One of my core truths was just revealed…

Legend:Archetype by Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

I have lit the fire and the candles and am drinking Jasmine tea in my red thread cafe. My muse woke me up at 4am again. Sheesh. She is wild, that one with her owl and her magic scroll coming out of her cowgirl hat. She wants me to rise when all is quiet. I go outside in the mornings and see the stars where just yesterday a rainbow was arching over our town. The same patch of sky shining in different lights and colors – as the flow of night to day night to day reminds us how things work. It is happening all the time.

When I paint I get access to my deeper truths. More of my brain, my heart and my body become available. I think of myself as a sensitive giant receiver, or an ear!

I become a witness to my own process and the universe and can pick up magic between the veils. Here is my Legendary archetype, the one I work for, she isn’t done yet, but she is emerging…and as she emerges she speaks to me.

We painted all weekend and listened to our stories – and what truths they had to reveal….

What is your essential truth about the way life works?

I finally got clear on mine. It both surprised me and didn’t.

I already knew it for a long time, but wasn’t able to say it as clearly as I can now.

~ ~ ~

It is all moving all the time

whether we notice or participate or not.

Our life is unfolding all the time,

whether we notice or participate or not.

We are becoming more of who we are all all the time,

whether we notice or participate or not.

The only question about consciousness,

to begin to become conscious right, now is this:

Will you notice and participate, or not?

If you choose to notice and participate you begin to become more conscious instantly. Period. Rather than letting life just go by.


There may very well be a destiny, or a fate, no one knows for sure no matter what they claim in what spiritual tradition, we really don’t know that is a truth about how our path works, nor do we know how it works or why. I hear stories but none of them sound like the ultimate one, for me. So I keep looking.

However. I don’t need to know all of it to notice and participate. But there is one thing I do need to know, my own truth.

This is my truth:

For my highest destiny to unfold, in collaboration with my most conscious self, I have one primary job that is the same in all situations.

I have to show up for it to unfold in the highest possible way

I have to notice and participate with my soul’s expression.

Otherwise. I might miss it. We miss it ALL THE TIME.

Missed opportunities and awakenings

because we have fear or blocks or false beliefs.

I might miss what soul coordinates the Divine has laid out
on my path for me that it is my job to arrive at.

Will I? I will do my best.

Will you?

I hope so.

We could choose to just show up together. How would that be?


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