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MOJO 2016

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Dear One,

So I am ready to reveal my not-so-secret-secret about energy. People often ask what my secret is, and so I began to wonder, do I have a secret? Not really but it is my secret sauce. It’s my mojo. A friend asked me the other day why I was so on fire, and I had to admit, I am always like this, but often I hide it, lol. I don’t want to scare my friends. But lately I haven’t been able to help it! There is so much we get to be a part of making happen if we choose to.

Connecting with my love for the world – and the suffering, is part of my mojo. Because I am informed and fueled up by caring – by expanding my heart. I feel expanded and have more love to give. Feeling the hurt of the world doesn’t cancel out my joy – because being awake – is a part of cultivating inner peace. It is kind of a magic formula that more people need to know about.

I have been writing lots of controversial posts lately about how I feel about the state of world affairs and have gotten into a fair amount of trouble already but you can always join me in that conversation here like my FB post that starts. I don’t believe in black Friday. Which is why I waited until Tuesday to invite you to MOJO on Friday.

So how does one enter into the space
of living from their juiciest mojo?

I make sure my day has 2 things in it every day:

  1. I engage with something that feeds by creative fire
  2. I work on something that lights me, excites me, and makes me shake in my boots….digging into inquiry with a lamp lit and my excavation tools looking for clues.
  3. (If I had a personal number three it would be kissing and affection)

 I do what I do, guided from my excitement! Seems so simple but as it turns out, excitement and inspiration are sometimes harder to come by – especially if one isn’t actively engaged in creating!

Before I got to bed I tell myself and my muse, what we get to do in the morning, as in, Red Thread Cafe will happen. Then when I wake up I am already excited to get started. That first half hour to two hours is dedicated to creative soul exploration and play. Coffee, Poetry, Readings, Photos, Drawing, Conversation – and…following the wild red thread where it leads.

The other day, it led me to the United Nations for example. I have gone the past 3 years and wasn’t going to go this year but WHAMMMOO Muse slaps upside the head and says – you gotta go. So I got on it, and mountains moved due to amazing women in my life and of course my husband’s willingness to change our entire life at the whim of my social justice loving Muse. I still don’t know if we will get to go – keep your fingers crossed – but that isn’t the point. The point isn’t the success of making it happen, it is the energy that comes from desiring to make things happen and taking the risks to open yourself up to it.

So when I design my year each year, I let my MUSE design it instead of my inner boss. The results are totally different. I mean, totally, in terms of the plan. What usually happens pleases the boss too. But if the boss plans, the Muse may not be happy. Muse no happy? Nothing works.

So I have invited you to join me on Friday  – it will be my last stream of the year and I get to lead it with Dominique Peters! Right after the stream I will be leaving for the Mexico trip. as in getting into the car. So did I jam up the schedule? YES! Does playing larger and spending time with you before I go excite me, YES! It just means I am packing today! Speaking of which,

I got a new bright orange dress from Ross last night for $25, Michael Kors, normally $150. I had to keep my promise to myself and not shop on Black Friday and hope my plus size orange jumbo delight would still be on the wrack. Fits perfectly. Muse also likes clothing that is affordable that is in a color I would barely dare to wear. Gulp! Bright orange? She blamed it on Mexico.

There is something about the juice that enters my cells from the idea process, it just gets my biophotons flying around. And. Truly – so much of it has to do with LOVING to create and loving others. Writing this letter to you connects me to a greater matrix of love I can feel as I type each letter. It pretty much rocks. As there is so much energy available in the universe all the time only we are not accessing it or allowing it to flow through…. and when it does, we can give thanks to the Divine from who it flows (in my view)

So if your MUSE designed your year what would it look like? Join us live on Friday or watch anytime in January to create a MOJO map of your year in 2016. See what happens when you lead from enthusiasm and joy (despite all the bad news) that may threaten to hamper your joy…it is still in there and you need time to explore it in a Red Thread Cafe with us!


GO MOJO Ingredients

Go where your heart feels fire quickening

Go where your mind touches the edge of risk

Go where your body quivers in wonder

Go where your inner guidance points

Go forward even if you cannot see what is up ahead

Go towards the places that ignite your mojo 

JOIN us for MOJO here – free or $35


As for the notorious Mexico trip for New Yearswe still have room in Mexico – for you – if you want to join us for New Years and call in your new year in a wild new way! Learn more here. I was just talking to Carmen Baraka, Spirit Warrior about the trip as she will be leading us in ceremony at the Pyramids – and we are feeling so blessed to be leading this very intimate group of less than ten guests! And I get to lead with Emily Grieves who is helping host the event at Dreaming House – so cool.  A trip of a life time around the vows we keep to ourselves.

Carmen was saying to me one thing she appreciates about me is I have cosmic spontaneity – that pretty much sums it up. But I don’t just wait for lightning to strike. I set up sacred time and space to allow for the access of ideas and beauty to flow in. That is the origin of Red Thread Cafe.

What practices do you have like this?
That nurture you and light you up?

If you don’t have any then darlin’ it is time.
Start with a simple cafe time and inquiry… 

Sometimes simple cafe times turns into chaos.
Here is Eienstein’s desk the day he passed…

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing. ~ Einstein

Einstein's desk

I have so many exciting things going on right now (like this desk) it is hard to contain myself. Which has been interesting too because I am also dealing with some health/pain issues but my spirit is on fire with sacred work.

My mojo loves to create – and invent – and dream both with Jonathan my love – and with members of my community. That’s you! 

I will likely send emails as I go because connecting with community is part of my path but will leave it up to the Muse. I have a program for next year I am very excited about – walking a sacred path. More on that later.

We are going to be gone a month, the first week is a leadership training, the second week, rest! Third week Christmas with my little sister Laurel and nephew in their home in Cabo (with swim up bar, my sis likes it nice), and then onto Mexico City for Frida, as well as Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Teo pyramids.

While all this is going on I am working with other artists on an incredible video series about how art can heal trauma. THIS is what makes all the other stuff light up – being motivated by what I can offer in terms of healing through art.

So as you can see, I live on my edge, both of my comfort zone and my capacity – but being guided by my mojo energy – which is connected to my spiritual path of service, makes for an interesting and albeit wild ride.

I am sending you so very much love. I am sending it along a red thread. I am sending it in this exact moment that you are reading this. I am hoping you feel it. It is real.


shiloh red signature

IamGratefulfor ourConnection

“May Love Be At The Center of All Choices”