LEGACY: A 5 Week Online Painting Initiation

As I round the bend of the mountaintop I see her.

She is chanting.

To the wind. the water. the stars. the earth.

I know her, she is my sister. I have always known her.

She sees me and her smile fills the sky.

 I beckon to her to come to the place of our teachers.

When we arrive there are paintbrushes. wood canvases.

colors to see by. water from the well.

 We begin with an inquiry:

What is our legacy? 

As individuals. As sisters. As teachers.

As community leaders. As mothers and aunties.

What is ours to do and where do we even begin to explore that?


Our answer, or rather, our next set of inquiries,

is this class, LEGACY: An Initiation in Paint

Part 1 was recorded live at Terra Sophia Ranch.

Part 2 hasn’t been recorded yet, because you are a part of creating that with us.

This is a rare class, a rare treat and a powerful duo.

Join Legacy and Our Red Thread Circle Here


The LEGACY 5 Week online course

begins on September 14 with

Shiloh Sophia and

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

Watch our video Invitation recorded at Terra Sophia now!



Full Moon Blessings Dear Ones,
I feel blessed to offer this to you at this time. As you may have noticed, I have offered many less video classes this year – being very selective with how I share my teachings at this time.
Following the memorial of our Art Matriarch, Sue Hoya Sellars, Amber and I spent a week together with other Cosmic Cowgirls on the mountain. We cooked, painted, grieved, sprinkled ashes of the coast and talked about our personal myths.
Who are we now? How has grief shaped us? How do we carry on the teachings of our teachers and honor our lineage? What impact do we want to have on this world?Is there a message we want to leave? A change we want to be a part of creating? A myth we want to weave for ourselves and those we love? And what about our connection and responsibility to the earth? We asked ourselves and then we went on a journey to see what our communities needed and wanted – we listened. The result is LEGACY.
We felt that the same questions we were asking ourselves and feeling so deeply about, were likely the same ones you were asking yourself, or if not, might be inspired to ask!

Shiloh and Amber

With honoring our traditions, ritual, paint, prayer, forgiveness, play and joy connection to earth and spirit we wove Part 1 of this series for you in April. Then we waited. Waited. Listening to when the time was right to bring this to women we serve. And that time is now, right now. Part 1 is all about layers….and then part two will bring in your mythic feminine – she who will hold the space for weaving your legacy.
Amber, whom I am delighted to be teaching with is a graduate of Color of Woman School and a long time member of Cosmic Cowgirls. She is a friend and a sister. We taught together at a retreat in Hawaii with Amy Ahlers last year, and taught together at our annual Cosmic Cowgirls conference. This will be our third class together this year – aren’t we lucky!  Amber studied with Sue, as well as her Kumu, in the Hawaiian tradition, so she brings both of those lineages to the series. As for me, I studied with my mom, Caron, and Sue Hoya Sellars.
This class begins the day after Sue was admitted to the hospital one year ago, which was September 13. The strange thing is, we didn’t plan it that way. In fact we kept pushing the date back – at least 3-4 times. It is only in writing you today that I even noticed the exact timing, which seems to be just perfect, don’t you think?
shiloh with walking stick
While I don’t think this class will mark the end of my grieving, I do intend for it to be a part of completing an initial cycle of the way I have been holding this. And this class and serving this circle of Legacy will be the perfect way for me to move through this – and to arrive at my own Legacy. The past year, since she passed, we, my love Jonathan and I and the Cosmic Cowgirls community have been working on Sue’s Legacy at the land – and it is time to weave mine with hers.
I have to say it was SO COOL to have Amber chanting on the mountain…bringing Hawaii to Mendocino. Sue lived in Hawaii right before she came to parent me with my mom – oh so many stories to tell. And one’s that weave with Amber’s mom too.  
It would be lovely to have you join us if you feel called to 
  • Paint Your Mythic Feminine with Intentional Creativity
  • Explore Your Connection to Earth and her gifts
  • Work with your Ancestors and your own teaching lineage
  • Be in sacred Red Thread Circle with women worldwide
  • Weave and dream your Legacy into the future….
You can learn more here and see if this resonates with you!
Does this stir something – for your harvest time creation space? We called it a Painting Initiation because it is a spiritual practice…it goes deep… and it is a self initiation to do this kind of work where painting, ritual, prayer and possibility all come together in one circle of women.
I have thought a lot (with deep sorrow) about what I would do on the one year anniversary – and now I know, I will be serving you in red thread circle. AHO!
I am about to go to church, as while I am a wild woman, I also walk a very devoted path to the Divine. I will light a candle for those of you who feel called to join us. Working with women in this way is my ministry…my calling…my service to the Beloved.
I feel humbled as I write you this morning. I wrote most of this letter yesterday on the full moon and allowed myself to dream on it. I came back to fine tune this morning. I had one of those strange prophetic dreams where I was trying to save everything, the earth and get myself to safety. I do feel, like many of the sisters I work with, a sense of urgency.
For me showing up for this urgency is to be as present as possible – to watch what is going on.  My godfather in my tradition, also a monk, told me last week, you must be the presence of the Divine in the lives of the women you serve. That is no small task. However, I give what I can give, what love I have to give, the love that flows through me in the classes, paintings and writings I offer.
I watched our opening video invitation last night for the first time since April and it was amazing to see Tsunami – Sue’s kitty there in the video – who has now gone on to row with Sue through the cosmos.
Signed with a prayer in my heart,
Chief Lady Cloud