Tender Path: You can't get this wrong

Finding the Song of the Beloved

Tender Path

My darling one,

What if there is no ‘supposed to’?
No prescribed destiny or arrival.
There is no right or wrong way to turn.
What if you can’t get this wrong?
When a soft pulse in your heart quickens
in tenderness or in fear, pause with curiosity.
Listen with inside ears and see with inside eyes.
Perhaps instead of pushing on as we have been taught
we slow our pace and choose the opening ahead.

A tender path is before you now
that will take more bravery than facing fears.
It will take choosing something beautiful
over what seems most useful or successful.
It will call upon you to stop listening to outside voices.
If there is no ‘supposed to’ or right way for you to turn,
what if you choose a gentle ocean breeze over
scaling the next mountain? What could happen?

This has nothing to do with what you are capable of
or what world you are called to save.
Everything my darling one, is for a cycle.
There is no dishonor in allowing grace
to flow you towards an unknown destination.
If the tender path has called your name,
melt into long awaited tears and be carried.
You will be lifted when you least expect it.


With honorable gratitude to Sam Bennett for the line: You can’t get this wrong.

And super duper gratitude for the Color of Woman class of 2015 that gave rise to this poem.