What if we lived in a world where children were taught to develop inside and outside eyes?

closed eyes by Shiloh Sophia

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When we are children we know how to see with our inside eyes and our outside eyes. Somewhere along the way that connection can get lost and damaged. Often we cease to develop this on-going capacity for true vision, which always sees both inside and outside.

What if we lived in a world where children were raised
to listen to what they feel and see inside
and were given a safe enough container to express it?

As we grow up, increasing significance is placed on outside eye seeing as superior, preferable and intelligent as a growth pattern. Children pick up on this immediately and begin to make the shift to outside seeing and being as a primary behavior connected with survival and fitting in.

Qualities like being a dreamer or an imaginative child, are often snuffed out. As we grow into teens, these qualities once thought of as novel daydreams, are now thought of as hinderances to our success in the world.

As children if we express what is inside, we then may have a sense of our inside self being seen, and not honored, therefore not safe, and so we learn to hide the inside self. Instead of learning to live the skills of one who sees and lives in alignment with both worlds. Both worlds in this case being our inside self, what we feel and sense, and the self we live out loud, what we say and do.

When we focus on only outside seeing, our own image of ourselves is often diminished in comparison to others. We do this to ourselves eventually – no one needs to enforce it, is just happens as a part of the prevalent culture of our community and condition. This importance of ‘outside self as primary’ is emphasized by value systems created by establishments that don’t always honor the unique self expression of each individual being. (Perhaps you have already had this experience if you are a divergent thinker or sensitive soul.)

We are not left or right brained, but have access to all or our minds, depending on our natural way and the way we are taught combined. Teaching children to use both sets of eyes will heighten their capacity to continue develop both sides of their brain.

What if we lived in a world where children were taught
to be independent thinkers and shown the differences
made in the world 
by those
who chose other than the status quo?

We know memory doesn’t exist only in the brain, but is in the field around us – the brain is processing another reality we cannot see all the time. Children already know this, but then lose access to that way of understanding self and other and environment. It all becomes localized, and often, trapped in pattern, behaviors and frames of reference that do not support self expression, or individuality or revolutionary being-ness.

Were you ever invited as a child to create a worldview based on your own identity – or rather were you mostly coerced into what seemed most logical or likely for the best results. No shaming intended for the powers that be. We haven’t known how to do this in a way that really worked. Most of the time our parents wanted us to survive and thrive. They didn’t, nor did we, understand the price of not being able to have access to our inside world. We just didn’t know. But now we do.

We were not offered a chance to develop a life where our inside and outside selves are in alignment. Thus we have experienced an ever increasing fragmentation cutting us off from intuition, sensation, pure emotion and feeling. To fall deeply in love with the beauty that is present – even amidst the chaos – is to discover the deeply held compassion required for living life on this planet in any sustainable way. Further, not integrating, can also cause us to be too sensitive and unable to process reality as it is occurring. Our inside selves are rebelling from neglect, but we don’t know how to listen or what to do.

What if we chose love as the primary tool for teaching anything?
How different would our education actually be?

All of this fragmentation will continue to get acted out in our relationships to ourselves, our loved ones, authority, the planet and Source. And in our worldview, how we think, feel and act about what is. When the fragmentation begins to be stitched back together with tender hands, the threads reconnect quickly, and powerful information becomes available about what happened during the time when the inside self and outside self were not in clear communication.

Often we are adults before we have a chance to heal this divide of the inside/outside paradox. We can bring them together in many modalities through committing acts of intentional creativity designed to guide the divide to be healed. The amazing thing is, through the act of creating, the divide begins to be healed automatically without the child or adult knowing it is even happening, or being conscious of it. They only know that they are creating as a kind of listening to what is occurring – witnessing their own process and reflecting on it.

The healing begins, because it wants to, and is more of a natural state for us to inhabit. The body, mind and spirit know what to do given the proper tools and environment and some context. Then, the language of the soul will begin to be heard again in the mind of the child/adult. Yes it takes practice, but less than one might think as the healing begins almost instantly…and if continued can result in a sense of wholeness and peace within.

What if we lived in a world where children were taught
to develop inside and outside eyes?

What if as adults, we modeled this by learning
how to do this ourselves, now, and live it?

We might not achieve world peace but we may be able to achieve inner peace. Perhaps world peace will arise from our having inner peace and presence.

I will light my candle for that kind of peace, one created in consciousness, guided by love.

Shiloh Sophia


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