A Special Announcement: A Pilgrimage Towards Healing

Special Announcement: A Pilgrimage towards healing is being offered which is dedicated to creating a yearlong journey through intuitive painting, prayer, poetry, inquiry & passion. Access Here

This is a  rare opportunity for private coaching with Shiloh Sophia (phone and email) + 5 very large major paintings in the Medicine Wheel of the Madonna + Our Lady Retreat (virtual or in person) + developing Your Creative Spiritual Practice + Group Red Thread Circle Calls + Certificate of Completion.

You can join virtual only – or virtual + goodies.  Get more Information and access to your Invitation here.This is a sacred container for you to discover and claim your own medicine – working with the quantum field, the elements, the earth, the feminine.

Let’s walk the wheel together….and from there, be able to take powerful stands in the world for what we care about. Like, our earth, and each other.

That said, it is designed to be done at home in your studio and prayer cave – let’s spend less time behind the computer online and more time behind the easel. This course is designed that way – no FB page, no tons of emails, just the right amount of contact when you need it and videos ready to download (or provided on a drive mailed to you so that you don’t need to watch online and can go at your own pace).

This is about your time with your creative spiritual practice, and whatever it is that really wants to be healed. Is there something calling to you…that you are ready to move through? This could be just the thing.

Medicine Wheel of the Madonna: Heart of Gold 2016

feather wands

Hello Darling Beings,

I know you are likely getting a lot of invitations to play and create next year – year end is kind of like that in the world of online classes. I wanted to keep this short and sweet and just let you know it is happening.

I haven’t done anything like this before. 

Being ready finally to share it with you coincides with a major decision that I made earlier today – but that I have been building up to for a year already. In 2017 I won’t be offering new online content and classes for a whole year. Time for a change to the backroads and in person experiences that want to happen.

This is HUGE for me. Something else wants to come through and I will be making space for that to happen. Gulp. AHO! I am ready – so this year will be a deepening, and releasing into what is next, and I am sure that will show up in my teachings.

For that reason this is even more special to me, even though it works with content recorded over one whole year in 2014. I broke my own rules on this one, I don’t usually offer private coaching via email or phone – but I feel like this series, Medicine Wheel of the Madonna needs to be shared, witnessed and supported – hence a very very small group of ten women for that option (8 places left)

Creating these major works was a truly healing experience, life saving really, for me. I know there are women out there who are needing more contact with a woman like myself, who is steadily walking the path, paintbrush in hand, heart open and ready to do the deep dive into what needs to be healed. 

I hold the lamp for the big digs.

This series chronicles my own journey from joy to grief to transformation. From our move to our new home with the grotto, our baptism, spiritual struggles, our beautiful marriage, trip to the Black Madonna in France, and completes with the loss of my Art Matriarch Sue Hoya Sellars. In the end I paint with tears and ashes.The final series takes us from pre-history forward and invites us to be the light through understanding our place on earth – as light.

So it sure was is a good thing I chose to let this video series tell part of my own story at the beginning – I wouldn’t have been able to help it. Yet somehow, even with the highs and lows it is one of the favorite things I have ever done, featuring my most complete teachings on the Lady, Christ, the Quantum field and working with energy in Intentional Creativity.

And so here it is, with both a chance to work with the videos, as well as with me, and even come in person. I will also be providing a Certificate of Completion since it will be a big deal to finish!

I put my heart and soul into this Invitation, I hope you can feel it and if you don’t join me, enjoy the images and the read in my 19 page invitation!

If this is for you….I realize this course is a larger investment than some of my other online offerings, since it includes private coaching, a retreat and email support. To make it possible we have offered 13 month payment plans. Keep in mind, you can still sign up for the Red Madonna at only $35 a month. Also, Red Madonna membership is included as a part of the course. (Note, that this was originally inclusive of Mexico – and now is stand alone and being offered this way).

These invitations for those of us who teach this way are often months of work – and by the time we are done we are all stripped down to the bone. So I feel tears as I type this – and knowing that the women who are supposed to walk with me during this year are already there on the other side of the Red Thread.

While in Mexico we have been working for the past two weeks, next week we will finally take a break with family who have a home in Cabo! This invitation was my last major assignment!

For the past 5 years Color of Woman has (happily) consumed almost every free opening to teach something major or speak to you individually, so this is a gift to me to be able to share this year. And I am delighted, over the moon with the women coming into Color of Woman this year. I still have many interviews to go!

My own spiritual journey is in transition as you may have read last time – and so I would be a fellow traveler, as well as your guide, and do my best to serve you on our pilgrimage towards healing.

Sending you love humming along the red thread…

all the way from the ocean in the land of the Mayans and the Lady who smiles at us from the path….

shiloh red signature

p.s. The image above is raven feathers tied with red threads from Mary Schilder, on Sue’s easel, both now passed onto the other world. Life is precious. Fragile and tenuous. I continue to remind myself my job is to keep showing up – and being tender with myself, and those I can come in contact with.



shiloh at mayan ruins

Visiting the Lady at the Mayan ruins in Tulum yesterday…


~ Sending love to all beings ~