I Am Molting My Archetype

Are you on a winding path towards your destiny?
Do you feel you are on a specific path, at all?
Is there a sense of arrival, or mostly journey?






Sue - Two Paths

I recently came across two powerful images, plus one of Sue Sellars paintings, and they all really struck me as visual teaching tools. Join me on a little Red Thread Cafe tripping with images and inquiries…get a cup of tea or coffee and a journal to see what is sparked within you.  

I cannot locate the origin of the first two images shared here, but I so wanted to share them with you because of the inquiries they brought forth in me. The one above has some copy with saying that it was found on an antiquity meditation cave wall…and that the winding path on the left is the path without a teacher, and the winding path on the right, the shorter one is what can happen when one works with a teacher. Both paths lead to the same place, arriving at the sought after doorway. One appears to be faster and very direct without having to take all those bends in the road.

I don’t think everything happens for a reason

Which has me thinking about bends in the road – and how each one shapes us and makes us who we are. And yet, truly, how lost and how long we can be tripping out somewhere we really don’t need to be? Have you ever felt like that?

I am not one of those people who thinks everything happens for a reason. I don’t. I do think we can choose to make every mistake relevant to the path – but I don’t think we need to make so many mistakes to get where we are going. What makes the differences? In the image above the difference is having a teacher. To guide us along our way – and that includes the inner teachers…but we have to work to get to know them!

I am so grateful for the teachers I’ve had, whose writings and images have changed my life in flashes of insight. Changed everything. The world was one way one moment and another way the next. SHAZAM. I was changed. Thank you Sue Hoya Sellars. Caron McCloud. Dr. Estes. Alice Walker. And of course, Jesus, my teacher.

Why I am not a mentor

If you have walked with me a while, you know I don’t call myself a mentor – for one reason. I do know I mentor others, but I don’t want that to be my archetype. (Nor do I wish to carry the mother archetype for my students.)

I don’t want to be a mentor, because I don’t want to be held down by it.  If I want to run wild and naked in the world and drink Martinis for lunch (with 2 olives) and or start a church for Jesus and the feminine, and, or decide to stop being fabulous – that is my right. I feel like if I mentor I can’t do that because I am somehow responsible to and for my students. However, for me, teacher is different, because the teacher can embody crazy wisdom, even the energy of the fool, or one who falls off ‘said’ path. I want the freedom to fall off and down and make mistakes; I don’t want to be an example. I want to witness life as it unfolds and change myself as I feel called.

Molting my feathers

I always find I want to the freedom to change. For example, right now I am in the process of molting. I am shedding my previous archetype. I have no idea what that means, nor do I have anything else to reveal at this time. I was only given language – ‘shedding your archetype.’ The images I am sharing with you now are somehow connected with it. And I imagine that when we film LEGEND: Inventing Your Archetype over Samhain, All Souls Day, and Day of the Dead, I may find out. 

A skin may be found on the floor with a heap of hot pink feathers and ashes. I will be a witness to my own process. I don’t know who I am becoming, I only know I am complete with aspects of who I have been being. I am ready to move into what’s next. I am glad Mary and Amber will be there with me, and a whole bunch of you too, from the livestream (or in Cosmic Cowgirls studio).

By not choosing to mentor people, I continue on in my freedom to shift and drop my veils. But I feel the freedom to offer my teachings, like in Color of Woman and indeed my own life as a witness to transformation. Of course, transformation for me happens WHILE I am painting. I discover what is happening inside my own subconscious through what is revealed on the canvas. It’s crazy cool because I can see what I haven’t been able to see with my ordinary eyes since the painting shows non-ordinary reality. I feel painting often occurs within the luminous body and the hand is guided in ways that it wouldn’t if only tuning into ordinary reality.

That brings me to the next image below. Before I speak about it, just take a moment to look at it and see what you see.

Sue - Journeying Into Unseen Realms

By Sue Hoya Sellars

Journeying into the unseen realms

Isn’t it crazy curious? When I look at it I go on a journey into the cosmos…it speaks to me of what is possible for our minds when we learn to harness their power combined with imagination. Another winding path is here, but in this one, it is hard to determine if there is an up or down or which way the communication is going. It is both ways. There is a back and forth, a simultaneous happening of consciousness. One person is looking towards it, and one is looking out towards the viewer of the image, and then there appears to be an audience, a family watching. And perhaps some horses in the upper vortex? It just says: JOURNEY to me, of both worlds, which is a favorite theme in all my teachings, and will be a central focus in this year’s LEGEND.

For me this image is about traveling into the unseen cosmic realms shaping our path on earth. Bringing the path that is available through consciousness down to the earth path. Instead of just plodding along, we actually journey in the inner and outer realms to discover which way to move next. In essence, we choose consciousness over asleep-ness.

What do you see? What does it say to you?

Creating the future as we go

This leads me to the final image, one that rocked my world when we found it recently in Sue’s studio called Unfolding Ourselves. It was covered in cob webs and rat poop and we cleaned it up and brought it to Cosmic Cowgirls. It is one of my all time favorites. Christine Arylo and I will be using it for a teaching tool in January as we did in our recent class, WEAVE. We were both SO STRUCK by this image and the power it holds. I found it curious that the image above also has the being looking out at the viewer.

And in this one, there is also path, in this case it is the path of the history of human beings…and images of the feminine. The quote by the ancient indigenous woman in front says, ‘we have been placed on the edge of history too long, we have always been here‘.

The quote at the top of the painting on the right says:

“We must move into the future, creating it as we go”.

Sue Move Into the Future painting

Unfolding Ourselves by Sue Hoya Sellars

For me, all 3 images are powerful teaching tools asking questions about path, about teaching, about how we move in the world and about how we show up.

If we are creating our future, unfolding ourselves as we go and we can choose to have teachers, and to journey and do our own work – how are we making that happen?

For me, it happens through continuing to show up and learn and do my own work. And to discover the most powerful ways to share my gifts. I love it. I crave it. I honor it. I bless it. I allow it come through me. It is my love in action. It is Creator’s love through me to my Beloveds, those I long to serve.

Teaching is my path

I teach a lot. And I mean, a lot. I wake up talking. I wake up wanting to talk to you and have Red Thread Cafe with you. However I am ‘wired’ creatively, my download speed is faster than I can type and faster than I can ever manifest what is coming through. Though it does help me manifest well on the physical plane, there is still the day to day reality – for example, of having over 65 interviews in the next two months for Color of Woman! (This is in the last 36 hours.)  I can’t do those calls in cosmic time like the second image; I have to have my tea and answer the phone in real time. In that real time I talk to women, and as I talk to them I am listening into the spaces between spaces, to see, if, what I have can serve them on their winding path.

If I can shorten the distance between them and where they long to go and be. If I can, I say yes, join me on this Vision Quest. Because I long to help. I love to help. I am here for this, this is my sacred call – to guide women in sacred leadership. It is humbling and I marvel at the chance daily, to get to serve!

To translate one’s gifts and wounds, into teachings for others is a joy unspeakable to the soul.

What difference has it made for me?

Because of having teachers, my path has indeed been more direct. I showed up as myself early in life, that doesn’t mean I don’t have all my sh*t to work out, I do. BUT the difference is, can I say the DIFFERENCE is: I am doing it ON the path. Not taking a segway into jobs or relationships or projects that aren’t on my sacred path. EVERYTHING is already on my path. On earth and cosmically, which is how we can move through things as ‘art’ – we become art, because we choose to include everything as we go along. Then, suddenly the next stone on the path appears. AND we can see what to say no to – just simply by asking:

Does THIS belong on my path? Contribute to my path or not?

And if not we practice, saying no. Not this time.

FILLING my own cup

Speaking of which, in December, my love, Jonathan and I are going to Mexico for a Leadership training – because I too need to fill my cup. To become a better teacher if I can. Since we are already going to be there and I haven’t seen the Lady, Virgin of Guadalupe, we are also leading a retreat there, Heart of Gold over NEW YEARS! SO cool. I have always wanted to see the Lady now I can invite you along with me. 

Thank you for joining me on this winding path of a Red Thread Cafe. I am on my last sip of coffee and feeling blessed to have gotten up early enough to have this time with you. The Red Thread Cafe isn’t always about answers, usually it is about inquiry, and the joy of riding the winding path.

I appreciate you.  


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