You have your own information


When we don’t know what we know, and how to speak about it, it is way too easy for other people’s ideas to make up our beliefs for us. Often we don’t even know that it is happening. The true work of self expression can liberate you from the ideas of others. Including this one.

Remember, as we are inundated by the information of this world: You have your own information.

A true teacher, meaning one who is true of heart, will do their best to point you to what you know. They will use what they know, which is their information, to point you towards the hidden doorways of your own consciousness.

The more we can be present with what is uniquely ours to know, the more we can shed unwanted skins and liberate ourselves.

Your inherent wildness seeks expression…will you open the door?

~ Maestra Shiloh Sophia

Painting: Born This Way by Shiloh Sophia

This is a painting I did of my own inherent wild self using Intentional Creativity. She reminds me of who I am when I forget….