Do you get to invent your own archetype?

Dear Ones,
I am getting crazy excited to start LEGEND: Archetype tomorrow with Amber and Mary. LEGEND is our core content in Cosmic Cowgirls and is the pre-requisite for becoming a teacher in Intentional Creativity through Color of Woman. So, what’s the big deal?
Well we are all living out our stories. Our frameworks. Our ideas about how the universe works. And all of it is made up. Yet somehow we are still often operating on the default settings that happen as a result of what happens to us. We aren’t CHOOSING our view, we are letting our view just happen. Not cool for women who want to be powerful and truthful with themselves and their relationships with others.
If we are all making it up anyway – why not be at cause for the creation of our personal identity?
We are all living out various default or cosmic archetypes depending on where we are in our journey and what we believe about our incarnation.
Whether that be maiden mother or crone, or vixen, prostitute, victim or medicine woman, queen or princess. Wife, lover Goddess, you name it, they all have qualities that we are living out – often unconsciously. If we are doing it unconsciously not only are we not in control at all, we also cannot collaborate and harness the power of them, hence, we are often faltering under the weight of their shadow aspects. And we wonder what the f*ck is going on.
In Cosmic Cowgirls we have an over-arching archetype process we feel is spacious enough to explore who are you… and who you are becoming. But more than that. Who you long to be. Not just your authentic self, but the self you are reaching towards with all your might – the one you can expand into if you are brave. If you choose to show up. Will you?
This image above is mine, she is named Chief SoulFire. She is my guiding light and my access to my genius. This painting was created using the 13 step process we will work with inside of LEGEND as each of us manifests and calls forth our own Archetype, who becomes our oracle of teaching like nothing you have ever experienced. We can do this work in our own minds and I imagine you do all the time – but.
What if you could SEE the inner workings of your own consciousness made manifest on the canvas? She might scare you. Compel you. Drive you. Provoke you. Teach you. School you. Dare you. Become you.
Yes you can invent your own archetype. There are already existing cosmic coordinates but you are not at their mercy because you are a free cosmic agent and you can shape your destiny by showing up for it.
Every so often I offer this course when my soul is stirring and there is a new layer of the material to reveal. We have been teaching this course in various versions for over 8 years, and over 350 women have come through these Legendary doors.
Personally, right now I am molting my previous archetype and I don’t know who will emerge. We are gathering when the veils are thin. Samhain, All Saints. All Hallows Eve. We start on the FULL MOON tomorrow in another classroom where women from around the world are gathering….will you come? Will you dare?
Also – we will be working with the corpse of an owl – white – to draw our feathers from. Ala, Sue Hoya Sellars freezer collection. Yes it is illegal to have it. But we don’t play by the rules now do we?
Signed in stardust,
~ Maestra Shiloh Sophia