War has no place in love – A letter from the Blessed Mother

Queen of the Cosmos 72dpi

A Letter from the Blessed Mother

In honor of the International Day
for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Dear One,

I have always been here.
I have always been with you.
I am with you,
when you forget I am here.
No one can take me away.

Don’t be taken in by illusion.
But don’t fight for me.
Be with me without striving.
I don’t need you to rescue me.
I haven’t been silenced.
I will speak to you in your heart.
Every growing green thing is me.
You cannot understand this just now.

The arc of time
in which this great story unfolds
cannot be known to you at this time.
Don’t try to find out.
Don’t be distracted by oppression,
be awakened by it.
Be moved by it into action.
Move from your love,
not from your fear.
Fear what should be feared
Which is anyone not moving
in love.

I am love.
Fierce and ever changing
yet ever the same.
I am love.
Tender and constant
yet I have my dwelling in mystery.
In my pillar of cloud and fire
In the arc of the tabernacle.
In the temple of your smile.

Look for me and you will find me
in your sisters and the brothers
who love the feminine without need
for explanation or excuse.
Find those who sing my song.
Find those who will sing to you.

War has no place in love.
I wish I could tell you everything.
And I will.
For now remember,
To find me and know me,
Love more deeply
than you have ever loved before.
If you do this – I will never be lost.
With each deeper descent into love
You will find me there, waiting for you.

A Teaching Painting and the writing
which arose from the painting.

Queen of the Cosmos for Red Madonna,
the class of 2015 by Shiloh Sophia

Wisdom Chapter 6

Wisdom is brilliant, she never fades.
By those who love her, she is readily seen,
by those who seek her, she is readily found.
She anticipates those who desire her
by making herself known first.
Whoever gets up early to seek her
will have no trouble
but will find her sitting at the door.