I am ready to love you

I've got this
Say to your body
I am sorry I haven’t listened
more closely to your messages.
I am ready to love you.

Say to your heart
I am sorry for not asking
what you really felt.
I am ready to love you.

Say to your mind
I am sorry I haven’t taken the time
to get to know how you work.
I am ready to love you.

Say to your soul
I am sorry it has taken so long,
but I am here now.
I am ready to love you.

Say the Divine
Thank you for giving me this temple,
a luscious and luminous house for my spirit.
I am ready to love you.

Poem: I am ready to love you
Image: I’ve Got This
by Shiloh Sophia


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Dear Ones,

I created this painting after a long healing journey,
of body, heart, mind and soul. A reclaiming of my
temple after completing a long marriage and the grief
that comes with that.

I was ready to BE in my body again –
to feel, to sense, to love, to experience bliss in form.
I had lost my ‘senses’ for a while, literally couldn’t
taste, smell, feel the way I could before.
It was scary actually.

Creating this was my gateway to re-establishing
my connection – but first, there was the apology.
The humility of knowing when I hadn’t been able
to be conscious or to choose to truly feeling.

In this honoring of the body through creative acts,
change happens, energy moves.

Suddenly a bowl of strawberries and whip
cream lands in your lap. Birds fly from within
and in all this mystery – you discover you are
the house of your own spirit,
your very body is your temple.
You become humble and ever so grateful.

If you would like to experience a process like
this and paint, or just watch join us and come along for the journey,
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Luscious Chris and Shiloh