Interview with the Unknown

I had an interview with the unknown.

It was kind of wacky, but if you want to see it,

I will share it with you…

dancing woman by Shiloh SophiaHello Creative Being,

Wowzer. Remember, I told you a few days ago that I was molting my archetype, well I am starting to understand more of what that means – as when I told you about it, all I had was the name of the process.

Funny thing is – a lot of you told me you felt something similar – so maybe it is in the air! And maybe my wacky little interview will inspired you to ask the mystery what is in store for you!

A it turns out, since I am listening, I am hearing at least the next few steps through my seeking.

The message is below. 

signed with love from the red thread cafe,

 shiloh red signature

An interview with the unknown

Since you have planned for one life your entire life
and this isn’t the one you planned for, you need to change who you are being.

Ah ok. I guess the next question I should ask is:
Who am I being?


That doesn’t matter any more.
You completed your assignment so far. High 5! You made it.


I do feel like I actually showed up though,
so maybe this is my chance to see who I am going to be
and try something new.
So what now?


Who you are becoming hasn’t emerged yet. Your wings are still liquid in the cocoon. But since you are showing up and we like you, you get to look into the cocoon while in process, as well as add your own colors into the mix.


I heard a rumor I was molting my archetype.
Sounds cool yet painful. Do I get to choose my wing colors?


Sort of. It doesn’t quite work like that, but while you are looking, the colors just happen. Like those electrons you are always talking about witnessing.


So I have a part of it,  but I cannot dominate the process lol?


Impossible. If you even try, your view will disappear
and you will be dropped two steps back.
Not a punishment, it just works like that.
You can witness, not interject with force.

And don’t bother rushing the process
with your “let’s get this done now attitude.”
Everything you have tried before won’t work here anymore.

Um ok.
So am I a butterfly, or a bird or what?

Yes, including the or what.
And why must you make your metaphors into tangibles.
Stop that. Are you in?

I thought I already WAS in the cocoon.
Yes I’m in.

You should know better than to talk back to the unknown you know.
We’ll see you at the canvas.
You will just have to wait to see what happens.

Ok, anything I can do to help out in the meantime?



Uh. ok. I’ll be there.

~ ~ ~


LEGEND: Archetype
starts today on the Full Moon!

There are still a few seats left for in person this weekend over Samhain, Day of the Dead and All Saints?

A super trippy time to gather right?

The veils are thin and we are listening….

LEGEND: Invent Your Own Archetype

with Chief Laughing Cloud, Diva Dawn,

Stella Mac and Notorious Nova