what you feel, see hear, know or add a few lines to the letter yourself here.

The writing above is dedicated to you. To my students in classes:
Red Madonna, Color of Woman, Heart of Gold
And to Sue Hoya. And to Jonathan Lewis.
And to the Universe itself….such a lovely creation.

shiloh painting

Dear One of the Universe,

I woke up this morning in the dark with these thoughts – that something is happening. I was like, what, what is happening?

“You are”.

Ok so get up and write.

So my Muse got me up at the as*crack again and made me light the fire in the little cafe of my heart so I could write to you.

I don’t know about what is happening in your world or circles but I have a lot of close friends and family with cancer and death. Lots of babies experiencing difficulties with health complications. And then when I spread my net out further into the world where the suffering reaches is far and wide and to a level of madness. That would, and could make a mystical soul go mad. 

If the truth be told, that is one of the reasons I do what I do. To bring miracle energy where there is madness. TO provide a place of peace and rest within. That is why I teach and why I write these red thread letters to you. And for myself, when I write them and paint them, I receive a healing. It is almost impossible to tell someone about – it is something one must experience through doing it.

Maybe you too can write a poem about what you are experiencing. Notice how you feel as you write…see what emerges…feel your heart and mind expand. Then if called, share it. I cannot say how transformational it can be to work with our creative process to thrive…and to change how we are feeling and become more powerful on our journey. Every little bit helps right? Day by day.

Thanks for joining me for a little red thread cafe today. I am glad, super glad, you are here.

Signed in the Stardust of the Happening,

shiloh red signature

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 shiloh painting ashes

The Cosmic Heart painting below is by Sue Hoya Sellars, which she gave to me not long before she went into the future as her own stardust.  The painting behind me, has her ashes painted into it…..we are working with both of these images and painting journeys in the Heart of Gold: Medicine Wheel of the Madonna this year. It is bringing up a lot of loss, transformation and inquiry into how I want to show up….loss…brings acute awareness the preciousness of life.

Little prayer offering made in big love….

 A special spark of light goes out to a Color of Woman graduate who passed quickly and suddenly from cancer who not long ago was standing in circle with us in my garden. Another dear friend who is in a deep round of chemo after other methods didn’t create desired results and his love, a rainbow soul. To my uncle, struggling with cancer. And to another two Color of Woman Graduates whose mom’s passed this week. Sending love to them, all of you involved and to all beings….may we experience being held in the universe despite all odds….

Cosmic Heart by Sue Hoya Sellars 

In all of the classes I teach, from Red Madonna to Color of Woman, it is time to reset our altars for the New Moon on January 24 – this is from last year but sharing it as inspiration. We often start by clearing it and letting it sit empty and clean for a few days – pregnant for the full moooooooooon. Join us in creating sacred space.

Reset altar